Wednesday, July 3, 2013

humiliation SeXStoRY

He didn't burst in like you'd expect, he just stepped neatly through the door as I answered his knock, closing the door behind him and telling me in an even voice, "You can call me Steven. I'm going to fuck you." "...what?" I stammered. He smiled. His eyes were hard. "Go upstairs bitch," he told me in that creepily calm voice: "brush your teeth and gargle with something. Have a bath. Shave. Clean every last inch of yourself for me, especially your pussy and arse. I'm going to lick you everywhere and I want you to be clean." All I could do was blink at him and wonder what the hell....? Then he slapped my face, only lightly but enough to startle me; I gave a cry and stumbled backwards. "Upstairs. Bath." He showed me the six-pack of beer in his left hand. "I'm going to drink two of these and expect you downstairs. Don't dry yourself, come down wet. And fucking clean." He turned and walked into my living room; I heard him changing the channels on my tv, and then the sound of a can cracking open. "BATH!!" he shouted abruptly. I flinched. My feet turned me and took me up the stairs, where in a daze I ran a bath and stripped my clothes off and lowered myself into the warm water. With no plan in mind, hoping maybe to play for time, I soaped, shaved, soaped again. I heard the crack of his second can of beer opening. I soaped vigorously, my heart pounding with fear and a terrible secret anticipation. "BITCH!!" he yelled suddenly. I hurried downstairs, dripping wet, the cold air raising gooseflesh and tightening my nipples. He made me stand in the middle of the living room while he watched the late news and drank another can of beer. I was shivering with fear and cold. "What am I going to do to you?" he asked lazily. "I don't know," I said in a weak voice. His eyes slid sideways, cold and hard. "I fucking told you, bitch. What am I going to do to you?" "Fuck me?" "How?" "...hard?" He snorted. "Harder than that," he muttered. He drained the third can of beer and came over to where I was standing. The water had dried on me. I felt clean and strangely invigorated. His fingers took hold of both my erect nipples and pinched fiercely, making me gasp and flinch away. He kept hold. "You're gonna fucking love this, bitch," he said: "upstairs. Now." I walked timidly up the stairs ahead of him. Half way up he told me to stop, told me to bend over with my hands on the stairs ahead of me. I felt his hands grasp my buttocks and press them apart. His tongue flicked briefly against my anus, probably the most shocking thing I'd ever experienced. "Bedroom," he told me. I led him into the bedroom. Stood there naked and exposed. "What do you want me to do?" he asked me. "I want you to go," I told him in a whisper. "Wrong answer." His hand shot out and slapped sharply across my breast. I gasped. " - sorry!" I blurted. "Tell me what you want me to do." "Fuck me." "Good. What do you want first?" I looked at him, sensing the game he was playing, the control he was exerting over me. "I want to suck your cock," I told him. "Go on then," he said, not moving. I knelt in front of him, unzipped his jeans, found his cock hard and thick and hot. I fed it into my mouth, sucking hard, forcing it deep into my throat in the hope of pleasing him. He gripped my head and fucked my throat hard until I was gagging, my face pressed into the wiry pubic hair of his groin. He pushed me away. "What do you want now, slut?" I got up, laid myself on the bed, spread my legs wide. "I want you to fuck me." "Like that?" he sneered, "how boring do you think I am? What would hurt you, bitch? what would you really hate me to do?" I hesitated, and then I turned over onto my hands and knees, my arse jutting up in front of him. "Anal," I said quietly. "What?" he said from behind me. "Fuck me up the arse - " I heard the catch in my breath, felt a wetness flood my pussy at just the thought of what I was being made to ask him to do. I felt his weight on the bed, and then his mouth was on my arse, his tongue thrusting inside me, a finger probing inside my wet cunt. I groaned despite my fear, it felt so fucking erotic. He pulled his finger from my cunt and pushed it in my arse, deep. "Tight," he commented. "Just fuck me," I gasped, my arse trying to grind down on his elusive finger, "please..." He shifted position, and then I felt the hot head of his cock nestled against my anus. I pressed backwards, trying to f***e myself down on it. "Please," I said again, "put it in me, fuck me - " He didn't move. I pressed back and back, feeling the pain, welcoming it. I f***ed my tight arse down onto the hot head of his cock until it finally entered me. It hurt so much and felt so fucking good. I pressed further, his shaft forcing into me, filling me up, opening me wide. His hands moved round so that his fingers were pinching my nipples ferociously, and then he started to move, pumping into me, ramming at my sore arse that wanted him so much. "Now what do you want bitch?" he growled breathlessly from behind me, ramming and ramming into me. "I want you to come inside me," I said, my face muffled in the pillow, my world all pain and sweat and glorious mounting ecstacy, this unknown man doing what I'd asked him to do, the filthiest thing I could imagine. "Come up my arse," I begged him. He slammed into me, knocking the breath out of me. My nipples were agony, my arse ripped open. I could feel myself coming, and then, just as my orgasm blinded me to what was happening, he spun me round and rammed his cock in my mouth, just in time to shoot his spunk across my tongue and down my throat. I sucked at him greedily, savouring the mingled tastes of his cum and my own arse. He rubbed his cock across my face, threw me down on the bed and left the room. Downstairs I heard the crack of the fourth can of beer, and his voice shouting up to me: "Back in the bath, bitch. Make it thorough."

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