Saturday, July 13, 2013

My first black man... SeXStoRY

This happened to me when I was a junior in high school. I had been having sex since I was about 14. I had never had sex with a black man, but I didn’t know that was gonna change. My best friend Becky and I had been talking about fucking Roger the newest addition to our school. Neither of us had ever been with a black guy before, well that was what I thought. Little did know that Becky had fucked one. She started telling me about her experience one night when she was staying over and hearing her talk about the size I was getting really turned on. She said she’d never felt a cock that big before. I knew I wanted to feel it too. I decided that I would ask Roger to go out with me Friday night. To my surprise he said yes. I told him we would go out with Becky and her boyfriend. He said that was fine. Becky and I talked about what we were going to do Friday night. We decided that we would see a movie. Becky came over early to and we tried on several outfits to get the most out of the evening. I decided on a black pleated skirt with a white button up shirt. Becky wore a red pleated skirt and white button up shirt. Both of us wore heels that showed off out legs. I must say that we looked sexy as hell. Roger and Jordan, Becky’s boyfriend, showed up together at 6:30. My parents greeted them and told us to be home by midnight. I kissed mom and dad on the check and said we would be back by then. I wasn’t subtle about what I wanted from Roger once we were away from my parents. As soon as we got the movie and sat down I started rubbing Roger’s leg and he didn’t seem to mind. In fact he spread his legs so I didn’t have to stretch as far. After a few minutes I moved up and rubbed his cock. I felt it grow as my hand slide over it more and more. I couldn’t believe that it was so big. I looked over at Becky and Jordan saw him leaning his head back. Becky’s arm was nowhere to be seen. After a few more minutes I asked Roger if he wanted to get out of here. He looked at me and said yes. I turn to Becky and tell her that we were leaving. We drove for about 15 minutes and Roger stopped the car. Becky and Jordan got outta the car and were practically fucking as soon as they got out. Roger and I weren’t sure exactly what to do. He cock was still rock hard and I could see the outline through his jeans. I leaned over and kissed him and started rubbing his cock. I unzipped his pants and reached in to pull his cock out. I couldn’t believe how huge he was. He was at least 13 inches. “Holy fuck Roger that’s huge.” I say with a lust in my voice. I continue to stroke his cock and he lets out a soft moan. I slowly kiss my way down until his cock is at my mouth. I flick my tongue over his cock head and he has precum oozing out. I slide his cock in my mouth and found it getting harder. I couldn’t take even half in my mouth. Roger reached around me and was surprised that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He rubbed my pussy and I was getting wet. He slipped 2 fingers in me and it felt great. I slurped his cock like I have never before. I told Roger to move the seat back and he did. I climbed on top of him and prepared myself. His cock was right at my pussy. He looked up at me, “Are you ready for this nigga dick?” I bite my lip and start to slide down. It hurt so good. The farther I went the more I was amazed at how much I was taking. After a little grinding, “I can’t take it anymore.” And I climbed off his cock and got out of the car. I sat on the hood of the car and he walked up. His cock was still out and rock hard. He looked down at me, “You wanted this cock. You’re gonna take it.” He picked me up and turned me around. With my back to him he bent over the hood and stuck his cock in me again. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock. I yelled as he fucked me. Becky and Jordan stopped what they were doing and started watching Roger and I. They were gladly cheering him on as he fucked my tiny white pussy. There was no way all of his cock was in me. I reached back and started using my hand to rub his cock. I could tell by the twitching that he was about to cum. I pulled away and turned around. I dropped to me knees and started to suck his cock. He put his hand on my hand and pushed me down onto his cock. He groaned and I felt his hot load start to spurt out into my mouth. I pulled away and opened my mouth and let his cum go all over me, mostly in my mouth. I could tell be the look on his face that I was his first white girl. I knew that I wouldn’t be his last. Maybe next time I will get Becky to join in with us.

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