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Richard's Little Problem SeXStoRY

“Did you finish the agency report Jack? I want a simple yes-or-no answer.” asked the old man angrily, looking at the handsome young intern through his bifocals. “No sir, but –” stuttered Jack knowing that he had really screwed up this time, and the boss was not going to let him off lightly. “So you sat at your desk doing nothing all week knowing fully well that I needed that agency report this morning. I am at a loss of words at your lackadaisical attitude Jack!” the old man was shaking with anger, his joules quivered with distaste, and beads of sweat started forming on his forehead. The scene made a striking contrast, on one end of the desk stood Richard, sixty-five years old balancing his morbidly obese mid-section on his short flabby legs, while on the other sat Jack, with all the vigor of a twenty year old. Even though Jack was seated, his head appeared to be on the same level as that of Richard. Suddenly, Richard turned for his chair and sank down gratefully in it, he was feeling a tingle in his groin that could only mean bad news – very bad news indeed. Throughout his younger years Richard had been a hard-working entrepreneur who had built a giant corporate empire. His hard work had earned him financial success that qualified him to hang out among the richest crowds in California. However, the years had taken their toll on the poor bastard, and to put it mildly – he had not aged gracefully. Any physical exertion sapped him of his strength, and any agitation now started the tingle … that fucking tingle, oh how he hated himself at that moment. “But Midge – I mean Sir –,” the moment Jack uttered those words, he knew that this was going to be bad. The only thing that old man hated more than excuses for unfinished work was to be called a Midget. That was the name that the employees used for the old bastard out of his earshot. Even though, Richard was not medically a midget, his unusually stunted frame coupled with his abnormally large bubble shaped torso did justify the name to some extent. “What did you call me – you little brat?” Richard was shaking with anger, and the tingle in his groin accelerated into a throbbing that was not entirely unpleasant, but nonetheless uncomfortable. “Lin – uh I mean, Madam wanted me to work on your pool the whole week, you know I was busy,” said Jack trying to stay off the other subject. The fact that the boss' young, and incredibly hot wife Linda wanted him to come over the mansion to clean the pool throughout the prior week was not an acceptable excuse for not working on the report. The truth be told, there was not much pool-work involved, and Jack had spent most of the time with Linda in her bed fucking her with his enthusiastic magnum sized penis, while Richard was out on his corporate rounds. Jack counted himself among the luckiest men on earth to have Linda have the hots for him. She had been quite the seducer recalled Jack – her lithe body, her lilting voice, her exquisite fragrance, and her pent-up sexual ferocity had been incredible. They had been like young lovers, although she was ten years older than him. Once the fucking started, they were inseparable until the old bastard had returned on Sunday evening. “I don't give a rat's ass what Linda wanted you to do numb-nuts. She does not pay you, I do! In any case, I don't want to deal with your worthless ass anymore, you are fired!” the Richard said wiping the sweat off his pink bald head. He was having a hard time controlling his breath which started coming out in wheezy gasps, and the throbbing in his groin was making his penis too sensitive for comfort. Richard knew the signal, and he needed to get this idiot out of the office now … “I am sorry Sir, please please don't do this. I will work on this report day and night until it gets completed,” pleaded Jack, he really needed this job for cash and for being close to Linda, “In fact, if you like you can even deduct my pay for last week since my work was not up to expectat –” “Fired, out of the office. Now!” screamed Richard, his voice failing him at just the wrong time so the last part of the sentence came out as a shrill squeak instead of an order. It was going to happen anytime now. Richard clenched the arms of his chair with white knuckles holding back the urge … desperately counting the seconds, “One-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand –” “This is not fair, Madam will hear about this, I promise.” said Jack stomping out of Richard's office. That did it … Richard instantly lost control of his bladder, and his penis exploded producing a stream of hot yellow fluid. It was as if the gates of a dam had been opened and the feeling of being able to release the pressure was exquisite. The old bastard sat in his beautiful office languishing in relief as his urine first soaked his pants before running down his executive leather chair and dripping on the carpeted floor. It was a while since Richard had such an episode. Usually he made a deliberate effort to keep his temper under