Thursday, July 4, 2013

ooops ! SeXStoRY

i knew this was going to be a good day, right from the start... PING! morning glory, i start stroking my cock hard and ferociously, slapping my balls. then i hear the voice of a deprived sex deamon... 'rebecca'. so i lept out from my bed and towards the window, and when upon opening it i catch a glimpse of her. her hair blowing in the wind, her lucious feet and black painted toenails and her and her tight ass suffercating in her tight short jeans. as i continue to stare, she see's me and smiles with exitement i smile back whilst stroking my dick with my other hand which she does not see, then she turns away jingling her ass right infront of me almost on purpose. later on that day, after our brief encounter ihear her voice again coming from outside. i rush down stairs outside to find her sat on the wall, as i open the door she looks up and tells me to come over by her. so i walk over and sit on the wall next to her, all i could think about was fucking her. then, i ask her if she wanted to hang out with me, and much to my surprise she accepts my offer and tells me to meet her by the woods at 7:30 SHARP. i wonder back inside, sitting down next to my list of things i'd always dreamed of doing to rebecca. staring back and forwards at the clock waiting for the clock to approach 7:30. the time had come for me to meet her at the woods, so i put my trainers on and head for the woods. as i approach the woods, i catch sight of her blonde hair so i stroll over and say hello... then BAM! she grabs my cock and stars tugging it, so i pull down my trousers. then suddenly she stops in total amazment at my cock, telling me how big it is and how she wants to suck it. so i walk with her farther into the darker parts of the woods whilst holding each ass cheek in each of my hands, the she stops turns around, and takes off her top so i take off her trousers and knickers. i notice the 'hello kitty' badge on them, then throw them on the floor and with a rush of energy she starts sucking my cock collecting slpit all around her mouth whilst rubbing her clit. soon after i feel the urge to cum, then i tell her to stop sucking, and let me lick her tight teenage pussy instead. so we do, i get her nice and wet, then i stick my rock hard cock inside her pussy, whilst licking her feet and toes. then suddenly i pull my dick out from inside her, then cum all over her breasts whilst rubbing my dick on her tits. she then tells me that she has to go because she has school in the morning. told you it was going to be a good day did'nt i.

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