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Miss Abi ch.1 SeXStoRY

Miss Abi {Part One} [This Story has some introductory Photo's to what the girls look like, please view my profile for them.] “And that’s a wrap” the director of the new Batman film yells triumphantly over the set. The final scene of the new Batman film comes to an end, and a loud roar of applause is echoed around the set. Nathan Thomas, the star of Batman, and with his first feature length movie under wraps breathes a sigh of jubilance having just completed his dream role, is instantly surrounded by a crowd of people to congratulate him on what is to be one of the greatest Batman films of all time. With a massive grin on his face, Nathan takes some time with some of the extras to take some pictures, sign some autographs, and greet the occasional kiss and grope by a few excited females with a smile. He eventually leaves the crowd and goes to his trailer to strip off for the final time out of the tight latex Batsuit. Nathan is helped by the ladies of the costume department, who were more that eager to help him out of the skin tight suit, casually ignored the usual barrage of hands running over his ripped body as he calls his long-time partner and newlywed wife Katy. As per usual though, he is f***ed straight onto her answer phone, leaving a disgruntled message for the 10th time that week, he wonders what the hell his wife is getting up to. Nathan, only 25 years old, Married his university girlfriend shortly after he was given the massive role of the dark knight, had been starting to wonder over the past few months what is up with Kate. Why she had been ignoring his calls, texts and voice messages. They had been apart for the last 3 months due to the filming schedule and he was eager to get on a plane from the UK, back to his current residence in his new home in LA, so he got his PA to arrange the next flight out which was later that Night in hope to surprize her. His friend and Agent, Darren met him at LAX Airport with massive glee and the usual fist bump, man hug etc... And welcomed Nathan back with a flood full of messages from talk show hosts, papers magazine and so forth, but all Nathan wanted to do was to get back to Katy. Driving up to the house in his luxury Audi R8, Nathan and Darren notice a strange car parked up next to the garage. They enter the house and it’s quiet, the hall way still under some of the decorating set up from the refurbishment of the mansion, but no one to be seen. A Noise startles their interest in the garden, slowly approaching in case of a break in; they peer around the corner to see his half naked wife receiving a back massage by an old university friend, also being topless and just his shorts. Darren and Nathan stood still, cemented to the floor and they saw this, and could not believe what they were seeing. Nathan burst out of his trance and shouted “What the fuck is this?!” Turning to Katy, “What the hell is going on here? What the fuck is James doing here, and what the fuck do you think you are doing to my wife?!” James stutters, stunned to see Nathan there, “it… it… err… it’s” but before he could finish Nathan pushes him off Katy and on to the floor and provides James with several blows to his body with his boot. Katy attempts to pull Nathan off of him telling him to stop it, it’s not what it looks like, it’s all innocent and nothing is going on here. Darren manages to break Nathan away from the curled up body of James and holds him back, while Katy pleads the innocence to what was going on. After a heated argument, Nathan storms away and looks towards Darren to join him. They both exit the house followed by swearing and shouting by Katy in which he duly ignores. Darren takes the driving seat and they swiftly exit the area. Darren pulls up outside his house on the outskirts of LA where he offers Nathan to stay for a few days which he accepts, and persuades him that what he needs now is a good few drinks in downtown LA. Nathan boiled full of emotions and slightly exhausted from a day of filming and flying wasn’t to keep on the fact of going out, but his conscience got the better of him and raised the stakes of not just a few drinks, but a weekend in Vegas. They get a cab to LAX and a charter a plane to take them to Sin City. On arrival his PA has organised a suite in the grand casino and clothes and accessories to await them in his room. Once showed changed and ready Darren takes Nathan around the many clubs and cocktail bars around the light strewn city of Vegas where he is met by several fans, many of them ladies, and some annoying paparazzi which he dodges around from bar to bar. After several drinks and shots, they manage to leave unnoticed and get a cab, where Darren asked the driver to take them to a private luxury strip bar called Miss Abi’s. Entering the Blue lit arena, they’re eyes were greeted by the most stunning dancers imaginable, dotted all around the room some with poles, some in dance cages, or on stages, all in the sexiest lingerie you can get, some topless, some dancing with just boots and stockings