control, but it was assholes like Jack that caused him to have flare-ups, and such flare-ups led to the tingle, which inevitably ended in him losing control of his bladder. Apart from him only his nymph of a wife Linda knew about this condition – but she had promised to keep it their little secret. Now, Richard would have to remain seated in his office until his trousers would dry out, or the office emptied whichever occurred first. He had been lucky this time, a couple of seconds late and the fucking intern would have seen him piss himself. Although, inconvenient, such instances actually took Richard away from his busy work schedule. As he could not move freely for fear of being discovered in this state, he would sit in his piss, and reminisce about his life. Also, Richard's incontinence had a silver lining; usually after such an episode, his penis (that Richard lovingly called Mr. Happy) would be in an uncontrollably aroused state until release. Richard called in his secretary - Amy, a terse no-nonsense bitchy brunette, into his office, and ordered her to screen his calls and not disturb him for the rest of the day. Amy noticed the lecherous look in the Midget's eyes clearly advertising his state of arousal. Richard on his part, could not help staring at Amy's perfect breasts as she nodded to his instructions with an enigmatic smile on her icy face. Amy knew very well that her twin-assets were the reason the Midget kept her around and once a while when he was in this state, she would allow his pig like eyes to drink her vision in – a small price to pay for her six-figure salary. She enjoyed the power her breasts exerted on a rich and powerful man such as Richard, especially when he was thinking with his other head. The old bastard looked longingly at her like the boy in the bicycle store knowing that he would never get a chance to ride her much as he desired. Amy knew that his raging erection would explode in his pants if she made any lascivious motion – . As she shut the door of his office her perky little nose twitched at the sour odor of his urine, but she knew better than asking the Midget any inquisitive questions. After Amy had departed Richard's mind started drifting back to his past. Back before Amy … back even before Linda … back to Julie – his ex-wife. The fucking self-serving bitch who had dumped him for a younger co-worker. Richard had been only thirty when he mad married Julie; after dating her briefly. Julie had been eighteen at the time, and was the high cheek boned, proud trailer-trash kitten that was everybody's wet dream. Richard had wooed her with expensive little presents, and it was no secret to him that she was using her snatch as a trump-card to get out of her trailer park and move into the suburbs with this industrialist. Richard had been in masturbation nirvana ever since she had seduced him and touched Mr. Happy only to withdraw and say that she was a virgin. Little did Richard know that he was making the first big mistake of his life by marrying this vixen. Theirs would be the marriage from hell. Even Mr. Happy shuddered as Richard reminisced about the cold-hearted Nordic goddess who had broken his heart and shoved it up his ass. ***** Richard and Julie's sex life was literally non-existent right from the beginning; the first few times that they had tried intercourse, Mr. Happy, had stubbornly refused to rise to the occasion. On the rare instance that Mr. Happy could be coaxed to grow to his magnificent height of three inches, he could never hold his load until penetrating Julie's manicured womanhood. Therefore, Richard never deflowered her to test the truth about her virginity. After the first few attempts, their lovemaking had degenerated into mutual masturbation where Richard would lick and worship Julie's beautiful young pussy to orgasm and, Julie would then return the favor by holding Mr. Happy between her thumb and forefinger and stroking him gently until he would yield his load in his own hand. Even in this manner, Richard could never last more than four or five strokes between Julies delicate fingertips. Julie had tried numbing creams, desensitizing condoms, and latex gloves to make the pleasure last for her pathetic husband. However, the couple soon realized that even if Julie used the lightest of her touches, Richard could not last past the five stroke limit. As as experiment, Julie had tried to stimulate Mr. Happy to orgasm by merely blowing air along his length. Even Richard had confidently stated that this method would never excite him to orgasm … So as Richard lay completely naked, facing upwards, spread eagle on the bed, Julie assumed the sixty-nine position on top of him and had started blowing lightly along his miniature shaft. As the air from her mouth touched Mr. Happy, the little sprout had literally jumped with excitement and started quivering. Richard had reached up and buried his mouth in Julies panties as if trying to slurp every drop of her delicious juice through the fabric. As she ground her immaculate young pussy on his ugly face, she blew lightly along Mr. Happy