Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My first time lasting 2 hours by myself SeXStoRY

It all started one friday night in my dorm room. my roommate went home for the weekend so i had the room to myself for the entire weekend. my friends came knocking at my door asking if i wanted to go to a party but i rightfully declined. i lied and said i had to study for a big exam. the stage was set, i was ready to go for two hours straight with only coming once. i always wanted to last for two hours. there is something about the thrill about pacing yourself, stroking slowly. Prior to this night ive been trying to build my tolerence, so to speak. the weeks leading up, ive been trying to last longer and longer whenever i had the chance. i started out trying to last for 30 minutes. 30 minutes quickly turned into an hour, and then it turned into an hour and a half. i couldnt go for the 2 hour mark with the possibility of my roommate dropping in. And so the night began. it was 11 o clock and my dorm hall has emptied out because everyone has left for the frat party. it was just me, all by myself. i found an erotic movie that seemed like it could fill the two hour time slot. The movie was title Room in Rome, a very tasteful erotic tale of a woman having a lesbian fling before her marriage. so pulled it up on my laptop and connected to my tv (i wanted the optimum experience). So i undressed, closed the blinds, and pressed play. The movie began as the distressed fiance met an attractive experience lesbian woman. i began to softly stroke. They became friendly and headed back to a hotel. my penis was slowly filling up with bl**d but i was only at half mass. the fiance seemed shy about a lesbian experience, but the more skilled lesbian tempted her into sex. Thirty minutes in i reach my first challenge, it was so hard to resist to coming to the intense and beautiful moaning they were producing. but i persevered. i had to close my eyes at some parts. they continued the next morning to get to know each other, home towns, previous lovers, etc. i had no problems lasting through this. then the next sex scene occurs. this time things get heated for what some could consider afternoon delight. this was more challenging. it was hard enough to last through the first sex scene but this was more passionate. they kissed all over the place, i began to feel some throbbing. i was about an hour in and i gave myself an one minute break to cool down. then the two lovers began to discuss the artworks around the room. they share all sorts of personal stories. im able to control myself for these parts. but then a shower scene comes in. my cock becomes engorged with bl**d. i had a hard time holding on, but what kept me from holding back was the incredibly real lust i was empathizing with. then the fiance has a realization, that she really loved the lesbian but she still had to marry her husband to be. then they take one last bath together. i become extremely hard, i continue to stroke faster and faster, the movie ends as i orgasm all over. THE END

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