on; Nathan instantly aroused by the pleasures his eyes were seeing. Darren managed to sort out a booth with an individual pole away from the rest of the crowd, and after hearing that Nathan Thomas was there awaiting they’re entertainment the girls were all over keen and anxious to be selected to be his viewing for the night. But before that was confirmed, the owner who was alerted of this VIP entering her establishment quickly tidied herself up and left her office towards to the muscular Nathan. Downing a shot of whiskey that the stunning blonde waitress, dressed in a black Pure lace see-through dress named Angel, brought to his table his eyes lit up as he saw Abi walking seductively across the room towards him. Dressed in Knee high black leather boots, thigh high black stockings attached by a red and black Corset and garter, and a tiny little tight black skirt, Her Fiery red hair cascaded down the left side of her shoulder, lips glossed in bright red lipstick to match her hair and corset. She approached the handsome actress whose eyes were glued to her figure and welcomed him to her club. “Well hello handsome” greeted Abi, “it’s such a pleasure to have you here in my bar, everyone here is very excited to know that you are here, and I know the girls are dying to show off their skills to you. “ Nathan, still in a stupor, eyes travelling over the sight of Abi just a foot away from her eventually replies “Please, the pleasure is all mine” he gets up and greets Abi with a kiss to her hand then sits down. “Anything that you desire drinks food whatever you need, it’s on the house. And shortly I’ll send over a couple of ladies over your way, the best I have.” Nathan looks Abi square in the eye, “What are the chances of getting you to be our private dancer?” Abi chuckles “I’ll leave that to my girls… for now.” And gives Nathan a wink Laughing “Ok. Ok. How about you join us for a few drinks if you’re not busy?” “Tempting as that is, I have to say no for now, I have some work that needs attending” Leaning forward, Nathan quietly whispers “I’m sure that can wait for another day, besides, I could do with some stable conversation” pointing out to Darren looking like a k** in a candy shop at all the women, “don’t think I’ll be getting anything out of him tonight in here.” And he taps the space next to him. Abi thinks briefly before she studies Nathan from top to toe, spiked short dark hair, a light tan covering his body, neatly trimmed stubble. A White shirt unfastened 4 buttons down accenting the heavy pectoral muscles escaping his chest, and some loose fitted dark jeans that tighten up around the top showing off his firm ass and an already bulging accent of his cock. With noticing that, she bites her lip and readily accepts the offer, grabbing one of the waitresses she asks her for a bottle of Don Perignon and tells her to get Megan Foxxx and Lola over to the booth. Blonde Bombshell Lola, dressed as a School girl; White blouse tied up just below her large breasts, a tie, a flared skirt just covering her red thong ass with white thigh high socks and heels, and Brunette Megan dressed as a French Maid with fishnet stockings and black heels squealed with excitement getting chosen to perform in front of ‘Batman’ nearly sprinted over to the secluded booth in the corner of the club. Abi introduced each one to Nathan and Darren, and whispered to them “give him the full show ladies, I want his cock to be pleading for some attention; No Holds Barred stuff… there are some props in the draw under the podium” giving the girls their cue to start, Abi took a seat right next to Nathan, her thigh touching his, as she crossed her leg to make sure her foot was resting against his shin. The girls jumped on the podium and started to dance to the free flowing music, gyrating their hips against the pole, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, slowly shedding items of clothes as the show went on. After several minutes of cock teasing the two guys, they started to turn up the heat on the show. They started by passionately kissing each other, tongues openly playing against each other as Lola’s hands pulled Megan in closer by the grip on her ass. Megan’s fingers were slowly untying the shirt on Lola, exposing her firm 34D breasts to the private audience in front of them. Darren was already lost in the image of the two girls starting to please each other, shown by his furious tugging at his cock inside of his Jeans. While Abi was also enjoying the lesbian show being shown to her guests, she was more focused on the growing pressure of Nathans cock in his Jeans while rubbing the tip of her boot slightly against his shin in a nonchalant fashion. Nathan beginning to relax more and pushing out the thoughts of the picture his wife and friend template on his memory started to get more aroused as the girls kissing became more erratic and furious, hands shredding off each other’s clothing leaving just their thongs and stockings on. Lola kissed her way down Megan’s neck and shoulder and over her smaller 32B Perky breasts, her tongue slipped its way across her