again. Richard did not move his body, but continued his oral stimulation of Julie's pussy her musky scent filling his nostrils. As Julie got ready for her third assault, Mr. Happy started to jerk as if trying to say something desperately. She could help but giggle at Mr. Happy's predicament and blew along his length from a new angle. Richard's face was smothered under Julie's pussy, but he was desperately trying to say something. All that came out was a series of muffled croaks as Mr. Happy continued his lewd twitching and lurched in every direction. Julie coiled her perfect calves around Richard's ears and locked her ankles behind his neck. As she tightened her clasp burying his nose and tongue even deeper into her pussy through her panties, she blew yet again a little f***efully. Richard started to scream, and all that came out was a humming. Julie was beginning to enjoy herself, and wanted Richard to continue pleasuring her in that position. His screaming was producing a deep vibration that began coiling and uncoiling a muscle deep within her sex – she felt the wetness build inside her – oh she would probably cum in the next few minutes if the bastard could just keep humming into her snatch! Then it happened, without any warning Mr. Happy exploded sending a jet of cum about a foot up in the air. In the same instant Richard's pathetic body went limp and the humming stopped … it had been too soon and she was left unsatisfied, the bastard had passed out with his face buried in her soaked panties. Despite her disappointment, Julie had held her head in her hand and laughed at the sight, she had made him cum within seconds without even touching Mr. Happy – what a loser! Julie had eventually disallowed Jack even the satisfaction of her touch, when she started humiliating Mr. Happy by measuring, and timing him from the point he had been fully aroused until he had blown his load. She had poor Richard begging her to stop her counting the seconds … “one, two, three, four …” while gently stroking Mr. Happy. Usually the feel of her thumb and forefinger on Mr. Happy, along with her bitchy, humiliating voice was sufficient to make him cum almost instantaneously. Once and only once, had he managed to reach till the count of eight when the bitch had gone “eight and one-quarters, eight and one-half, eight and –” while increasing the frequency of stroking Mr. Happy and immediately pushing him over the edge and Richard had cum violently screaming “Aaahhh n-o f-a-i-r,” amidst peals of her laughter. The last time, that Julie ever pleasured Richard was when he had ejaculated three days in a row when the count was below three. On the third day, Julie had allowed him to attain that point of no return, but as Richard started to spew the first stream of his ejaculate, she released Mr. Happy and said, “from now on, if you can't make it to ten, then I will ruin your orgasm so that you will be drained without satisfaction.” poor Richard had been devastated. Professionally Julie had been the corporate bitch-on-wheels who had started from the shop floor and risen to being a director at her organization. Accompanying her meteoric rise was an equally abyssal distaste for Richard, and poor Mr. Happy. Once Richard had proven unworthy of her attentions, she had immediately sought for satisfaction elsewhere. There had been several flings with co-workers and superiors and sometimes with complete strangers. Julie's trysts had become bolder by the day, and it was not uncommon for her to go to the local bar and pick up the hottest looking hunk, head over to a motel and fuck his brains out. At the home-front, Richard and Julie's mutual masturbation sessions had metamorphosed into Richard orally pleasuring Julie for hours after she had returned from her date with another man. While he cleaned up Julie's beautiful pussy, sucking another man's cum out hungrily, Julie would wrap her beautiful legs around his bald head and shudder with pleasure. During these sessions, Julie made it a point tell Richard all that had transpired during her night out in her most bitchy and sultry voice. Often she would remind him of his inadequacy as a husband and why he could never satisfy her. Richard, would endure hour after hour of humiliation and Mr. Happy would stiffen into a state of intense arousal. After Julie was properly satisfied, she would slip into blissful sl**p while Richard would lie beside her in the bed stewing in jealousy thinking about some young handsome blue-collar stud with his giant manhood buried deep in the warm recesses of her pussy. His hand would start reaching for Mr. Happy – Richard woke up from his daydream in a shock the vision of Julie and her lover clear in his mind. His attention immediately migrated to Mr. Happy, who was standing up proud through Richard's unzipped slacks leaking pre-cum. He did not recall when he had allowed Mr. Happy to come out to play. Thinking about Julie always did this to Richard, Mr. Happy would be on the brink of cumming violently, but never actually ejaculate. Perhaps it was Julie's way of having the last laugh on him … where he would be teased to the limit, but never allowed the pleasure of orgasm – a reflection of their marriage. The smell of the urine was rank, but Richard's pants were beginning to dry out. He checked his watch and saw that it was past office hours. The place must be empty by now, but he did not want to take any chances what-so-ever. This fucking problem was an embarrassment, and Richard had never suffered from this until well until cold-hearted bitch number two had made an entrance – Linda! ***** Several years after Julie, when Richard had given up any hopes of ever bedding a woman, entered Linda, the vivacious twenty-five year old secretary who was an absolute heartthrob. She was everything Richard was not – a classy blond goddess in human form. Although he had heard others in the office refer to her as a ball-busting bitch; she had always been gentle, kind, and considerate to him and made sure that her hard work and diligence stood out. Linda was the first woman after a very long time that actually seemed to respect Richard. Although the old bastard had heard several others call him Midget behind his back, Linda never used that word. Before long, Richard started waking up and realizing that Mr. Happy had made a mess dreaming about Linda – a tribute he had never attributed to Julie. Every inch of Linda's personality exuded sensuality. Within a very few days Richard was transformed from her boss into her little puppy dog, one that would play fetch with her for hours just for one sniff at her crotch. Her young beautiful body made his legs wobbly; her lilting, teasing, deep sexy voice made his heart beat faster; her swaying gait made him want to undress her right that minute; her exquisite fragrance made butterflies flutter in his stomach; and on the rarest of occasions when Linda would brush gently against poor Richard, Mr. Happy almost blew his load in his pants. Linda and Richard started dating withing a few weeks after she had joined the organization, and within a couple of months the love-birds had tied the knot. Linda had never pushed Richard about sex, letting him know that she preferred to wait until after the wedding. Richard was relieved that Linda would not discover Mr. Happy before the wedding. However, Mr. Happy had been in a state of constantly arousal, and had to be nightly drained. Even then, Mr. Happy would often spring to life in the middle of the day on the sight of Linda, and remain in that turgid condition until the old bastard would stroke him between his thumb and forefinger. The wedding was a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii with only near friends and relatives. After the guests had retired to their rooms, and Richard was finally alone with Linda in their magnificent wedding suite. He was so excited that he could hardly take his hands and eyes off Linda. Linda, was her kind and considerate self, she first changed and slipped into her lacy-satin sl**ping robe and then slowly undressed Richard, taking lots of time with Mr. Happy. But as the Gods would have it, Mr. Happy was asl**p, and did not wish to wake up despite Linda's gentle ministrations. It was as if he was scared that she would dislike him if he came out of the safety of Richard's pelvis. Richard had been aware of this possibility, and had self medicated himself with some penis popping pills. Nonetheless, the old bastard was utterly unable to achieve an erection, even a partial one. Mr. Happy had receded so deep into Richard's pelvis that Linda had to literally squeeze him out just to look at him. Like a dutiful wife she gave it her best, touching, sucking, teasing, and encouraging Mr. Happy to no end. After half-an-hour of effort, she smiled sweetly at Richard who was sweating profusely, and making stupid excuses. She had said in her deep sexy voice, “Don't worry darling, Mr. Happy will be up tomorrow.” With that she had rolled over and gone to sl**p. Richard who was frustrated beyond belief, had woken Linda after the next couple of hours by going down on her beautiful cleanly shaved pussy. As her musky fragrance filled his nostrils, the thought of eating Julie's snatch came rushing back to him. Linda had reacted violently, she seemed to have the sexual energy of a tigress in heat. Her orgasms were non-ending, each shuddering one blending into the next until Richard had lost count of how many times she had cum in his face. After about an hour of pleasuring Linda, with his face coated with her juices, he attempted again to achieve to rouse Mr. Happy. Linda encouraged the poor bastard by trying more unconventional methods. She gentle sucked his nipples, ran her fingertips along his scrotum, and even flicked Mr. Happy with her middle finger hoping that might wake him up. However, attempt after attempt failed again and all Richard could achieve was a sweaty mess, and a limp appendage between his fat legs. After her last attempt, she finally said in a firm tone he had never heard before, “Richard I am going to stop, NOW. You have had your chance and we both know that little thing between your legs is not working