Thursday, July 11, 2013

My first time on cam SeXStoRY

It took some time for broadband to come to my small rural area and when it finally arrived I couldn't wait to have some fun on cam. Now, to set this story up you need to know I used to walk my dog, Jess, early each morning before work. Every morning I would pass a woman with her dog, coming in the opposite direction. Her name was Steph, about 40ish and all woman. We always stopped to say hello and chat a little. The dogs would sniff each other and play, then we carried on in our own direction. So, back to the story. I had the cam set up and searched for a free cam site. Wearing a t-shirt and shorts (cam showing from chest to knees) I sat in the common room and chatted (text) to anyone who would chat. I noticed a few had the icon flagging that they had my cam on view. I had three open (that was max for a free user). One woman in particular had my attention. She also had the cam showing from chest to knees and from time to time she gripped one of her tits. I liked what I saw. Her breasts were largish, her waist not fat and not skinny, and her legs looked shapely. When I saw the icon next to her name light up, indicating she was looking at me, I sent a private message asking if she'd like a private chat. She agreed and soon we were alone on cam and chatting voice. We started flirting and as the conversation got hotter she raised her t-shirt to just above her waist so I could see her tiny panties. Her thighs milky white in contrast to the triangle of the dark red of her panties looked good and my cock was getting a semi. She asked me to take off my shirt, which I did. I was, by this time in my life, getting heavier and was pleased she said she liked a man with some meat on his bones... but not fat. My cock was getting harder as she cupped and squeezed her tits and we talked of touching each other. I was stroking my thigh and she lifted her t-shirt to give me a flash look at her tits. They were all I hoped they would be. Large and natural with medium size dark areolas and hard nipples. I told her I wanted to play with them and suck on her nipples. I slipped a hand in my shorts and popped my cock head out of the waistband for her to see. She made a purring sound and asked to see more. Happy to get my boner out of the confines of my shorts I stood up and took them off. I turned one way and then the other and then face on so she could have a good look before I sat down again. It was at this point she removed her top and was pinching her nipples. She told me what she wanted to suck my cock and then have it fill her other two holes. I stroked my cock as she talked and it all felt very exciting. She then took off her panties and spread her legs. She had a little hair neatly trimmed above her pussy and her lips were already swollen. She parted them and slipped two fingers in. I was still stoking as I told her how my tongue would be probing her. She turned and bent over to show me her butthole. Her ass was big and firm and her hole so inviting as she slipped a pussy juice wet finger inside. She then turned back and as she did she must have jogged her camera and I had a quick view of her face... it was Steph, the woman I saw each morning! "Oh My God", I said out loud as she quickly moved the camera down again. At that moment, hearing my exclamation, my dog decided to come to me. She must have thought recognised my dog (Jess had a distinctive black face with two white spots, one over and one under her left eye), because she said "Jess, is that Jess? Oh my god it is, isn't it? I know you don't I?". I moved the camera up so she could see my face and we both laughed. Of all the people to find on an international website, we couldn't believe the coincidence. We lived about a mile apart. She said, "You know, this makes it hotter. Can we continue with getting each other off?". So with the cameras now positioned so we could clearly see each other we talked and played until we both orgasmed. On signing off she said with a giggle "See you in the morning". We usually passed each other on a path that runs along the side of a field. It's separated from the road by a tall hedge. As I entered the field I let Jess off her lead and my heart was pounding as I looked out for Steph. It was a cold Autumn morning and I saw her bright red coat in the distance and thought, cool, she has not changed her route. When she was a little closer she waved and I waved back. Jess ran to meet her dog and they played as Steph and I closed the gap at a quick, but not over eager, pace. We were about 100 yards apart and she unbuttoned her coat, pulling one side open to reveal she was naked under the coat. She was showing one very fine breast and one long leg I stopped in my tracks smiling and enjoying the view. She held the coat that way until she was a few paces from me and then she stopped and held the coat wide open. Her nipples were rock hard in the cold air and her body, of course, looked way better in real than on cam. I looked for a little while then took the final few steps and she wrapped her coat round us both and we kissed. My hands naturally caressed her buttocks and pulled her on to my hard cock. Still kissing I moved my hands to her tits, they were firm and the nipples like pencil ends pressed in my palms. The kiss finally ended and she said "OMG, who would of thought it, my first time on cam was with a local guy!". We both laughed as I told her it was my first time as well, and then she said, "I must taste you, now". She knelt on the cold ground gathering her coat under her knees. She rubbed me through my pants then undid my fly and took my hard cock out. I kept looking both ways to see if anyone was coming but her hands and then mouth soon had me forgetting we were on a public footpath. She sucked me good, lightly scratching occasionally with her teeth but mainly using her soft lips and tongue. She undid my belt and pulled my pants and shorts down to my ankles. She cupped my balls and played with them, then her hand went between my legs on to my butt pulling me into her mouth. Sucking on my cock, totally ignoring we could possibly be seen, she started tracing my butt crack and teasing my hole. When I was obviously about to shoot she slipped her finger in to the first knuckle. Her lips were tight round my cock as I shot jet after jet. Some cum dribbled down her her chin and it was steaming in the cold air. With her finger wiggling it was fully inside me by the time my orgasm was subsiding. She used the finger that had been in my butt to scr**e the cum from her chin and then she sucked it clean. I told her it was her turn. She laid back on the ground and I got my head between her legs. With tongue and fingers I had her writhing in no time. Raising her hips from the ground I licked her from ass to clit and back again over and over. I tongued her pussy and had a finger in her tight butt, she was vigorously rubbing her clit. She put her other hand on my head and ground her hips as she came. Her whole body shaking and shouting loud enough to wake the whole county. We got ourselves tidy and made a date for that evening. A final kiss and we went on our separate ways. Before leaving the field I looked back and saw her stop, turn and open her coat. She jumped up and down and even at that distance I could make out her heavy tits bouncing... Roll on tonight, I though :) I'll post an account of that first night spent with Steph soon

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