Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SSBBW sharing part 2 SeXStoRY

Hi all I got a few good reviews of my first story so I thought I would give it another shot. My first story was ture and so is this one. If you read my first story you will remember Chuck.I was called out of town to go do a job late one night Chuck was over watch a movie (as he always was as he almost lived at the house.) Sara was cleaning up after dinner I had to get dressed up in my carharts as I work for a telecom company and it was cold as all hell outside. Sara came into the bed room and mentioned she was a little uncomfotable being left alone with Chuck after the boat ride ( he had made several dirty comments to her after that day all of which I loved to hear about. I told her dont worry yes he is rude but he wouldnt hurt you. I mentioned to Chuck to behave himself as I was gone. I left for a long night of over time not thinking much about them being home alone together as I had to work so hard for her to do anything with him the last time. I got home early the next morning and climbed into bed. Sara woke up to my suprise in the nude and sat up. She said "We need to talk "I thought to my self "Shit what did I do now!" SHe began to tell me the story about how she was in the shower when Chuck knocked on the door and opened it and said he was going to bed and needed to use the rest room and began to releave himself she went on to tell me he asked if she wanted him to wash her back she said no and almost couldnt say that as she was so nervous. He said are you sure I would love to help when she opened up the curtain she said he was in his underware and had a ragin hardon. She paused the story scared I would be mad at her. Little did she know I was so hard I was about to nut in my work pants just hearing the story. I told her it was ok and I would not be mad just go on with what she was saying. She went on to tell me that she couldnt say anything as his cock was so big. He walked over to the closet and got out a wash cloth and told her he would do a good job.he opened the curtain and she said she tried to cover herself (as you can see in her pics that she is too fat to cover herself without 2 towels) she said "I turned aroung and he began washing my back then he slowly washed lower and lower till he was washing my ass i peaked over my sholder to see he had his cock out and was jacking it with the other hand. I looked away as he said how about me getting in.Before I could say anything he had the curtain closed and was reaching around me washing my tits. his cock was rubbing my ass crack. he truned me around kissed me and asked if i would wash him. so I did his cock poking my belly as he rubbed me. I shut the water off and we got out he was drying himself off and asked if I wanted to fuck I said no not with out you being here for your ok. He said he understood and took my hand and sat me down on the toilet and stuck his cock in my face and said we have done this before he wont mind."(and I didnt) I asked her what she did. She said "I thought you wouldnt mind and he was so hard. He made me gag but wasnt trying to be rough he is just so big. I told him not to cum in my mouth and he didnt. But he popped his nut all over my tits and didnt even say thank you as he walked out the door." I was so turned on I fucked her twice that night!

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