Saturday, July 6, 2013

Monsoon Lovers SeXStoRY

It had been a very hot four hours on the bus bound for Delhi The scorching summer sun showed no sign of letting go. I had been travelling along with a group of documentary filmmakers. We were to stop for the night at a roadside hotel at a remote hill station where the next day’s journey would take us into the Delhi. I stepped out of the bus in my dusty blue jeans, boots and white T shirt, flicking my hands through my hair. It was mid-afternoon and we had all sat down in the shade, for some refreshments. Amidst the conversation taking place, the waiter came to take our order. Our eyes caught each other’s immediate gaze. His beautiful brown eyes long curly locks of hair and casual smile. “What can I get you?” He said looking softly into my eyes. “Just a cold soda with ice, thanks” I replied as I gazed down to his blue polo shirt. The top buttons undone, with the soft curly hairs on his chest just peaking out. The rest of the group were rather tired and decided to retire to their rooms. I however was enjoying the view of the hills, quietly sipping my soda. The waiter came back to clear the rest of the glasses “How is your soda?” “Fine thanks” I said. “Are you not tired sir, the clouds are beginning to look a little grey; looks like a storm is coming. We better get inside before you get wet.” I agreed and asked him to show my room. “All the rooms in the main building have been taken, looks like you have got cottage at the end it’s just a five minute walk.” “No problem” I said as proceeded to pick up my rucksack. “No allow me; you have been travelling very long” As we walked down the path the clouds seemed to be getting thicker with the odd rumble of thunder getting louder. “We better hurry up sir; I wouldn’t want you to get wet.” I felt the fist drops of water on my head. “Is it much further?” I asked looking rather concerned about the stormy weather. “It will be soon sir.” Just then a loud prolonged rumble of thunder was followed by a strong and sharp shower. “Hurry it’s just here.” He said pointing to a little thatched cottage behind the trees. We were both soaking wet by the time we reached the cottage. “Your room sir” as he opened the door “You are very wet sir, the water is hot you can have a shower to freshen up.” “But you are dripping we too, don’t you want to dry yourself? There are two towels here” I asked. “Its okay sir.” he said looking into my eyes. His shirt was all wet and clinging onto his chest and his trousers soaked. I handed him a towel. “I insist.” I took my shirt off and placed on the chair “Your chest is so manly and hairy sir.” I smiled back and remarked “So you like what you see?” I walked up to him. “Let me take your shirt off for you.” As I slipped my hands up his wet body underneath his shirt I felt his hands on my chest “Kiss me” he said as his lips touched mine. His hands caressing the back of my neck as I embraced his body in my arms. His hands were all over me. “You kiss well” I remarked. “Thank you sir” his hands slowly slipping down my jeans undoing the button and proceeded to unzip me. His hands were now in my shorts caressing my bulging erection. “Shall we take this to bed” I asked as I began to unzip his trousers. I lay down on the bed as he took his trousers off. I gazed at his broad chest, manly legs and the huge bulge in his shorts. I wanted him so badly. I walked up to me and yanked my shorts down. “Your cock is so hot and hard sir.” I smiled at him and said “It’s all yours” at which point he bent down on his knees and gently pulled my les apart. I knew what he was doing and didn’t want him to stop. My cock was now in his hands as he softly kissed my balls and slowly drew his tongue across the length of my cock. “Do you like my tongue across your cock sir?” “Oh yes please take it all in.” I felt his hot lips on the tip of my cock and down the entire length, taking every inch into his mouth right up to my balls; his soft tongue all over my cock. I wanted him more than anything “Take your shorts off. I want your cock.” His hot bulging erection standing up as he slowly pulled his shorts down. “You have very huge and sexy cock” I said slowly licking my lips “Come on the bed into my arms. I want your whole body. He drew his tongue across my chest as he came up onto the bed and into my arms as I gazed into his beautiful eyes, he kissed me. I could feel his throbbing cock rubbing against my belly. “I want to fuck you hard.” I said whispering in his ear. “Really hard.” I was now on top of him kissing his chest all over my hands rubbing his cock. “Fuck me sir. Fuck me really hard.” I shoved my cock deep inside him. He was very tight. “Oh yes sir!” He exclaimed in delight as thrust my cock in really deep. “How badly do you want my cock?” “Very badly sir, fuck me hard.” At that moment he was all mine; every last inch of his hot body fucking him harder and harder. “I want to fuck you from behind real bad.” I said as he got all fours. “Yes please!” I thrust my cock deep inside him as moaned in delight “Harder sir, fuck me hard.” He wanted more and more, as I fucked him even harder. “Do you like that! Do you want my cum?” “Yes sir! I want to taste your cum all over my face!” I pulled my cock out as he turned around. His mouth was open wide in anticipation. I was finding it hard to control myself as I neared orgasm. “Oh yes sir! Cum all over my face!” He said stroking his cock hard “Here it comes! Yes!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!” There was cum all over his face dripping down his checks and down from his lips. I was now his turn to come as I lay beside him stroking his cock. It was not long before he neared orgasm. “I’m cumming sir! Yes!!! Oh yes!!!.” He shot is load all over my hands and across his chest. For a moment we gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled. “You were amazing” I said whispering softly in his ear as I licked his cum off my fingers. He kissed me softly on my lips and said “It’s my pleasure. The rain has stopped and I must be getting back.” I slept well that night, but never had the chance to say goodbye the next morning. I never even asked his name. The bus was waiting and it was onwards to Delhi where new adventures awaited me.

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