Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sex In The Woods... SeXStoRY

Bruce was with Charlie as we encountered each other, smiling greedily they invited me to go along with them as they cased a joint. It soon became obvious to me that they were not casing anything but my butt. We had entered into a thicket of bushes and trees that stretched down to a small stream. Charlie made the first move, coming up behind me and slipping his hand into my shorts squeezing my buttocks. Bruce turned around, as he heard me gasp, and smiled as Charlie worked my shorts down. I reached for my waist band, Bruce knocked my hands away and said 'bitch you know what we want and we know what you are gonna get'. Charlie continued to work my shorts down and lift one feet at a time to remove them and my underwear. I stood there cupping my penis and testicles as Bruce and Charlie removed their pants. Both their cocks were standing rigid and ready to engaged my body, Bruce ask me 'come suck my dick, bitch'. I slowly moved to him kneeling before him, I reached out and took his rock hard cock into my hands and started to milk his rigid fuck tool. Just as I kissed his cock head Charlie came along side us and said 'do mine too'. Gripping both their cocks I began to suck and kiss each cock head till they both were throbbing and twitching. Charlie said to me ' stand up and get over by that tree'. I gripped the tree and bent slightly at the waist poking my butt out, Charlie spit on to his cock head and worked it into my buttocks. I moaned as I felt the rubbery hard cock head probe my waiting anal opening and begin to work it way up into my butt. Soon as I head slipped past my anal sphincter muscle ring I moaned a more audible sound and bent a little deeper at the waist. Charlie took hold of both my hips and begin to work his very rigid cock deeper into my anus. It felt so wonderful to feel Charlie's huge cock head slid deeper and deeper into my anal cavity and back again. Bruce came up and took away one of my hands from the tree and placed his self between me and the tree. My face was at the right height to suck on his rigidly throbbing cock. Bruce had my head in his hands steadying me and working my face into a fucking rhythm. Every now and than Charlie would lounge deep enough to cause me to go farther down on Bruce's cock than I wanted and I would gag. This seemed to excite Bruce even more, though he would not let me stay there long enough to strangle my self. Charlie was ramming into me so savagely that I could barely keep my balance. If Bruce had not been fucking my throat I would have fell over many times. Soon Charlie loosed his copious amounts of jizz into my butt, he grind two or three time to empty his cock and than pulled out. Bruce pushed me away from his cock and taken my hand he led me over to a stump. Mounting the stump Bruce lifted one of my legs and turned my back to him, Charlie's jizz oozed from my clinching anus opening. Bruce rubbed his penile glans around the spunk and than poised it at my butt hole. Bruce whispered 'guide my dick into your ass', I steadied his rigid shaft and tipped toed up till my anus was right above his rubbery hard cock head. Slowly lowering my butt down I let his cock enter my anal canal. Bruce wasted no time in lifting my buttocks up and down on his impaling shaft, it felt so good and I was so enjoying my fuck. I felt Bruce cock throb and twitch and expel a flood of his baby making fluids into my anal cavity. I tried to reach back and embrace Bruce's head, he pulled away from my show of affection. Bruce lifted me from his crotch and ordered me to 'turn around and suck my dick some more'. I turned around and bent over his limp cock and sucked greedily at it. Charlie once again came up behind me and entered my anus again, I was so tender I was now sobbing from the pain of being fucked a third time, but happy to be used in the woods like a bitch in heat.

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