Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I talk with my newest Slave SeXStoRY

Now it was only virtual, but soon, I will fuck that slut in real! Lady_Mandy I want that you call me Mistress, do you understand that, slave? You will do what I say and you will satisfy your Mistress. So you would like to such my cock, yes? Filthy bitch! I thought that you are a cocksucker! Mhh, suck my cock, pleasure your Mistress! Don't touch your dirty cock! Suck your fingers like you would suck my dick, you filthy whore! Slave Yes Mistress, I want to suck you hard cock! Oh, I wish my finger would be your hard dick! I want to taste you. Lady_Mandy Bitch! I would fuck your face now, if I would be with you and you would love it! Are your fingers nice and wet now? So get up and push them into you fat ass, you whore! Slave Ahh, fuck! oh god! Lady_Mandy haha, you like that, don't you? say it: I am a filthy whore, who loves to get his ass fingered! Slave ahh i am a filthy whore, who loves to get his ass fingered! Lady_Mandy Such a bitch, haha. Say it! Slave i am a bitch mistress! mmmmmmhh it feels so good Lady_Mandy You whore! Do you have a condom and a dildo? If you have no dildo, you should go and get a candel. Slave yes mistress, i have a candel and a condom. Lady_Mandy Now take the condom and put it on the candel! Slave done Lady_Mandy "Done" what, bitch? Lady_Mandy Much better, you whore! Do you smell the rubber and the lube? You like that smell, don't you? Take the candel in your mounth and continue to finger you ass! Slave yes mistress Lady_Mandy Oh you love that, don't you? Suck something, while fingering your ass! Is your dick hard now, hm? I bet it is! Slave yes mistress, i love it! and my dick is hard Lady_Mandy You are such a nasty and filthy bastard! Take the fingers out of your ass and shove the candel inside you ass! Push it as deep as possible, you whore! Slave oh god, shit! Lady_Mandy Deeper bitch! Slave i try mistress Lady_Mandy Whore! You love that! Oh, imagine that it would be my dick! Do you want your mistress to fuck you, little piggy? Slave mmmmmmmmh, shit. that hurts, but feels good. yes mistress, please fuck me! i am your nasty whore! Lady_Mandy Sure you are! I allow you to jerk of now! But don't come before I allow you too, understand?! Now fuck your ass with the candel, you slut! And jerk your little slave-cock! Slave thank you mistress. oh fuck mmmh yeah Lady_Mandy You dirty whore! What are you, tell it your mistress! Do you wish, that I would fuck you? Yes? Do you want to feel my hard, warm cock inside your fat ass? Slave ahhhhhh!!!!!!! i am your whore, mistress! i am your cock-slut! i wish that you would fuck me now. please mistress fuck me, fuck me! fuck me hard and deep!! mmmmmh, yes! so good! Lady_Mandy Haha! Of course you are my whore and my cock-slut! I am jerking too, my slut! Do you like that, bitch? Sure you do! Slave yes mistress, i like that you jerking your beautiful cock! Slave oh god! i am close to cum. Lady_Mandy Don't cum, bich! I don't allow you yet! Beg for it! Slave please mistress, let me cum! ah, fuck! that feels so hot! please, please let me cum, mistress Mandy! (I let him wait, while I was jerking myself until I came) Lady_Mandy You slut! Your mistress came! Now cum, you pig!!! Slave thank you mistress. i wish to lick your cum. Slave i am cumming mistress. i cum for you!!ah, it don't stop!!! fuck! Lady_Mandy Oh yes, you whore! Cum for your mistress! Shoot for me! Slave it is all out, mistress. Lady_Mandy Well done my slave! Now lick it all of! You like the taste of cum, don't you? Slave i lick it of, mistress. it taste so good! Lady_Mandy You are my cum-whore now! I am very satisfied with you, bitch! Slave thank you mistress Lady_Mandy You will serve me daily from now on! Slave yes mistress, i will love that. thank you. Lady_Mandy Of course you will! You are a fitlhy whore and you are born to suck me and get your ass fucked! And now go out of my eyes!

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