nipple, that and the slight breeze from the air conditioning left them wet and hard, protruding from her breast moving it down in between her cleavage, and trailing down to her navel. On her knees, she gave the boys a wink and proceeded with removing the black lacy g string that covered Megan’s Hairless pussy and tossing them over in the direction of Darren who instantly grabbed them and inspected them with his eyes. When he finally looked up he saw that Lola’s Face was buried deep between Megan’s Legs, tongue ridged between the folds of her cunt and enthusiastically searching out her Clit. Abi, happy with the girls performance was getting chills as she traced the outline of Nathans 8 inch rock hard cock in his jeans with her eyes, and felt her pussy start getting wetter, her thoughts of the sight of it drilling her hard gave her the push to start to move the tip of her boot further up and down his shin with more purpose, while maintaining added pressure on the closeness of their thighs. Nathan was completely overcome by what he was seeing just 4 feet away from his face as Lola started using 2 fingers deep inside of Megan’s pussy; his mind began to wander from this scene as he felt Abi’s foot making extra contact with his leg. At first he thought it was just an innocent coincidence but now he become aware of how her foot was now playing with his leg. He looked down to see it moving and as he did slowly moved his eyes up the shiny leather boot, over her knee and the seam of her stocking that meets her delicious white thigh. Before he managed to look further up her body, he heard the moans of Megan as she reached an intense climax from Lola’s tongue and finger fucking and snapped back away from Abi to the half-closed eyes of Megan. Darren jumped up and ran to the toilet before he managed to make a mess of his suit trousers, giving Abi the chance to mutter some words to Nathan. “How are you enjoying the show so far?” “It’s better that I imagined. I’ve actually never been to a strip bar before.” Shocked, Abi replied “Wow, really. Well, you won’t get this type of action in any other bar, and I only reserve such activities for the special guests” with that she closed her hand around the middle of his thigh, just below the tip of his cock, and squeezed, emphasising the term special. They’re eyes met as Nathan felt a buzz shoot through his body from the grip of Abi’s palm up to his brain, which was no longer functioning the fact that Katy was his wife. Before anything further happened the Waitress Angel brought over the $1000 bottle of champagne and 3 glasses. Abi took the bottle of the tray and 2 glasses, leaving one, and placed it on the table next to her, and told Angel quietly to take the glass, get another bottle and when Darren returns from the men’s room to take him to a private room where they could do anything they so desired, a sultry smile approached Angel’s lips and she walked away. After coming down of the high of her climax, Megan got off the podium and stood between Nathans legs facing away from him, showing off her round pert ass, looked over her shoulder, winked and slowly bent forward towards the secret draw under the podium. His eyes glued to her ass, that exposed her soaked pussy and sweet little asshole, Abi whispered in his ear. “Go ahead, touch it.” He reached out nervously with both hands and grasped Megan hard on her ass, to which she shot up with a cheeky look in her eyes and wagging her finger ‘no no’ smiling she bent down again to pick up a 6 inch pink dildo strutting out from a leather harness, she placed her feet in the holes and dragged it up her long legs and into place over her pussy. She stood straight in front of Nathan, and stroked it several times, seductively looking at him, licking her lips. Lola knew what was coming, bent down on her knees mouth open ready to suck on that pink strap on. Abi reached in closer to Nathan, Hand positioned back to the same place on his thigh, the other over behind his head and on the back of the sofa, leaned in so her lips were millimetres from the skin of his ear “You certainly won’t get this anywhere else, and I’m sure you will enjoy this” as she finished her sentence she flicked the tip of her tongue up against his ear lobe as she retreated her head a little further back away from him, but she kept her hand firmly locked on to his thigh. Nathan felt a chill run down his spine and straight to his cock, the pleasure from that one little tease increased the size of his raging hard cock. The tip extended further until it hit a brick wall, Abi’s fingers in which she casually rubbed her finger against it a couple of times before resting it back away from his cock. Lola now stuffed with the dildo in her mouth was deep throating it as Megan controlled the motion by holding firmly her head and thrusting her hips in and out in a fucking motion. She released her head of the dildo, leaving a shiny trail of saliva from the tip of the fake cock to Lola’s lips which she hungrily lapped up, spun around and presented her glistening pink pussy ready for a pounding. Once in a position