Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teacher to perform - part 4 SeXStoRY

Chapter 8 Phil sneered at me as he got into position next to me and told me to undo his pants. I did so and soon had his semi-erect penis free. He told me to peel back his foreskin and suck his glans. I did so, his glans was another large heavy black plum glistening with his clear pre-cum fluid. I opened my mouth and guided it in. I then closed my lips over the head and started to suck. I could taste his pre-cum and must admit that I found it stimulating. He began to stiffen and I could feel the veins in his penis start to stand out under my fingers. Phil looked down at me and said "You've no idea how long and how bad I've wanted you to do that. Now you're all mine. Just think, when we are back at school, when the other teachers are going for their coffee break you will be coming down to the basement to suck me off. They'll only be getting coffee but you'll be getting some nice thick black spunk to keep you going to lunchtime. I'll see what ideas I can come up with for your lunch. Maybe get a couple of these loosers to cum and give you some lunch. We wouldn't want you going hungry would we." Carl took pictures of Phil grinning at the cameras whilst I sucked his penis to full erection. Carl finished off the photos with some close ups of my face and Phil's penis still in my mouth. His member was now fully erect and he pulled out of my mouth and moved between my open legs. I could see on the big screen my labia were still folded open and my vagina was gaping open wide as though to invite his penis to enter. I felt humiliated but my vagina was in a highly excited state. He stated to guide his glans toward my open labia. I could feel the heat radiating from his glans as he got closer. I could see another drop of pre-cum had formed at the slit of his glans. I knew what would be squirting out of that slit soon. The next time I saw that slit again, his sac would be almost empty and my womb would be flooded with more sperm. His testicle sac hung large and heavy like a grotesque fruit ready to be plucked from a tree. His penis was perhaps just over nine inches or so. Thick ropey veins ran up and around the length like vines around a tree trunk. The shaft was broad and muscular looking and certainly of a bigger girth than any dildo I had had before. The glans was about two and a half inches and unusually shaped. The tip and slit sort of pointed upward, more toward the top side of the penis than straight out forward. The back ridge of the glans had a large flare outwards. It was still sort of plum shaped but sort of arrow shaped too, like it was designed to go in easily but not to come out. It was large, chunky and muscular looking. The girth of his shaft was large but the glans was wider still. The whole effect was one of primitive erotic power, like a fertility symbol. If he pushed right to the back of my vagina,that upward pointing slit would be perfectly positioned next to the wide open neck of my womb. When he orgasmed his sperm would be shot directly up inside my womb to mix with that that Henry had deposited there earlier. His penis was ugly by any measure, but it definately had a powerful sexual presence. His glans touched my vaginal opening and started to push into me. He pushed about an inch of his large ugly glans into me then paused while more pictures were taken. I was struck by the blackness of his penis showing in contrast to my pale pink labia skin. My vagina responed to the view on screen with an spasm. It squeezed down and then realeased a few of times. Phil felt this and said "That little white puss of yours is real ready from some black cock isn't it?" He was right, but I said nothing. He just laughed at me. He started to push the his glans further into me. My vagina was stretching wider and wider as his penis advanced. I could see on the screen that there was another inch to go before the glans was fully inside me. My vagina was hurting with the unaccustomed stretching it was having to endure. He paused again to enjoy my discomfort. I could feel the pulse in his engorged glans. I was at full stretch and there was still an inch more of the glans to go. Once inside I wondered how he would get it out again. The tighness of my vagina around his glans was obviously stimulating him because I could feel his penis growing slightly. He suddenly pushed forward and the glans disappeared inside me. I was sure my vagina popped when it entered me. Only the glans had entered me, all the shaft was still outside. Now the enterance to my vagina could rest around the shaft. Phil passed me the glass with the sperm in it and told me to have a couple of sips. I did but I orgasmed after the first taste. The neck of my vagina clamped down hard on his shaft, but I could feel his huge odd shaped glans filling my vagina inside. "Now I'm going to empty my balls