Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mick meets Lou ( Wendys babysitter ) Part 2 SeXStoRY

Continued ................ We all shower together -- more playing and teasing --- my cock has never been as clean --- it is certainly being soaped enough !! The shower is so tiny but we manage to shower and tease each other to more pleasures , Lou puts her Wool dress back on as she has no other clothes with her -- No Bra and No panties --- the dress looks amazing on her naked body ---- You have bought a really classy and sexy cocyail mini dress -- that hugs your wonderful tight firm ass the neck line is low cut showing your fantastic cleavage --finished of with your heels -making your legs look even longer and givimg your thighs and calfs a sensual shape ..... Lou is putting her boots on sitting on the bed --- as she raises her leg you gat a glimpse of her clean tight quim --- your juices flow again !! no panties for you !! to catch your juices -- you feel your thigh dampen !! you kneel to help her on with her boots !! i Laugh !! you say what ??? i say i know exactly what you are doing you dirty bitch !! Lou looks confused -- so i say go on tell her !!! you smile and say sorry Lou --i glimpsed your beautiful tight slit and just wanted to see more ---- she laughs and pulls her dress up flashing you her pussy !! you see her own wetness onher neat lips --- you are desperate to tatse her again ...... However you know that as the evening unfolds you will have many opportunities to seduce your young lover many more times ...... We arrive at the restaurant to find they are turning people away as they are full !! you say wait here Mick me and Lou will sort this --- you open your coat --push up your tits and open Lou"s coat too --- very nice i think -- then look at the guy on reception turning people away -- i think poor guy will not know what has hit him !!!!! lambs to the slaughter !!!!! and smile ...... Sure enough 2 mins later you come out beaming --saying he found our reservation -- get in here !!! We have a wondeful meal and are all totally relaxed and loving the evening .... i see you whisper to Lou and wink --- What ? i ask .. You say nothing -- just something private between me and Lou !! then smile at me .. So now what girls -- you say in at the same time lets go back we are tired !! I laugh no your not tired you can't be -- yes we are and we want to get som e sl**p !!! We jump in a cab this time its your turn in the middle -- i have my hand on your thigh and Lou has her hand working away under your dress already ---- she is a real minx !!! Your head is on my shoulder as her fingers are working you so hard and so fast -- your breathing is very short and sharp -- fuck me she has bought you off in less than 3 mins !!! this girl is wonderful -- what an apprentice she is -- she doesn't stop once you have cum she just makes her fingers work harder and faster on you and in you !!! the music in the cab is drowned our by the slurping and splashing of your gash !! I have my arm around your shoulder --you are physically shaking -- you start to moan --i put my hand over your mouth -- you bite my hand hard as you cum again !!! fuck me that hurt !!!! Lou looks at me and says -- Mick Wendy is wetter than we had her earlir she is so creamy and thick this time --- she tastes her fingers --mmmmmmmmmmmm and fuck she tastes so good ... The cab pulls up at the hotel --- Lou removes her fingers with a slurping noise --- i see her fingers shinning in the light --- she puts her hand up her own dress and wipes your cum all over her shaved mound and along her own dripping quim !!!! Suddenly its as though you are just woken as i drag you out of the cab -- your eyes where still closed ---- You look at ma and say ------ what the fuck just happened to me Mick --- i have never cum that hard ---- i just say i know babe -- you say how ?? i show you your teeth marks on my hand !!!! Fuck --did i do that -- yes you did !!! We walk to the lift -- you are still somewhere else -- me and Lou can both see it in your eyes !! The lift arrive s --- i stand behind you --- you lean back on me --- Lou wants to taste that cum of yours again-- she kneels and opens your legs -- mouth straight to your pussy !!!!!! you are still having after pulses in your cunt --- and as soon as Lous velvet tongue touches your vulva -- you squirt !!!!! she doesn't miss a drop -- licking and lapping at you -- your knees are weak -- i feel you buckle against me --- i hold you in position for the lovely Lou to take you to new heights !!!! that no man or woman ever has before !!! We half carry down the corridor as your legs are so weak -- Lou opens the door --- i make a comment apologising to Lou that it must be something