Wednesday, July 3, 2013

park 5 SeXStoRY

minutes passed the pain turned into lust i started slowly turning my hips whilst impalled on him gyrating slowly oh oh oh my god its so nice .... Yeh baby ur so sluty he said that made me push onto him just a little more then some more then even more untill all 12 inch was inside my anal cavity my ass was touching his big balls i was truely impalled with no chance of movement i slowly rocked forward feelin every lumpy vein as i went .... Right up untill i reached the rim of his helmet which stopped me from going any further! I looked over my shoulder smiled and leaned back sharply onto his cock slap my cheeks hit his balls i repeat this over n over slap slap slap his balls go as they slap my tiny ball sack mmmh mmmh mmmh mmmh mmmh you stop me with those big hands on my hips then.... BANG BANG BANG BANG aargh he pile driver me like a hammer drill on repeat .... .... Untill his cock swelled n gallons of cum fillede my ass it felt amazing mmmh shove that big dick deep in me u bastard fuck me fuck me i screamed at him

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