inside your cunt." With that he pushed his penis further into me. I could feel the glans moving deeper and deeper, until it touched the back of my vagina where it was pressed tightly against the neck of my womb. He slide it in and out a few times. He was feeling the inside my vagina with his glans and was looking for the neck of my womb. I could feel the odd shaped glans searching around deep in the base of my vagina looking for the fully open neck of my womb. He rubbed past it two or three times until he was sure of it's position. Once he had confirmed where it was, he said "I'm gonna fuck you for a bit. When I stop fucking I want you to finish me off using just your cunt muscles. Right?" I nodded. Then he started thrusting in and out getting ready for his orgasm. The others were enjoying the show and still taking photos with their phones. Maybe videos too. Carl was back on video camera. I was being filmed having sex with the big fat ugly slob school janitor and my vagina was loving it. I was thoroughly humiliated. Phil told me to reach under my legs to massage his testicle sac for him. It was big and heavy. I could feel the testicles rolling around inside. I thought of all the sperm waiting to be released. His large ugly penis was firmly in place now and it was the tube that was about to carry all that semen straight inside my open womb. I never had anything that big or that strange shape inside me before and, frankly, my vagina was loving all these strange sensations. Don't misunderstand me, I still thought that Phil was a fat slob, but his penis, at that moment, felt heavenly. It felt large and hot and heavy inside me as it slid back and forth in my freely flowing vaginal juices. I watched on the large screen his big black penis pushing in and sliding out of my vagina. My large meaty labia were pale against the blackness of his shaft and were smearing his thick veiny penis with my juices. My vaginal juice glistened wetly on the black skin of his shaft, making it look even blacker and emphasied the thick ropey veins which stood proud of his shaft. Each time he pushed inward my labia puckered up around the shaft as though they were kissing his penis in welcome. And on his out stroke they were drawn out as though they were trying to hold him inside me by sucking and pulling all the way down the stroke of his penis. They were creating a good solid air tight seal around the girth of his penis such that at the end of each outward stroke his penis was almost sucked back into my vagina. It was very arousing. He had noticed the effect too. He said " I just love your big fat flaps around my cock. It feels just like your cunt is trying to suck me off. Your tight little pink cunt just can't get enough black cum can it?! Well don't you worry. We got lots of cum to dump inside you. Isn't that right boys?" There was a mumbling of agreement around the room. Phil went on "In fact I think it's about time we showed Miss Bush here what she's got coming!" He ordered the guys to drop their jeans and pants. All round me black penises were being released and perhaps more worryingly their large black testicles were now on view too. I suddenly realised that all these sacs were going to be emptied inside my vagina. I shuddered at the thought and suddenly I was orgasming like I never had before. It was massive. It racked thru me for ages. Phil was still pumping in and out but my vaginal contractions brought him to a climax too. I felt him stop trusting and he moved his penis into position next to my cervix. I could plainly feel the large odd shaped glans pushing at the neck of my womb. My vagina clenched and gripped and squeezed on his big ugly sexy penis. I was sure that I could even feel the veins of his penis with my vaginal walls. I was still orgasming when I felt him start to climax hard inside me. I was still holding his sac and could feel the large testicles inside. I knew that their contents were now being pumped down the length his large brutish penis. I though about that upward pointing slit of his glans being positioned hard against my wide open cervix and the stream of his thick lumpy sperm being jetted directly into my womb. My vagina continued it's hard orgasmic squeezing and clenching on his member. It was milking the semen from his big ugly glans. His penis twitched and jerked inside me. His fat digusting body was shaking with pleasure above me as his climax pumped more and more of his delicious sexy tasting sperm deep inside my most intimate parts. My hand felt his testicles rising and falling inside their sac as the spasms continued to empty his semen into me. My own climax was starting to fade as someone gave me the glass of sperm. There was about an inch or so of semen left in it. I emptied the glass in one go and swirled the cool grey goo around my mouth. I didn't climax but within seconds my vaginal spasms were back at full power