Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The day after.. SeXStoRY

Four o'clock comes around the corner and daddy enters the house. He tells me that my mom won't be home til late cuz of some meeting at work. Who knows where my brothr is..probably fucking his slutty ass girl friend. I'm going to catch her cheating on him and I'm gonna beat her ass. I'm almost dressed and ready for work, when daddy stands in my bathroom door and asked about the first night at work and the party. I told him how Kelli was eager to have sex with me. How she loved to lick my pussy and that she loves to use a strap-on. I told daddy, that I'm getting one with my first paycheck, cuz I know he would like to be fucked with it. Daddy smiled and said yes he would, anything to please his little girl. I told daddy about the party and how everyone was fucking each other..a big swingers party. Daddy said the next time I go to one, to let hm know, that he would come by himself and have him a good fucking time. I just laughed and asked him if him and mom were having issues. He said yes, but he would fill me in later. I got done putting my makeup on and took my robe off. Daddy reached for me and kissed me gently, rubbing and carressing my body. Paying special attention to my tits. I had bought this new push up bra, tht just sat under my tits and had no cover on my nipples. Daddy said he knew I'd like this job, cuz I can show off my hot body. Daddy bent down and began to suck on my tits, one at a time, pulling, tugging, nibbles ahrd and soft. I'm enjoying this so much, that I reach down and begin to rub daddy's cock. I'm stroking him thru his pants. He's growing nice and hard. I'm kissing daddy and he's tugging at his pants to get them down. He gets them undone and they fall to the floor. I sit on the toliet lid and begin to suck on his cock, Daddy says that his favorite slut is doing a great job. I am beginning to love the way he calls me his little slut. It makes my pussy twitch. I love sucking on his knobby head, swirling my tongue under the rim, them slipping the tip of my tongue in his piss hole. Daddy moans when I do this. I reach down to my pussy and and my undies are soaked. I really came alot when daddy was playing with my tits. I tell daddy that I'm ready for his cock to fuck me. I get up from the toliet and perch myself on the countertop. With my legs spread wide, daddy slips a few fingers in my clit and rubs to get me even wetter, then pulls his fingers to my lips, spreading my juice on them. I suck his fingers sensually as he enters my pussy. Slow at first, he says mom won't let him make lve to her anymore, she only wants hard core fucking and not from him. He said she is jealous of how I can go out and play and she can't. That's when I looked at him and say for him to fuck me hard. With that, daddy rams me hard and fast. I am touching my clit, rubbing it hard and I am ready to squirt. I tell daddy to pull out and beware. I spread my legs even further and rub hard. Daddy is jerking his cock as I do this. I'm screaming and begin with my cum squirting and running like a faucet. Daddy is in awww...he's shocked but excited to see this in person. I told him to do this to mom and she might change her mind with him. He then put his dick back in me and fucked me. I came a few more times, then the last orgasm I had, daddy got off with me. Filling my pussy with his hot gooey cum. Daddy bent down and began to lick his cum from me. He said that it was different from mine or moms cum, but he enjoyed it, cuz it was in my pussy. We kissed some more and got dressed. Daddy met me upstairs and told me that he would see me later. I left for work, watching daddy thru the window wave to me with his dick hanging from his zipper. I just giggled as I drove off. I get to work and see a few guys looking at the boy toys and asks for my help. I walk over to themand asnwer their questions. One of them asked if this one pocket pussy felt like my pussy. I laughed and told him he will just have to find out some day. Trish from behind the counter, comes up and tells the guys to stop with the gestures on go on with their business. I clock in and see Kelli in the backroom. She's upset about something, I go to her ask if she's alright and tells me not really. I reach out to her and give her a hug. She cries on my shoulder and feels my raging hard nipples. She rubs them and plays with them for a minute. Trish calls to the stockroom and says that I had a visitor. I straighten up and go to the floor. There standing by the toys is my daddy. I go up to him asking if he needed some help. He turns and asked if this is the right strap-on. I told him yes, it's good for any woman who wants to pleasure herself while she pleasures her man/woman. We chat for a bit about other toys and video's. Kelli comes to the floor and asks who my friend was. I introduced her to my daddy. They said hi, shook hands and began talking. Trish has me ring on the register while she takes her break. Brian walks in and sees me with my near to sheer top on again. He's impressed cuz he can see my nipples poking thru. He winks and checks out the nighties. I motioned for him to check out daddy and Kelli. He looks around and doesn't see them. I check out a few girls before Trish came back. I told her tht guy over there needed some help with the clothes. She goes up to him, rubs his arm and asks what she could do to him. Brian looked at her like she was crazy. I giggled and just watched. Brian told her, that his hot girlfriend needed some new g-strings and something totally hot for their hot date tomorrow night. She shows him the g-strings, he liked the ones with the little ties all over. He got 2 different pairs. Then she took him around the corner to where the sheer neglige tops were. She asked what size bra I wore, he said 36dd's. Trish looked at him, told him that she had a nice chest. Brian said oh yes, all the guys wants to suck on her. She pulls out this top and he looks at it and says no. He found a neglige that snapped in the crotch. He didn't see one in my size. trish goes to the stockroom, thumbing thru some of the racks. To her surprise, she sees Kelli and daddy. Daddy is sitting in the chair, with Kelli sitting on his dick. She's fucking him while he as her panties in his mouth. Trish was surprised and walks away to the other room. Brian comes over to me, kisses me and walks away. Trish comes back out and tells me about what she saw. I told her that Kelli was crying when I saw her. I knew daddy would make her happy. Trish, then walked over to Brian and shown him the different colors we had. He picks the neon pick and green polka dot ones. He walks to the counter, sets them down, then gets a remote control vibrator for my pussy. He checks out and leaves. I get a text message, saying I need to go to his house to change into my hot new clothes and meet him at the club. When I got to go on break, I go in the backroom, to see Daddy fucking Kelli's mouth. I ask if they were having fun. Kelli was shocked, but daddy told her to open her mouth and suck. Daddy motions me to come over to him and plants a kiss on me. He rubs my tits, I grab his dick from Kelli's mouth. I bend over at the waist and start to suck on him. With that cue, Kelli got her strap-on, put it on and began to fuck my pussy. Daddy was happy to see me and her fuck. I kept on sucking on him, til he came. I cleaned him up, got up from Kelli and walked back to the floor. Kelli then took the dildo, lubed it up and stuck it in daddy's ass. He moaned real oud, where Trish and I could hear him. All you could hear was , daddy yell that he wants to be fucked like a whore. Kelli rammed him harder each time. Kelli screams cuz of her orgasm. She pulls out of daddy, gets on the desk and tell him to eat her pussy out. He does as told. He fingers her ass, before putting his hard cock in her semi tight hole. Kelli moans loud, before daddy grabs her mouth. He fucks her ass like the world will end tomorrow. Every which way he can fuck her. He's ready to get off again, he fills her with his cum. Daddy cleans up, comes out to pay and leaves. Kelli enters the floor, looks around and says it's time to close the store. I begin to vacuum the floor, Trish counts the drawer down and Kelli straightens up the backroom. Kelli tells us that we can leave. I get to my car, open the door and there's a bag on my seat. Brian had left me one of the neglige, a new micro mini skirt and a pair of thigh high panty hose. I go to his house to change clothes, and realize there isn't a shirt. I take the hint and go with just the niglige. When I got to the club, Brian and his buddies just stop and stare. to be continued...

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