tonight, now I need some sl**p.” Richard was furious, this used to be his secretary, she was not supposed to speak to him this way. Something deep within him was hurt, “Linda … you fucking bitch!” he blurted. “What did you call me?” asked Linda in a voice that he did not recognize. It was not the sweet innocent girl voice that she had always used with him, but one that was menacing and dark. “Uh, no … nothing honey – I just wanted to cum.” blurted Richard. “OK Midget, I will make you cum so hard that you will scream like a school-girl losing her virginity. Disrobe yourself completely, and stand next to the bed - NOW.” said Linda in that same domineering voice. That one word was like a stab of pain in the old bastard's heart. She had called him Midget – the fucking-bitch had known his nickname all along but had waited until she was married to him before using it to berate him. He was livid, and his fat joules started to quiver, but all that would come out of his mouth was, “No, I won't, don't order me around Linda … or else – ” “Or else what, you will show me who is the boss in this relationship? That would be a start Richard, once you prove that that little wee-wee can even get stiff for your young wife. Yes honey, we can't even call it a cock can we, it is way-too-small for that – it is more like a midget's wee-wee.” Linda had a teasing lilt to her voice. Then Richard did something that he had not done since he had been with Julie: take a direct order from a woman. There was Linda, thirty-five years younger that him and all he could do was obey her like a puppy. Once he removed his sweat soaked robe and got out of their bed, a inexplicable feeling of vulnerability hit him. Linda was lying on the bed fully covered in lacy-satin, and he stood in front of her stark naked. Then he followed Linda's stare towards Mr. Happy. Before Richard could react, Linda grabbed his balls and yanked him towards herself with such f***e that Richard lost his balance and awkwardly fell on the bed naked beside his beautiful clothed wife. Richard squealed like a pig in pain, but ignoring his pleas Linda deftly pivoted her weight, swung one leg over him and assumed a mounted position on his chest. Then the slapping began, Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “I am going to slap you until you get an erection loser,” said Linda. Richard struggled and tried to block the slaps, but Linda pinned his arms under her knees. Even though he over-weighed her by nearly two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, she was stronger than him and continued to backhand him repeatedly till Richard stopped struggling and started sobbing pathetically. His face covered with sweat, snot, and drool and then it happened, he started to feel that tingle for the first time in his groin. Richard thought that it was Mr. Happy rising up to the occasion, and that made him angrier. He did not want his body to betray him at this point when this new bride was astride him and slapping him silly. He wanted to show her that he hated her and was angry with her. Somehow, as the old fool got angrier, the tingle increased in intensity. Meanwhile, Linda continued to slap him and ride his chest as if he were a horse … Thwack! “Please Linda … I can't take it anymore.” Thwack! “Mercy ...” Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “Linda … I think I am going to ...” Thwack! Oh God Linda … I am going to ...” Thwack! “What are you going to do Midget?” asked Linda. Thwack! “I think I am going to cum ...” gasped Richard. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “Oh Linda … please stop I – I.” Thwack! She was laughing at him now and said, “So this is what gets you off, you tub of lard? I should have known the first time I laid my eyes on you … the big Mr. Executive ordering everyone around, but sporting a midget's wee-wee between his legs.” That did it – Richards temper flared and the tingle grew into an intolerably sensitive throb. It came in waves, not unlike an orgasm but different. Mr. Happy exploded in a stream of piss that formed a golden arc of fluid in the air and landed on the bed. Richard screamed, it was a high pitched scream of a person who has lost control of his faculties. At that moment reality and fantasy became one and the same for the poor old bastard. He through that this was his orgasm … and jerked furiously against Linda's weight desperately trying to find some resistance against Mr. Happy knowing fully well that the bitch would not allow him the satisfaction. After the initial bliss, and that incredible feeling of relief of letting go had washed out, Richard realized to his horror what had happened. Mr. Happy had used the wrong fluid, and instead of the post orgasm bliss, all he felt was a steady flow of urine from Mr. Happy. He had pissed himself in front of his new bride. Richard wanted to crawl under a rock and die. Linda stared at him incredulously and said, “Oh my my my, what do we have here Richard dearest, a little problem with bladder control?” Richard had tried to cover his shame with his hands, but Linda firmly held them