to show the action, Megan slammed the strap on into Lola’s pussy, and began fucking her like a man. Gripping her hips, she completely dominated over Lola, thrusting the slippery dildo in and out of her tight cunt. With each deep and heavy moan that escaped Lola’s mouth, Abi’s fingers would dig and release into Nathan’s thigh, as she felt her body also reacting to the fucking Lola was receiving. Nathan started to lose control of his moral feelings to his wife, and lightly rubbed the mould of his penis over his jeans. Abi noticing this shown a wry smile out of the corner of her lips and proceeded raising her foot up and down heavily behind his calf. Nathan closed his eyes as he felt the soft touch that he has failed to receive in over 3 months, and squeezed his cock at the thought of Abi’s playfulness. His eyes dropped to where he was interrupted last time, between the seam of Abi’s stocking and thigh, and continued his glare up the strap of her suspender until it reached the shadowed cleft between her legs. Looking closer, he noticed the thin see-through fabric of her sheer red g string, and the noticeable wet patch that surrounded the lips of her beautifully shaped and hairless vagina. Abi caught his stare and slipped her hand up to the swollen tip of his cock and rubbed it lightly. A soft gasp left Nathans mouth, eyes closed and relaxed to the touch of Abi’s fingers. Lola was half on her side, one leg on the podium and the other resting over the top of Megan’s shoulder, giving a wide view of her delicate pussy being penetrated by the fake pink penis, this was more than enough for Abi, as she stared intensely at the lesbian hardcore action happening before them very selves, turned to face Nathan and kissed his Lips. Nathan duly responded by parting his lips wide for Abi’s wandering tongue, searching out his very own. She took this as a key opening to finally grasp his cock fully over his Jeans, impressed with the size of it in her hand she feverishly stroked the palm of her hand over it while Nathan took his hands and held Abi’s face tightly to his own. Abi’s busy hand was desperate to feel the velvet touch of Nathans penis in her palm, and with her spare hand, ripped open the buttons of his Jeans, and was please to notice he wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath. Nathan struggled with his feelings as guilt about what he was doing started to settle in the back of his mind, but when the cool air splashed against his bare cock, and then felt the warm touch of Abi’s smooth hand, those feelings soon suppressed and forgot all about his wife. He began this new passion by leaving her lips and sliding his hands down to her sides, sucking and lightly biting down on her neck rotating his tongue along her skin as he did this. Abi grasped his cock firmly, and pulled the entire length out of the jeans. The two girls moved position so they were watching they’re boss play with the new Batman, and each of them cooed at the sight of his cock. Lola desperately wanted to taste it, but knew she would have no chance now that Abi has claimed her man. They watched as Abi stoked the entire length of Nathan’s 9 inch cock, the precum attaching to her thumb as she slid it over the glistening swollen head. Using her other hand she freed his enlarged balls from its denim prison, and grasped them tightly, rolling them around the palm of her hands. Nathan let go of Abi’s neck leaving a nice plum coloured hickey letting Abi use her mouth on him. Starting on the base of his neck she did the same, but moved on down quickly after kissing and licking his uncovered chest, she was desperate to taste his cock and wasted no time by jumping her mouth from his smooth hard chest, to his smooth hard dick. She slid her tongue along the shaft down towards his balls, leaving a slight trail of saliva on its way down. Flicking the base of his penis with her tongue she kissed her way back up to the wet tip. She circled the head with her tongue, lapping up the vast amounts of pre cum that settled there, enjoying the taste she engulfed it with her mouth sucking hard. She then slowly allowed her mouth to slide its way down, trying to accommodate its vast size in her mouth. She rose back off and used a small amount of spit to lube it up and then sank her mouth back down as far as it could go. Nathan slid his hand down her back towards the base of her tiny skirt, her bare cheeks open for his view covered only by a small red string buried between the crack of her perfect round ass, he directed his hand over the middle of her ass, as his middle finger rode the ridge of her ass, led by the red piece of string. He rubbed hard over it as he felt the entrance of her ass, but continued further, his finger on a mission to feel the dampness of her cunt. He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy as soon as he reached his goal, and his finger was instantly slick in the juices of Abi’s pussy. Without hesitation, he parted the thin piece of fabric to one side and delved that middle finger straight up into Abi’s pussy. Abi’s moan at the feel of this was muffled