Thursday, July 11, 2013

My wife Karen SeXStoRY

I met my wife Karen at the bakery we both worked at in the early 70s.We both worked for the late shift for school reasons.The bakery was located in an area called Los Feliz north of Hollywood.Karen is about 5 feet tall,and 110lbs,dark blonde,blue/green.Karen is an exhibitioist and rather show off her beaver first boobs second and third.I like to see her show off her goods to other men,but she does it when she can show and get away quickly,she doesnt want to have men see her pussy and deal with saying no,cause some times they wont take no.a few weeks after we started dating she got a late night call from her s****r who was in Long Beach because she got kicked out of d**g rehab.We get down there and she said this lady took her home because some pimps were trying to recruit her.Karens s****r is 3 years younger 5 9 blonde 110 good looking, an alchoholic,d**ggie exhibitionist,nudist and a nimphomaniac.We take her home and it being late we talk a little and go to bed.Karens place has a bed the lifts into the wall its a studio.The lights go off and the place is lit by moonlight and the other apt lightsand streetlights.Karen stands there and gets naked I get down to underwear and t shirt and get in bed.Karen pulls out my dick and wants to fuck but I say ar eyou ok with your s****r here(5 feet away on sofa) she says we shared a bedroom and fucked our boyfriends all the time.We start fucking and Karen is making more noise then usual and kicks off the covers,she gets hot being watched.She wants to take it doggy and I know shes trying to show me off to her s****r.We finish and fall asl**p.The next morning I wake up,Karen is up in the kitchen,her s****r karol is awake on the sofa.I look for my clothe and see them on the floor to far to grab unless I get out of bed.I get up my dick bouncing with that morning stiffy,I grab my pants cant find my shurts and know Karol is loving it.I panic and put on my pants without underwear and struggle to zip up with boner.With my black hair I knew Karol never saw anyone of my kind naked.My people are small so I know 6.5inches may be normal, but big for us.Karen had to go to school that morning and told me to babysit Karol from d**gs and alchohol.Karol moved into their moms house and rehabed well for d**gs and booze,became born again too,sex drive still the same if not more intense. Karen and I got an invite to her b*****rs k**s 1st birthday party.Her b*****r Pat has the same sex habits and is bi sexual plus he already left his wife and started up with another women.Pat is also into swinging and hosts many swing partys and orgies.I dont really like the guy but he has gotten us into many exclusive partys.This being a k**s party was fun but when the party was over and all the k**s gone,there was only Karen,me,s****r Karol,a couple that was a friend of Pats from swingers partys,Pats gf dont remember her name and a friend of Pats from high school Randy.We started drinking and dancing and having fun.Karol was not drinking but was dancing and got the other girls to dance and karol pulls her shirt off. she gets all the girls to take off their shirts.Pats girlfriend was the only one who didnt wear a bra and her big nice boobs were bouncing as she danced.My wife(girlfriend then) had a dress on so she takes it off and is there in bra, panties but had a slip on.The swinger lady said the guys had to take there pants off and she would take off her bra.We all did,I had boxers on so not a big deal.She takes off her bra and starts jumping and showing off her tits.Karol tells Karen lets do it and off their bras go all girls boobs are bare.Karol is dancing and the swinger girl moves toward her and dances.Her husband moves over and dances with his wife and Karol.He then grabs his wifes boobs and bends down to kiss them.He then reaches over and squeezes Karols boob and since she didnt run he kisses them.His wife jum ps on the other boob and they start unzipping her pants,belt off and her pants are pulled down.Everyone screams and eggs here on so she puts her hands on their backs to stablize herself and they take her pants off along with her panties.He puts his mouth on her pussy before she could get her leg out of the pant leg.His wife wraps her arms around her waist and sucks her boobs,they had done this before ,it was done smooth without a glitch.She cant move and her legs are around his shoulders and cant walk away.By this time Pats gf is naked and hes get her spread on the sofa.Karen is only in panties.Randy is naked sitting next to Pat.Karen and I sit on the other sofa and I remove her panties.She bends over to pick them up giving everyone an ass shot if they were looking.Karen has her the sides of her pubic hair shaven as a mohawk its 3 inches wide not the clean shaven thin mohawks today.We sit dowm amd kiss until she finds my dick,its full and hard.I see swinger girl left her husband and Karol and is licking Pats gfs pussy.Karol is on her knees with his large dick in her mouth.Karen goes to her knees and pulls my shorts off,she is on her knees but is arching her back to show off her ass.My wife starts to suck my dick and moves to a standing position to show her ass and behind pussy shot.I am having a hard time getting fully erect because of all the people and bright lights.Pat is also taking pictures to show his swinger friends(no faces seen)Randy walks over and asks if he could join in? Karen sais that we were not swinging today but said he could watch.He sits down with his 9 inch dick and starts rubbing himself.He opens is legs to show his dick to my wife,I start getting a little harder watching my wife watch him masterbate.I see Pats gf and swinger girl 69ing and Pat is taking pix and watching.Karol is sitting on the sofa getting eaten out.She sees that her s****r isnt going to use Randys dick so she calls him over to them.She gets up sits Randy on the sofa and positions herself to get it in the pussy and mouth and I am watching.Karen stands and reverse cowgirls me to show her pusst and my dick in there.Shes bouncing hard and screaming making sure her tits are showing and they can see shes getting fucked.The swinger guy is now moving Karol to mount Randy and hes going to go for her ass.Karen is watching this unfold and asks is he fucking you in the ass? Yes hes is, and Randys in my pussy! This is where I watch her s****r with 2 dicks in her and think wow she can take it in the ass with no problem.I see her getting slammed in the ass and every thrust with his dick is making Karols tits swing and jiggle,I still use this picture today to get hard,cum,ect,masterbate.Karen now is fucking me hard and I tell her I am gonna cum, Karen lifts off and starts sucking me off.She positions herself so everyone can see my dick in her mouth.Randy says ley us see the she sucks and I cum in her mouth and it flows out down my dick and onto my black pubic hair.I came so much when she stood up the cum on her mouth and chin dripped on her boob.This started to get the 2 girls who were 69 off and Pat slid his dick into his girlfriend until he came. Karen got up to grab a kleenix,she was going towards the bathroom when she gets to where her s****r is.The men stop her and swinger man,while still fucking her s****r asks my wife if she wound like to be next? Karen says no i am not swinging today and as shes talking them Randy has his finger up in her pussy and the other guy is pulling her close to lick her boob.She lets them have their way few a moment before she wiggles away and to the bathroom. While shes in there her s****r look at me and licks her lips as shes looking at my dick which is now getting hard again.This is a look that i will see many times again.Karen walks back with a warm towel and sees my hard dick with cum ozing out, she bends down and licks the drop with her tongue.She sits next to me,spreads her legs and wipes me clean.We watch her s****r get fucked and Randy starts cumming from down under,Karen tells, swinger man, to start cumming because Randy is cumming and there is nothing better then having two guys cum in you at the same time.It takes him a few minutes to cum,but he pulls it out of her ass and squirts it on her back.He was the last to cum and Karen goes to the bathroom to get a towel,I thought her s****r but she wipes his dick and legs.She walks to me bends over in front of Randy and picks up her clothes.She sits between Randy and I and lifts her leg to put her panty on she holds it there and lets Randy finger her one more time before she gets dressed.We get dressed and head home,as we drive she pulls her dress up and shows me her pussy and said I gave my panties to Randy.We get home and I lift her dress,bend her over,think about the night and what IU saw and just fuck her,shes taking it problably fantasizing about the night too,we did not say a word to each other that fuck session.

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