Monday, July 15, 2013


I rang the doorbell and a female voice said come in its open as I entered the house she said she was in the kitchen I walked into the kitchen and she said please sit down so I sat at the kitchen table I got my first good look at her she was wearing a very nice white blouse which was opened just enough to reveal two beautiful tits and a hint of nipple she also had a very short black skirt and black tights She looked nervous and judging by how hard her nipples where a little excited she asked if I would like a drink I said sure and she turned her back to me bending over to reach for s drink her short skirt riding up to reveal her amazing naked ass and pussy lips which I could see where already wet she had her legs together and straight so I could see most of her ass She returned to the table with my drink and while putting it down spilled a little she said sorry and turning her back to me bent over again to get something to wipe up the mess this time she opened her legs a little so I could see all of her pussy her lips and her clit My cock was bursting to get out at this stage so I unzipped my trousers and let him out I started to wank looking as her sexy ass so close to me She came back to the table to clean the mess and her eyes locked on my hard cock as she watched my hand wanking it nice and slow she leaned closer to me to wipe up the mess and her tits where just inches for my face I reached up and pinched her nipple she let out a moan and pushed her tits closer to me I stopped wanking and reached up removing both her tits from her blouse and started to tease and play with them She reached for my hard cock and started to stroke it and feel my balls we kissed long and hard my fingers went between her legs finding her wet pussy it was so wet I just slipped two fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her as she wanked me she moaned in my ear to eat her so I put her on the table opened her legs wide and ran my tongue along her pussy lips getting my first taste of her sweet pussy my tongue found her clit and I started to lick and tease it she had pulled her blouse open and was playing with her tits I started to finger and lick her at the same time she was moaning and started to push her pussy harder into my face we stayed like this for nearly 20 minutes and she must have cum 6 or seven times on my tongue she then pushed my face away and sat up she pulled my trouser down and getting on her knees started to lick wank and suck my cock I knew I could not last long her mouth was amazing she ran her tongue all over my cock licking it sucking it licking my balls as she wanked me I pulled her off her knees bent her over the table and pushed my cock deep into her pussy we started to fuck hard and fast both pushing harder and harder I looked up and for the first time noticed her husband he was standing in the doorway naked his cock in hand wanking like crazy as he watched me fucking his wife this made me go faster and I pulled her head up to look at her husband as my cock pounded her pussy I could feel her cumming on my cock I pulled my cock out and shot my load all over her sexy ass her husband seeing this came all over the kitchen floor We all sat down and her husband said that was great he always loved to watch his wife getting fucked she just reached for my cock and started to wank me again asking if I was in a hurry I just smiled and said I had all day Well fucked and licked and sucked all day until we could take no more her husband had me fuck her ass which she always wanted to do and she had her first dp which she loved I just love meeting couples and being a part of their fantasies

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