Thursday, July 4, 2013

March 3 2012 not even the beggining SeXStoRY

It was early on a Saturday morning before spring break would start, a bunch of friends and i had made plans to go up north and party like the year before,this year was gonna be different since we all had girlfriends, but we decided that we would go without them, so after playing basketball for a while we sat on the grass talking about the trip, like what hotel are we gonna rent this time, whos in charged of the drinks so on and on. our plans were made so i stood up clean the grass of my ass and told them "yo ima kick it" Roger says "are you going to your girls" "yeah and getting a hair cut after you want a ride" i reply he responded "yeah ima kick it too" he gets up we give props to our buddys and start walking to the car. after half-an hour drive we get to our girls apartment, we walk in roger's girl name is lisa and mine is kimberly. lisa was cooking in booty short and a white see thru tank top, kim was in 1 of my shirts and short shorts. soon as i walk in kim gets up from the couch runs and jumps on wrapping her legs and hands around my neck and waist kissing me at the same time i didnt even say hi to lisa, kim and i went straight to the bedroom. i put her gentle on the bed she says "why are you sticky" "sorry baby i was just playing basketball, im gonna take a quick shower" i said she responded "dont take to long" i get in the shower trying my best to be as quick as possible, but 5 mins in im about to rinse the shampoo of my hair when i hear the door opening very slowly i try to act like i didnt hear anything and all of the suddenly she pulls the certain and says "whats taking so long" jk around way and gets in immediately we start kissing using our tongues, i slowly start doing circle motion with the tips of my fingers up and down her ribs her head til back lettin out a moan hmmm "that feels so" she takes a gasp as i licked her neck knowin her hot spots she put her hand on my chin kisses my lips pushes my head back licks my neck to my chin then she puts her hand on my pec and says "make them move" without saying anything my moved them left right left right she just laughs while shes going on her knees she opens her mouth licks the head then says "say can we switch position too much water is landing in my face" i reply " of course baby" we switch to where the water was hitting her back now she really got into it she wrapped both her hands around my cock and started sliding it up and down "have you ever cum on a girl face" she asked "no have ever let a guy cum on your face" i reply she didnt reply she tried to put it all in but failed got up 3/4 in but took it out once the head was out she gasp for air and waving her hand like a fan swipes her eyes "woow do it again' i said "you like that huh" she reply while jerkin it "you have no idea" i said "ok give me a sec" still jerking then just puts it in her mouth just sucking the head back and forward does it three time then she went for it again trying to take the whole thing felt soo good that i grabed her by the hair with both hands i told her "lets take this to the bedroom" "ok but first cum on my face" she said still jerking it "for real" i said "yeah after i can just wash it off" "i love you babe" "i love your cock" she said i pick her up turn her around hugging her from the back i turn off the water "what are you doing" she said reached for a towel gave it to her so she can wrap her hair, soon as she finish i picked her up legs around my wait both still naked, her vagina rubbing against my penis, walking to the bedroom she wanted to guide it in but i walked faster to the bed where i grab her right leg placed it over my shoulder did the left leg too and told her "grab my neck" she did what i told her, i picked her up, shoving the whole thing in "ohh fuck baby slow baby slow" she said soundin out off breathe so i start slow head in head out head in head out as i do, i star picking up the rhtyme after couple second shes soo wet that im slamming the whole thing in, by the way she was moaning i thought the Neighbours were come again to tell us to keep it down but her saying "ahhh yesss babyy dont stopppp ahhhh fuckkk yeahhhhh" screamin top of her lungs my arm were giving out so i put her on the bed again "what happen did you cum" out of breathe i didnt reply, i just bend her legs to where her knees were touching her nips perfect view of that georges vagina im about to put it in when shes says "no" and she just bends over doggy style,i slap her ass not hard though but she said "lil harder", in my head you dont have to tell me twice so i slap her once twice three times her ass wiggles, watchin that bubble butt with a dimple now im ready to blow, so i licked two finger and shoved it in her vagina placing my cock by my hand and as soon as i took my fingers out i shoved my cock all the way in, her face was on the bed but when i shoved it in she just lifted up sayin "ohh baby" putting one hand on my waist after slammin her for a minute or two i couldn't take it no more "im about to cum" i said she gets on her knees closes her eyes as i start to shoot all over her face getting some on her hair she gets up goes and checks herself in the mirror and just laughs while cleaning herself. "are you gonna go up north" she said that tryin to guilt trip into not goin "maybe dont kno yet" i said she comes and hugs me sayin "baby if you dont go ill give you the best surprised EVER and if do im never gonna tell you what the surprise was" Part 1

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