Sunday, July 14, 2013

How I lost my virginity SeXStoRY

As you know I started sucking my cousin’s cock at a young age. He made me his little cum whore very quickly and I enjoyed every second of it. I learned to swallow cum like a fucking pro. After a few years of him filling my face with cum and fingering my pussy, he decided that it would be good time to take my virginity. He brought me into his bedroom one day while I was at my Uncle’s house. I thought that I was going to get to suck his cock again so once the door closed I went straight to my knees. He gave me a gentle smile and let me take his cock out of his pants and began to suck him. His cock got hard fast and I started to work him so that I would get that sweet cum. He suddenly stopped me and asked me to lie on the bed. I was scared. I thought I did something wrong. I went to the bed and lay down. He walked over and lifted my skirt and took off my panties. He licked my tween pussy till I was wet and fingered me till I began to shake. Then he took the tip of his cock and rubbed my pussy with it. My innocent juices covered the tip as he rubbed from my clit to my ass hole. Once the tip was nice and wet he began to push his huge cock into my tiny hole. I started to scream from the pain of his stretching my pussy. He covered my mouth and told me to be quiet. I closed my eyes and clinched my fist to keep from screaming as he pushed farther in. I felt like I was being torn open. It hurt so bad and tears started to stream from my tightly closed eyes. After what felt like forever he had a little less than half his cock inside me. He pulled out and I could hear a sucking sound as he popped out of my little pussy. He looked at me and said “I’m going back in. Try to relax. I love you.” This time he pushed harder and faster. I grabbed his pillow and covered my face with it. He pushed in and out of my hole faster and faster. The pain was killing me. I started to cry for my mommy. He pulled the pillow off my head and covered my mouth with his hand. With his other hand he was pinching my tiny nipples and I was crying harder. I could feel his pace pick up and I heard the familiar sound of him beginning to cum. With one final thrust he shot his load deep in my virginal pussy. Once he finished he pulled his limp cock out of my used hole and replaced it with his fingers. He scooped his cum from my pussy and held it to my lips. I opened and licked them clean. I could taste my pussy, his cum and the metallic taste of bl**d. He said that I might bleed for a few days and not to worry it will go away. He called me his whore and said he loved me more than anything. Then he kissed my pussy and put my panties back on then sent me from his room. We fucked several times a week after that. Each time easier than the last as my pussy got used to him being inside it. Finally, he fucked me to my first orgasm a few weeks later

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