giving Phil's penis even more pleasure. His member pulsed harder and grew in size slightly. Inside me his penis was still spasming hard as more and more semen was pumped relentlessly into my womb. It just went on and on and on. At last both his and my spasms started to slow in frequency and fade in power. His whole fat body was quivering with pleasure as he opened his eyes and looked down at me spread before him. With that his penis gave one last twitch and started to fade inside me. Throughout his orgasm he had kept his penis firmly placed exactly where he had wanted to next to my open cervix. It had never moved. I wondered how he had managed it in the middle of a climax. He told someone to refill my glass with semen and told me to drink it. I did and again there was no climax but it did make my vagina spasm some more. His face was slack with pleasure as my vagina performed again for his penis. God knows how much semen he had shot into me already and now my vagina was milking more and more from out of his testicles. He said "God bitch that was good! You really are a slut, cumming as soon as you see these loosers dicks! " He was right I had climaxed as soon as I had seen their penises. He looked down at me with contempt and said "After tonite was over I had thought I might keep you just for myself but now I'm thinking I might just use you for other jobs." I didn't dare to think what that might be. He then turned to the others and said "Right listen up. I want all of you cumming inside this slut in just the right place next to her womb OK? Now when it's your turn don't forget what I'm telling you. Just opersite the neck of her womb there's three ridges of muscle. It feels just like a washboard. And it feels great when you're fucking her. Just make sure when you cum that your dick head is on them ridges and you'll shoot your spunk up her womb just fine. Have you dim-wits got that?" He looked around at some of the more vacant stares and shook his head. To me, he said "They'll all need reminding. That's your job bitch. As each takes his turn fucking you, you tell him to remember to cum on your washboard . As each of them starts to cum inside you, you tell them again right?" I nodded. I had never know about these ridges of muscle inside my vagina and it explained how he had found his mark whist orgasming inside me. During this time his penis had been softening inside me. Soon it was soft but still large, hot and heavy inside me as the last drops of sperm were draining into me from his ugly glans. He said to Carl " I'm gonna pull out now and I want you to make sure both her cunt and face are all nicely in frame. OK?" He started to pull out slowly and on the big screen I could see my big meaty labia clinging to the sides of his penis. My vaginal juices glistened on his black veined shaft. Eventually his large ugly glans reappeared between my pale sex lips. He paused for the camera with my labia still holding onto his glans. The contrast between his glistening black shaft and my pale thights and large meaty labia was very erotic. He told me to use my hands to open my lips and he removed his penis from me. There was a large pearl of sperm on the slit of his glans as well as my own juices and I could also see my thick sex juices shining on the rope-like veins of his shaft . He told me to open my mouth and moved his fat body so that his large flacid penis was just above my mouth. He the lowered the ugly glans, still with it's pearl of sperm, down into my waiting mouth. I could feel the heat radiating from his penis and could smell my vaginal juices clinging thickly to his shaft. I didn't wait to be told. I closed my mouth around his shaft and carefully licked his sperm off his glans with my tongue. The sperm tasted so sexy and it was lumpy too. It was so erotic. The smell, the taste, the feel was all just too much for me. I didn't climax again but I could see my vagina flexing and gaping on screen. I knew I was being filmed and photographed but, at that moment, I just didn't care. I was almost looking forward to the next penis when I remembered that it was Carl who would be entering me next. To put off that moment for a while longer I took hold of Phil's flacid shaft and held it in my mouth. I could feel the large ropey veins of his shaft still slick with my juices and started to gently slide my fingers up and down it. The glans was still in my mouth and it produced another drop of semen at it's slit. My tongue quickly flicked that one away for me to swallow and waited for the next drop. This was real pleasure now. The rest of my situation temporarily forgotten, I looked across at the big screen and saw that my open vagina was still gasping and flexing incontrolably. It really did look like it was empty and craving more penis. I was sure it wouldn't be empty for long. to be continued.........

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