Monday, July 8, 2013

my first cuck gf :) SeXStoRY

we was hanging out at her place and theres a knock on the door i asked her who would that be? She smiles and opens the door there stands a built 6'4 black man named D she invites him in and he says whats up man to me i say not to much with confusen on my face, she says look babe i love you but i need double digit dick in me so i called d over, i love this girl so i agree to let her fuck him i sit back she gets down to work D stands up pull his pants down my eyes got big sein his 12inch cock and about 5inches thick with a set of softball like balls and i look at my whimpy 5in whiteboy cock, she sucks on him looks at me and says this is a fucking cock right here whiteboy i smile and say yes baby, D has me open her legs open so he can slide that cock in her she screams as her pussy walls open wide knowing my cock will never fit again lol! D has me lay under her as he fucks her doggystyle and he says lick her clit his massive balls smack my bitchass face lisa laughs he says stand up then he pushes my head on her ass makes me lick her asshole! he lets go of me and makes me stand up he flips her over and does her missionary and he bustes a huge nutt in her lil white pussy and calls me a lil dick bitch whiteboy and says lick my jizz off her pussy now i say yes sir i lick it off her and she laughs at me and he does to and d gets dressed and leaves lisa says good boy for watching and helping d out! i say no problem baby ever sence then i let all my gf's fuck massive black cocks and i serve her! doing whatever she tells me to do.. thanks for reading comment or pm is ud like

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