Sunday, July 14, 2013

my new life...part 5 SeXStoRY

james laughed at my expresion. ' mistress kiki, bring in slut alexandra, if you will.'the door opened and a woman wereing a black lether bikini , with chains running down her sides , was pulling a thick rope. on the end of the rope was a metal circle incased in thick rope and a man with long hair was tangled in the middle like i was.'slut you must obey me just as much so as mistress kiki. she says do something,do it,or be brutally beaten.' then mistress kiki pulled on one of my ropes with suddenly put me in a bentover position.the she pulled up a chair and removed her bikini bottoms showing her well shaved pussy.'lick me untill i cum,slave!.' .....'NOW SLAVE!' she yelled as she struck me across the face. i looked at the slave next to me. he stared at me,pity in his eyes.i slowly stuck my tounge out and began to lick.she started moaning and the faster i went the louder she got.she finally screamt she was cumming and her pussy blasted her cum all over my face.'good keep that up and we will get along fine.'she then grabbed a rag and whiped me off,pulling the rope again making me upright again.' we are gonna leave so you to can meet eachother.' my new master exclaimed.the two left out the larg door.'hello...' he wishpered.'hi...why are you here?'... there was along silence.'kiki met me awhile back...2 years ago actually...and then she took me because she said transexuals turn her on...i have been stuck like this for 5 days...' my stomach turned.i started to struggle.'please , just stop. you just going to hurt yoursefl.and i dont want that to happen.'...'why ?'...'well your the only friend i have at the moument'...'i hope my master realizes im gone.....(her master had returned and was looking for her every were....and alexandras master was doing the same thing.)

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