Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Story about me (Miranda Cosgrove) #2 SeXStoRY

I woke up early as the excitement didn't let me sl**p. I replayed the events that had happened the night before with my niece, Debby Ryan, in my head. I already missed having her curvacious body against mine but I didn't get too upset since I had been invited to the gathering she had planned to celebrate her and a friend's 18th birthday. I spent most of the day watching TV waiting for the time to leave. I took a quick shower, put on some clean clothes and headed out. As I was driving to the party I remember that I didn't have a gift and I couldn't show up empty handed. An hour later I was on my way to the party gift in hand. As soon as I walked in the door Debby made her way towards me. "Uncle Joe you made it" she let out in excitement. "Of course I came. Did you really think I was going to miss my niece's birthday?" I stretched out my hand to hand her the gift. "Here I brought a little something" Debby shrieked, took the gift then lunged forward to give me a hug. "Open it when you're alone" I whispered and Debby nodded. "Oh I want you to meet someone" The teen waved to someone across the room. At that moment a petite figure approached us. I couldn't help but be hypnotized by the Brunette's beauty, her slim body, long slender legs, full luscious lips and a smile that could light up a room. She was definitely the complete package. "Uncle Joe this is my friend Miranda Cosgrove" This time I was the one who made the move and gave the sexy brunette a hug which made Debby quite jealous. "Happy Birthday" I mumbled "Oh, uh, thank you" she smiled "So how do you girls feel about turning 18?" Both girls began talking at the same time but I paid no attention since all I could do was admire Miranda and the sexy little number she had on. The hot teen was wearing a black top with a very low neckline making it obvious that she was not wearing a bra, an extremely short skirt that showed of her legs very nicely, and high heels. The girls where interrupted by Debby's mom, my s****r, who took her away to greet a group of guest that had just arrived. This left me and Miranda alone giving me an opportunity get to know her more. She talked about how she had her own show on Nickelodeon and that even thought her and Debby were on rival networks they were best friends. Also how they had to have their birthday party a week after their actual birthday's due to their busy schedule. We joked and had more private discussions, all in all we really enjoyed each others company. There was a moment were the teen star ran her hand along my arm and I knew right then that I had a shot with Miranda Cosgrove. We were having a good time when we were interrupted this time by Miranda's mom who asked if she could help her find something, but I knew that it was because she didn't want me talking to her daughter. "I'll talk to you later' she said before she was taken away. I spent the rest of the night alone since both teens had other guests to entertain. I would catch glances of Miranda were she would smile or give a small wave which I returned. It had gotten dark out so everyone was now inside talking and drinking. I had started a heated sports conversation with an older man when I saw the Nickelodeon star walk by and gestured me to follow. I quickly ended the conversation by telling the man he was right and then began to walk behind Miranda making sure to not get too close. Miranda slipped out the side door and I followed making sure no one saw me. Once outside Miranda grabbed my hand, pulled me in and kissed me. "I had wanted to do that since I first saw you?" she admitted I stood there a bit surprised by the bold move then looked around to make sure we were alone then grabbed her and pinned her against the wall before placing my lips against hers. Miranda's mouth opened allowing my tongue to invade making her's fight back and make her way into my mouth. The temperature began to rise as my hand moved from the stars neck and made it way down and easily removed the Miranda's top. I cupped Miranda's small perky breast then used my finger to circle the areola before pinching the pointy nipple with my index and thumb. This made Miranda moan in my mouth then as retaliation she gently bit down on my tongue and began to suck on it. I let go of her nipple and moved my hand down and under her skirt placing it on her womanhood, the only thing separating us was her lace thong. I moved the thong to one side and ran my finger along the damp pussy making Miranda let go of my tongue. Separating her folds I entered one finger into the teens cunt, Miranda moved her hips as my digit moved in and out at a faster speed. I knelled down and flung Miranda's leg on my shoulder then placed my tongue on her clit while I introduced a second finger. With the juices running down my hand I knew I had to have a taste so I removed my fingers let my tongue have some fun. By now Miranda was hornier than ever, as she squeezed her pert breasts, but she wasn't the only one since my cock was now awake. I ran tongue all over Miranda's womanhood until I memorized every single taste. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants. Miranda gasped as my pants dropped to the floor and she caught sight of hardness. "This is going to be better than any gift I've ever gotten" she exclaimed Impressed by the length she took a hold of my rock hard flesh and rapidly moved her hand up and down the entire length. "I've gotta have you now" I said completely turned on. "Yes, take me, fuck me" With that I lifted the horny actress's toned leg and lifted it up to my waist then positioned my cock. I teased Miranda by pushing forward then quickly retreating a few times driving her crazy. I could tell she was getting impatient so with out warning I speared my throbbing cock into the young tight pussy. As I penetrated the you actress, Miranda let out a loud moan. Quickly reacting to the outburst I placed my hand over her mouth then pulled out. Miranda moved her head away from my hand. "Please don't stop" she pleaded. "OK, but you gonna have to be more quite" I grabbed the teen's little behind and lifted her, while she wrapped her legs around me. I slowly lowered her until my mushroom tip aligned perfectly, then gave her a kiss and slowly entered her. The deeper I went the tighter the pussy got but I kept on until Miranda took in the entire length. We stayed like that for a moment before I began my way out. "Do it faster" Miranda begged "You mean like this" And like a crazed maniac I began to viciously fuck Miranda. "Shit yes, like that." her voice trailed off After a while I began to get tire so I put Miranda down turned her around an bent her over. The teen's pale bottom looked so inviting but I knew that anal would risk her being too loud and getting us caught. Instead I spit on my hand and smeared my saliva all over the hairless sex then grabbed Miranda by the hips and pulled her body back while I plowed forward. Miranda's legs buckled as I was back at fucking her like a rabbit, feeding her womanhood my entire meat every time. The sound of her ass smacking against my body grew louder but I didn't care if we got caught anymore. "Moan you dirty slut" I ordered as I pulled on Miranda's hair. Miranda yelped as I now smacked my hand across the teen's firm ass. "Slap me harder" she screamed. I lifted my hand all I could and let it fall on the star's rear end. The sound emitted ran all across the quite neighborhood and the pale skin was now stained by a red hand mark. "Take that you fucking slut" I yelled Just as I said this a group of people ran outside through the back door to see what all the commotion was about. At that moment an amazing sensation swept over body and through my manhood, as I spewed shot after shot of hot cum filling Miranda Cosgrove's belly. We could hear people were still outside so Miranda quickly put on her top and adjusted her skirt. I grabbed the beautiful actress's thong and cleaned the goo off my penis the handed the garment to Miranda. She laughed then put he underwear on. We kissed one last time before we opened the side door and went inside the house were we separated. I walked to kitchen and was surprised to see Debby Ryan standing in the middle of the room looking extremely upset. "I know what you did" she said before she stormed out. Feeling carefree I opened the fridge and took out a beer.

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