by Nathan’s cock, she rolled her eyes back as she instantly felt the pleasure of being penetrated by his thick finger, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to take his massive cock, and jam it inside of her. The two girls had long finished there fucking, and now were watching the show being given by the two lovers on the sofa. Playing with each other’s clit, they frigged each other bringing several more waves of orgasms through their bodies while they watched Abi finish of sucking Nathan’s cock and straddle his lap. Abi lifted her mouth of Nathans cock leaving a smacking sound as the lips and cock parted; He removed his wet fingers from her pussy, and tasted the sweet nectar of her vagina off his finger. She got up and straddled his lap, held his cock at the opening of her pussy and eased the wet prick into the entrance of her hot hole. They looked into each other’s eyes, making a perfect connection between the two of them, a slight pause brought their lips together just before Abi shifted her weight down on his cock and she sank further down the rigid shaft. The thickness of his cock stretched her pussy wide, a mini orgasm raced through her body to her brain straight away, arching her head back as a circus of moans bolted past her lips. Abi stopped as she waited for the electrifying feelings surpassed her body, and then she looked straight into Nathans eyes and slammed her body down forcing the rest of his cock to fill her deeply. It took a moment for Abi to catch her breath after forcing this monster cock to enter her, but when she was ready, she bucked her hips wildly up and down the entire length of his penis. Nathans hands rapidly grabbed her perfect ass tightly, using it as a directive to pull her down faster, she freed her tits from the constraints of her corset in which resulted in Nathan hungrily attacking your perfectly shaped areolas with his mouth. The two girls collapsed after their fifth consecutive orgasm, just as Abi was reaching her second. Nathan started to match her rhythm and met each downward push of her pussy to a sharp upward thrust of his cock. She was in heaven as this massive cock found its way even deeper inside, she could feel with each thrust the strong slap of his heavy cum filled balls and how she wanted to feel that cum explode inside of her. “FUCK… ME… HARDER, GIVE IT TO ME, COME ON BABY… YES… BABY, YES” She screamed as she approached another ecstasy filled orgasm, the shaft of his cock grinding hard against her swollen g spot. Several more thrusts after that, his own orgasm started to build… “I’m there baby… imp nearly… there, imp gonna cum OOOOHHH” He moaned “Cum for me baby, fill my pussy with your hot spunk!” she baited between orgasmic breaths. As soon as she finished that sentence he unleashed his cum filled balls deep inside of her, load after load of hot wet cum filled her pussy. Abi could feel the heat of it splashing against the walls of her pussy, and she wanted more, and she wanted more of Nathan; but their frantic and explosive fucking had draining them of their energy. She collapsed on his chest, he held her close as she softly rocked her pelvis back and forth on his still rigid cock, their lips met in a romantic passionate kiss as the fucking subsided, and his cock softened. They held each other for what seemed like an eternity, making out under the loud music and dim lighting. “That was just, just amazing. I’ve never felt like that before” Abi muttered quietly into his ear. “I felt the same, I’ve not been that close to a girl during sex before” and he wasn’t lying. They released each other, and Abi buttoned up his jeans, just in time before Darren came in all hot and flustered. “Whoa man, what happened to you?” Nathan enquired. “Don’t ask” he said with a grin. “And as the old saying goes, what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas” he laughed and down the small amount of champagne left in the bottle. Nathan and Abi looked at each other, Abi knew of his wife, and felt guilty of what happened; also she felt a sense of disappointment that this would never happen again, especially after Darren quoted that infamous line. Nathan also dropped his smile knowing what happened couldn’t happen again, although he wanted it to so much. He decided that it would, he dipped into his wallet and fished out his personal mobile number and handed it to Abi away from the eyes of Darren who had dropped seated to the floor. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want this to be a one night thing.” Darren stated as he passed her his card. “Me to, wait here” She snatched his card and ran to get a piece of paper and pen and jotted her number down and slipped it into his Jeans. “Here, if you ever find yourself in Vegas, again, do come see me” “You can count on it” They kissed one final time and they parted ways, Picking up the passed out Darren on the way he was called a limo by one of the ushers and they headed back to the hotel, knowing well and truly, this isn’t going to be the last time he visits Vegas.

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