under her knees as she watched the stream reduce to spurts and finally drool out of his small, limp member. Something about this scene had turned Linda on, maybe it was the old bastard's abject humiliation, or maybe it was that her clitoris was rubbing against his chest as she rode him. Linda continued her bouncing motion atop the old bastard. Her clitoris started sending familiar messages to her breasts, and her nipples started hardening. The old man was in a pool of sweat, he was clenching his teeth with a look like he was going on the roller coaster ride of his life. Linda continued to ride him … a huge orgasm was building within her … she could feel it. Then the fluids rushed up inside her like a volcano erupting, and she arched her magnificent back and came there on top of his chest with such vigor that it was a miracle that the old bastard did not have a heart-attack. Then something incredible happened, as Linda's long blond hair brushed against Richard's groin; Mr. Happy began to stiffen. The thought of Linda discovering such an embarrassing secret, and witnessing his vulnerability and helplessness, had somehow shocked Mr. Happy into a hyper-sensitive erection. Linda noticed this, and started laughing hysterically at his predicament, and the more she laughed, the more Mr. Happy grew. Linda then reached behind her and touched Mr. Happy with her thumb and forefinger. At the same time she maintained eye contact with him as she started to stroke him gently. Her touch was electrifying, it brought back memories of Julie which somehow added to the excitement. Richard started making a strange donkey like braying noise and twitching uncontrollably. “OK Midget, let's see if you pencil has enough lead to last ten seconds between my fingers,” said Linda. “Oh God … please don't count, I beg you!” She started counting, “One ...” “Aaaeee!” brayed Richard his eyes closing as he felt his scrotum slowly tighten around his testicles. “Two … open your eyes.” “Aaaeee!” brayed Richard again as his eyes opened and saw his goddess in full view. “Three … look into my eyes.” “Aaaeee!” The old man looked into those incredibly deep blue eyes of hers that were so beautiful, yet so cold in the same instant. “Four …” She slowly licked her upper lip with her tongue. “Aaaeee!” Richard was losing control. “Five ...” She gently touched his left nipple with her fingertips. “Aaaeee!” Mr. Happy was now throbbing, Richards eyes closed involuntarily. “Six …” Thwack! She slapped him instantly waking him up. “Unnnaa!” Richard moaned like a trapped a****l as he was once again f***ed to look into Linda's uncompromising stare. His inability to move much of his body except for his head was very exciting. He had never been so incredibly excited as well as helpless at the same instant. “Seven ...” She slid a index finger from her free hand into his mouth and moved it in unison with her stroking. Richard was instantly transported into a state of oblivion. “Unnnaa!” He started sucking furiously at her finger imagining it to be her nipple. He knew that he should not have done that, he was so fucking close to his personal best of Eight. Meanwhile, his whole body was reacting to her touch. His legs were quivering feverishly, his torso twitched and jerked spasmodically, and all he could he could smell, see, hear, taste, and feel was Linda. Mr. Happy, whose throbbing had now transformed into a full-fledged effort to thrust trying to find more of Linda's fingers. But the thumb and forefinger were all the bitch was going to grant him. “Eight ...” the bitch removed her finger from his wet mouth with a plop and Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! She back handed his face repeatedly. “Unnnaa!” The pain was exquisite, the pleasure incredible and the old bastard felt the mounting pressure of an inevitable orgasm. He was trying his best to hold it back with every muscle in his body knowing that resistance was futile. He wanted to make it to Ten so bad ... “Nine ...” Linda inserted her wet finger into his ear. The sudden injection of Linda's wet finger into his ear had brought back in one single moment all the abject humiliation he had suffered through his boyhood days; all his inadequacies as a husband to Julie; and all his shortcomings of his pathetic body that were now known to Linda flashed in his mind as Linda held Mr. Happy between her thumb and forefinger, while a third was inserted in his ear. “Aaaeee! Aaaeee! Aaaeee!” brayed Richard as he jerked like a helpless fish on the line. Linda had deprived him of the ability to move his head and avoid her steel blue stare. He belonged to her in that moment, a point of transition occurred in their relationship that could never be undone. Stream after stream of cum spouted out of little Mr. Happy onto Richard's super-sized belly. Then all went dark …. as Richard passed out of consciousness! Richard jolted back to reality in his office just in time to witness Mr. Happy spewing the last of his cum onto his desk. The old bastard had never felt better! *****

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