Monday, July 15, 2013

Sister in Law calls at inconvenient time. Part Thr SeXStoRY

I was up early the next morning. Still on my mattress, I looked over at Melody. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at me with this look on her face. I couldn't tell if it was the look of trouble or one of curiosity. She stared at me. Then she started to speak. "Where were you last night? I woke up at three and you weren't on your mattress. I was awake when you came up the stairs at exactly 3:34. What is going on?" Seconds passed which seemed like minutes. I was trying to think of what to say to her. "Here's what I think happened Peter. Your thing for Kathi...." Her voice trailed off. "I've seen how you have been looking at her. She probably has a thing for you too from what she said while we were drinking wine." Melody told me of Kathi complaining because her husband Ted was never home, and how lucky I was to have a man like you around. "When we had more than a little wine she asked how you were in bed. I thought it an odd question but then she and I always talked about the boys we dated back when we were still in high school." I asked, "So what did you say to her Melody?" I didn't want this conversation, but I was aroused by the knowledge the s****rs had been talking about me. I realized that maybe I wasn't in trouble when Melody grinned and said, "I told her you were a GREAT lover." Melody went on, "We drank some more wine then Kathi said, "If Ted and I ever split up I want a man exactly like Peter." Melody told me Kathi hadn't been fucked in three and a half months because Ted was always gone. "Then Kathi started asking questions about that phone call. You know the one I'm talking about. She asked me if you always answered the phone when we were fucking." Smiling, I asked, "So what did you tell her?" Melody grinned and went on,"I told s*s that you have never done that before. Then I told her it was really hot having you fuck me while you talked to my s****r. She wanted to know if you had cum while you were still talking to her. I just grinned and nodded 'yes' to her." I smiled broadly at that. Melody and I always sl**p nude. My cock was like a board standing straight up. Melody noticed and crawled from her mattress to mine. She kissed the head of my cock and crawled up on top of me. Her slippery puss slipped down onto my prick. She oozed down on my shaft, her hands on my chest. "So I told Kathi you thought maybe she had figured out what was going on and dragged the conversation out long enough to masturbate while she listened." Melody lifted herself up my shaft then fell hard down onto me. She whispered, "Peter, if you ever want to fuck my s****r I will understand. Kathi needs to have some fun. There is just one thing." I raised my eyebrows and looked up at her. "What Melody?" "Did you fuck her last night Peter?" I put my hands on Melody's beautiful tits and said, "Yes." Melody smiled like the sun coming up. "Tell me all about it Baby." I went into full detail. Melody rode my cock and asked questions to fill in the blanks. "So is she as good a fuck as I am?" I shook my head yes but clarified a bit, "I think she was starved for it Baby. She needed my cock so much she was totally off the wall." Melody was grinning and grinding her hips on my cock, her eyes sparkling. "Did you talk about the phone call with her...while you were fucking?" I shook my head "no". She asked if I was planning to go down to her s****r again in the early morning. Holding Melody's hips and shoving up hard into her I said, "Yes." Melody growled and purred then as she rode up and down on me faster. "Do you you think maybe there might be a way I could watch?" I thought about that for several minutes. I was interrupted by Melody's orgasm, which brought mine right after. When she fell over forward onto me, cock still in cunt, I whispered, "Why don't you talk to her today Baby. Tell her that we talk about everything and tell her how open we are. If it needs to happen when you've had plenty of wine that would be fine." We left it that way. Melody fell asl**p on top of me and I thought about what a lucky man I was. Dinner that evening was another fine meal. While we ate the meat loaf Kathi's foot was massaging my cock under the table. I winked at Melody. She took a sip of wine and said, "So s*s. Let's the three of us have a little talk." Kathi looked at her curiously while her foot traced the shape of my cock as much as it could. "Peter and I talked about you this morning. What I mean is we talked about you and him and what happened last night." Kathi jerked in her seat and started to cry. "I'm so sorry Mel, but I NEEDED it. Please don't hate