Thursday, July 11, 2013

real holiday fun.. SeXStoRY

the wife Dawn and i went to Turkey for our holiday and we were into the 2nd week,when we seen the new comers arriving,Dawn was laid on the sunbed in her bikini and in the group were a gang of young lads,laughing and messing around when i over heard 1 of them say,have you seen the tits on that big bird!!!.. Dawn is a chubby girl size 20ish 5"2 long black hair and very pretty but was so confident in herself she didn't care what people thought she was proud of her the group was a young black lad 19/20 said to the lads,shut up you idiots be respectful and don't judge but they all laughed and told him to shut the fuck up..later in the day we were sat at the pool side dipping our feet when this young lad came up and said sorry about the lads they are just buzzing cos its our 1st holiday away together,,No worries k**,,i said we were all young once but thanks.. it was time for the night out and we were in the hotel bar having a few before hitting the town,Dawn had put her glad rags on and she looked unreal her big tits sticking out in her tight dress and with her tan she looked stunning..the same group of lads came down and it looked like they had already had a few drinks they were loud and brash,,the same lad who had noticed Dawns tits by the pool noticed again this time he said WOW she looks good all dressed up to the nines,once again the black lad said come on stop been pricks and get out.. he came over and asked where do you go for a good time round here,,i said if you want we will take you's into the town and point you's in the right direction,,cheers mate,,i asked him his name..its Kevin mate,whats your's,,the wife is Dawn and i am Colin.nice to meet you both he said and his mates pipped up alright Colin and Dawn,we walked them into the town and once we got to know them they were a sound bunch of lads all aged 19 to 22,,Kevin asked how old Dawn was,she's 41 myself 42, Kevin said she looks really good for her age but you,,then started laughing,,i replied you cheeky git.. we had arrived in to the town and we split up from here,,see you guys later.Dawn and i went for a meal and had a bottle or 2 then we just walked slowly round the town picking our pubs,,the quite ones..we had a few more and we started our walk back to the hotel bar for a last night cap before bed when we noticed Kevin on his own,hello mate what you doing back..i lost the lads and couldn't be arsed looking for them so came back for a drink in here..we sat with him and as it got later and later i could see Dawn looked tired,,get yourself to bed love i will pop up soon when i'v finished my drink with Kevin,,Dawn got up and gave Kevin a kiss on the cheek you be good and hurry Colin if you want some,,Kevin looked and laughed and said at your age??? Dawn replied at our age i would swallow you up and spit you out for breakfast,,Kevin said i would love to see you try..whilst walking away and waving,,Goodnight all... i said to Kevin she is a****l in the sack mate she would teach a young pup like you a trick or two,,she may look chubby but God can she go..Kevin said i bet she could and them tits are great.WHY we were talking about my wife like this i don't know but it got worse it must have been the drink,i told him we had been together for 20 years and her pussy was still tight and that she was an anal virgin to this day..WOW 20 years same age as me and an anal virgin WHY..cos shes never let me so i stopped asking.. as the drinks went down some more i was now pissed and Kevin was also that way,i said look mate i will have to go or she will kill me Kevin followed me to the lift what floor 6 please..same as me what number 52,mine is looking at his key card 84..we got to my room and i opened it up and Kevin walked in with his finger to his lips shushhhh watch this.. he crept up to the bedroom where Dawn was asl**p i think?? he pulled the cover back and there she was naked,its a good job she was asl**p cos i think she would have kicked off,he just stood and stared he didn't move he stood over her and watched,,i didn't say a thing i just watched him looking and for some reason it didn't bother me that he was looking at my naked wife,he looked at me and smiled then asked what would she do if she woke and seen us here... Dawn was awake i saw her eye open but she never moved so i knew she didn't mind. i said lay next to her pretend your me she won't know and i'll take a picture for a laff and show her in the morning,Dawn was on her back laid flat with everything showing,i went for the camera and whilst i was gone Kevin had got on the bed next to her and was rubbing her pubic hair,Dawn was still awake but asl**p!!! i stood round the corner watching him stroke it with one hand and in the other he had his hand down his shorts playing with his cock,Dawn opened her legs slowly and at this point i walked in,,sorry mate i was just,,,don't worry she's still asl**p,,NOT.. his hand was on her bush and i took a picture,Dawns legs were open and you could see her lips Kevin slid his finger down them and looked at me,go on she won't know she'll think its me,he parted her lips with his finger and you could see how wet it was,Dawn reached over with her hand and placed it on his cock,Kevin's eyes popped and looked at me,,Dawn said do you think i am stupid i knew it was you and if your going to rub my pussy do it properly with a lot more fingers inside me.. i just looked and said go for it mate if she wants it then i'm happy. Kevin opened her legs further and placed 3 fingers inside her he was fumbling and rushing,,take it easy Kevin mate she's here all night..Dawn sat up and said come here,she took his shorts down and his boxers to reveal a cock the size of a baby's arm,fuck me Kevin that's a weapon, Dawn held it in her hand and slowly put it to her mouth at this time my cock was in my hand wanking slowly watching her take his length in and out of her mouth,it was amazing the feeling i was feeling and Dawn just couldn't stop smiling when she didn't have a cock in it.. Kevin looked and asked can i fuck her,,i looked at Dawn and straight away said you'v come this far don't think your going with out finishing me off and giving me the pleasure of that 10" 11" cock..she sat back and opened her thick thighs with her glossy lips soaking come on then let me show you how us old one's do it..he grabbed his cock and slid it between her pussy lips rubbing her clit and then pushing it all the way in Dawn was really feeling it,i could see her face change she was in heaven..he started to push and push i could see his balls banging her arse hole and the noise was unreal coming from her mouth and her pussy,Dawn said let me ride it get down there Kevin,she sat on top and her tits were all over the shop he loved her tits he was grabbing squeezing sitting up and sucking her big nipples,i had to join in i felt left out i stood on the bed whilst Dawn rode his bbc and she sucked me off. let me inside my wife mate its my turn, Kevin got up and i turned Dawn over and did her doggy style whist Kevin sat on the bed and got his cock sucked,i was watching from the side it was a great sight seeing her suck this young lads black cock and knowing that she really wanted it,Kevin said swaps Colin ok mate.we swapped over and he was doing her from behind and i slid under neath her and watched him fuck her it was great i started to lick her out and i could taste him and her at the same time and i was even getting his thick rippled cock against my tongue it felt good..Kevin must have remembered what i said down stairs and he asked Dawn if she would like to try anal,,as long as you lube it up first and go slowly you can try it??? WHAT.. well you never ask so i never gave it,cos you said NO,,that's when we were younger now i feel like it!!! ok. i went and got the baby oil that's all we had,,Kevin rubbed it all over his cock and put it on his finger and slowly poked her arse hole to open the muscles and relax it,he then took his cock and slowly slid the head in,i could see her face it was a picture she was telling him slow slow.. bit by bit he had it in and then slowly started to push he got faster and faster she was howling harder harder,the cum was dripping down her thigh and Kevin said he was going to cum to ,,do it in my arse do it,,BANG he shot his fat deep in her arse and then pulled out,as he pulled out i went in i wasn't going to miss my turn,i slid my 7" cock in to her arse and his cum it felt fucking great,Kevin was getting his cock cleaned whilst i fucked her up the arse and i was about to fill it even more,BANG i was coming for England it never stopped.the 3 of us fell on the bed and we laid there looking at each other thinking what have we just done??? alcohol has a lot of explaining to do..that was the first night of his holiday he must have thought he was in heaven,,the next night he knocked on the door a 2'0clock in the morning wanting more..will tell soon about the next night..

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