Monday, July 1, 2013

My Son's Cum Sock SeXStoRY

My Son’s Cum Sock John Kavanagh Charlie had come to stay with me for a while – I had parted from his mother a few years before and she put up the usual barriers to seeing him and his step-s****r but when she needed a free c***d minder I came in handy and hence Charlie was occupying the spare room for a month while she worked abroad. I didn’t mind that as it allowed us to catch up a bit, making up for lost time. When I collected him from the rail station while I obviously recognised him in the two years since we last got together, now at 14 he was suddenly a young man and no longer the boy that I remembered from the last visit. As usual, despite the time lapse we got on well picking up from where we left off and I was looking forward to next few weeks together. We did the usual things that Dad’s and sons do but being a naturist and living quite close to a really nice nude beach I did wonder how, in the intervening couple of years Charlie was going to react when I suggested a trip to the beach a couple of days later when the sun made staying at home a total waste – we get so few sunny days in England that it would be a shame to waste them. So there we were at the beach, which being school holidays was quite crowded, lots of families and people of all ages - and sizes, me stripped off from the outset and Charlie in shorts that came to below his knees, as is the fashion. Clearly in the intervening two years not only had he grown up quite a bit but he had become a bit bashful about his body, though judging by the way that he was looking around he had the usual teenage boys interest in other naked bodies – he had plenty to choose from and I was amused to see the inevitable tenting of his shorts as his hormones took charge! Whichever way he turned whether lying on his stomach to hide it his gaze met some view of a naked body, many nonchalantly displaying a open legged vagina attempting to avoid the white fold marks that spoil an all-over tan or a neat bum raised as the owner busily engaged itself in the making of the traditional sand-castle. I did suggest a swim and Charlie seeing a solution to his “problem” grabbed the opportunity and when in the water was soon a way out to sea where no doubt he was able to relieve his bursting balls with some discretion. So passed the day and all in all it was a pleasant outing, I meeting some old friends and disappearing into the dunes for my own version of relief with them and grabbing a rare opportunity when Charlie had taken himself off for another swim alone. After a relatively hurried but very satisfying session with my friend and his wife, where we both gave her a noisy fuckin watched by a small group of all ages, I was back in good time and though I noticed the give-away signs of some sperm leaking from my recent deposit in my friend’s wife but not noticed I thought by Charlie. It was the next day when Charlie was out exploring that I made the discovery, needing to find something in the spare room that he was using I moved the curtain back and noticed a solitary sock. Now I have a thing about losing socks and ending up with a drawer full of odd ones so immediately picked it up. It was then that I noticed that instead of the usual soft pliability the cloth felt slightly rigid and impulsively I put it to my nose and there was the unmistakable musky scent of dried semen. Nothing unusual about that, as a boy I had myself used a sock to wank into and smiled thinking again of Charlie’s “problems” at the beach the day before and was about to discreetly place it back in the hiding place when I felt the stirrings of my own erection at the thought of Charlie wanking away into the sock that I was holding and a wicked idea came to me. Quickly I checked that he was still out and unsheathed my now fully erect cock and strangely turned on by the knowledge that I was rubbing it against his dried spunk, had a delightful wank spurting my load into the sock, then carefully replacing it. I got a strange thrill knowing that his next wank would bring him into contact with my cum and wondered if he would notice that there was fresh sperm there. So inevitably the next opportunity I got when Charlie was out I was straight up to his room and there, sure enough was the sock – and again my erection was there in a moment – my cock unsheathed and I slid the sock over the end but this time I entered a still slick lot of fresh sperm – a recent deposit and delightful lube to wank with. As I did so I wondered whether Charlie had similarly used my fresh cum to wank into and the idea really got me going with the inevitable result. Charlie came back shortly after and after a snack went up to his room where he spent quite a while – I guessed that he might be relieving himself and that my fresh cum would be helping in that process! It was later in the day when a friend called – a guy that I regularly wanked and sucked with that the next idea came to me and I told him about my discovery and how I had wanked into the sock – so we both went up to the room and there was the recent sticky mess of Charlie’s wank. Knowing that we had a bit of time we both got nude and I slid the sock over my friends cock and proceeded to wank it with the boys sperm – new took it in turns and eventually both added our cum to the store…… So passed the remainder of the month with frequent additions whenever other mouths and holes were unavailable!

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