me!" She had lowered her foot to the floor. Melody leaned over her s*s and whispered, "We talked about it because I figured out why he was gone from his bed for so long. It's okay...It's OKAY!! I understand your needs. I am a fortunate woman and don't have to wish for it." Both women were crying now and hugging. Tears darkened the shoulder areas of the blouses the s****rs were wearing. Melody signaled for me to leave. I went back upstairs and waited. About half an hour later I heard voices and footsteps coming up the stairs. When the s****rs walked into the room I wasn't surprised at all that they were both naked. They were holding hands looking at me with smiles that told me all was well in the world. They sat down on the mattress next to me and Kathi asked, "Peter, do you want to smoke a little pot too? Melody and I are totally baked." The s****rs laughed. Melody held out her hand and opened it. There was a huge doobie and a lighter. "Give her a nose Peter. You know what that always does to me Baby!" I lit the joint, placed the lit end in my mouth, pulled Kathi's face over to me and blew smoke into her nostrils. Kathi's eyes were closed as she inhaled. When I thought she had enough I took a big hit and then another. I passed it to Melody. The s****rs sat on the 'bed/mattress on the floor' and watched me as I stood up. I pulled my shirt over my head, took the offered joint and had another draw. My shoes and socks were already off, so I unbuckled my belt as the girls watched and smiled up at me. When I took off my underwear I twirled it around like a stripper might do and threw it in the corner. Melody took a hit on the joint then leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth. She gave me two very deep strokes of my cock with her mouth while Kathi smoked and watched. Melody backed off of my cock, and exhaled as she did so. The clouds of smoke surrounded my Joint as she leaned back and smiled. Kathi leaned forward then and sucked my prick. By this time we were totally baked and even more totally horny. Melody said, "s*s wants it doggie style first Peter. I told her how much I love it when you fuck me that way." Melody moved her mattress closer to mine and sat there as Kathi got onto all fours. Melody had an excellent view as I slowly slid myself into her s****r. When I was all the way inside Melody put her hand down where her s****r and I were joined. Keeping it there she purred to her s****r, "Isn't that cock just the best honey? Is it against your cervix?" Kathi could only nod her head as she pushed back on my cock each time I thrust into her. Melody pressed her s****r's clit against my slippery shaft. "Hey s*s, remember those times we used to uh..." That got a rise out of her s****r and she said, "Fuck yes Mel. Do it!!" I was unaware of what they were talking about but has happily surprised when it happened. Melody kissed her s****r's lips tenderly, her hands on Kathi's tits. I watched my wife move onto her back and start sliding her body under her s****r's body. Finally I felt Melody's hot breath right below where my cock slid into Kathi. Melody licked the seam where her s****r and I were joined. Kathi was going crazy then. I did the old slap slap into Kathi. My prick was harder than I ever remembered it being. Then Kathi lowered her head down to the split between Melody's legs. The fucking made sloppy juicy sounds and so the oral sex Kathi was performing on her s****r. I worked hard to make this fuck last...but when Melody slipped her thumb into my ass I was done for. She massaged my prostate and I blasted jets of semen into her s****r. When I pulled out of Kathi, Melody put her hand over her s****r's full cunt. With her other hand Melody cleaned my cock very thoroughly. I sat down on the floor then and watched the s****rs having sex. When Melody moved her hand from her s****r's cunt and replaced it with her open mouth my cock was hard again. I moved to Kathi's face and said, "Hold her lips apart for me Kathi." She gasped and used her thumbs to pull her s****r's pussy wide open. I fucked Melody hard and fast wanting to get off in her as soon as possible. Melody moaned when she felt my cum spurting inside of her. When I pulled away Kathi immediately put her mouth on her s****r's crack and started sucking the lips, clit and cum. The s****rly 69 continued for quite some time. When they both finally came for the last time, the s****rs flopped over on their back and lay there with reddened cheeks covered with mouths coated with cunt juice and my cum. I sat and watched them sl**p for a while, then lay down and fell asl**p next to the s****rs.

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