to do with your age --- as the door closes ---- you pounce !!! My fuckin age !!!! we will see if you can keep up with us girls tonight -- Mick we are going to fuck you stupid !!! you f***e me against the wall -- you kiss me hard --really hard -- but also so passionately --- Lou has already took of my shoes ,socks and jeans --- she has my cock squeezing and moulding it in her hands --- she finds what she is looking for ---- More Pre cum!!!!mmmmmm She loves it -- then she takes me deep in her mouth and then into her throat !!! she really does suck wonderfully -- so smooth no tugging its as though i'm gliding into her !! I'm not the only one getting her attention -- she has 2 fingers deep in your pussy -- nice slow finger fuck -- but then your tongue stops working mine -- her thumb enters your asshole !!! she is now fucking your both hole --so expertly -- you nearly bite my tongue of as you cum again!! you have undone my shirt and are noww rubbing your covered tits up nad down my chest ---- i ease your breasts from your dress -- they are huge -- your nipples are so hard --- i feel them drag across my chest --- your moaning gets louder as you have a nipple orgasm .. Lou removes her fingers and thumb ---- you break the kiss -- you want the sensation back !! But you realise Lou is removing your coat which is still wet !! then she unzips your dress and slide it to the flooor ---- you naked beauty is magnificent ---- we both stare at you --- Whats wrong you say --- as one we both say --absolutely nothing Wend -- you have the most stunning body !!! and we want to play !! we lift Lou's dress off -- and she stands there in her knee length boots -- you tell her to keep them on --its really turning you on as you imagine her as arider you are about to fuck !!! i push you back on the bed -- kneel over your head and pull your legs back toward me ---- Lou now has to choose between rimming you or licking you !!! I push my throbbing cock into you mouth !! you greatfully accept -sucking me so hard !!! Lou goes down --i know exactly which she has chosen as you suck me so much harder ---- i know she is rimming you !!!!! her tongue is deep inside your asshole fingers working your clit --- more pulses of cum leave your upturned pussy -- in little gushes ... You take my cock out of your mouth and say Mick -- i need you cock in my asshole --- please fuck my bum now ----show Lou howmuch i like it and want it and need it !!!!! I move nad you roll onto your knees --- Lou moves --thinking i am about to take your pussy again --- i tell her to ease me into you now gapping bum hole --- please no Mick --- You say Lou -- i want him !!! She grips me until my knob os blue and hard and shinney !! i look at the size of my knob and and the size of your bum hole -- i also have my reservations as to whether i will hurt you !!! Lou wipes me along your pussy gathering your cream --- she eases me against your dark star ----your pussy is dripping cream from you lips --- you ease back toward me --- your muscles relax and accept me --- just the tip i tell Lou -- she is concentrating so hard ---- fascinated ---- she once gain is sharing a very special moment with us --when you give up your most precious of gifts --- To let a man enter your special hole really mean so much !!!! she moves me back and forth -- woking your bum -- easier and easier i enter you !!! finally you f***e yourself back harder -- i telll Lou to loose me now --- and watch as you work my shaft yourself --- then when i know you are seconds away from your orgasm --- my hands on your hips -- i pond my cock deep into your bum --- so hard so fat so long --- the strokes take you past your first secon d and third spurts of cum !!! Lou is amazed that you can have an anal orgasm -- but she is witnessing your s at first hand and loving the sight !! My pwn orgasm follows in 4 more strokes --- washing down the inside of your special passage wwith more cum than i thought i could now produce ................... Lou removes me ---- we both look into your gaping hole --- my cum is being f***ed up by you tensing your stomach muscles !! You drop tothe bed - exhausted --- you roll onto you back and hold your arms out to me i sit next to you -- and you whisper that you are so happy -- i kiss your forehead --- me to babe !!! Lou once again is amazed at how we have just took our relationship to a whole new level --- and she wants to be a part of that also --- Little does she know but she is such a huge part of our very special first date .................................... Again Thanks to Missy and Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxx A very special lady with very special friends xxxx

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