Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The long night out. Part 2. SeXStoRY

The sun had long set behind the city skyline, as the blonde and friends headed into the club early. Heading upstairs into the VIP area, the cocktails started to flow again but all three friends just wanted four letters out of the name of the drinks they were getting, c.o.c.k. All there talk of men, sex, whose hot, who’s not, there fantasies, each other’s fantasies....all three pussies where wet...and they wanted men!, to chat to, to flirt with, but deep down they wanted to fuck a cock, and the cock to fuck them back just as bad as they craved it!! The game played out for two and a half hours, and in that time, the brunette was still none the wiser of why she thought she knew him, but there was a connection with him. She had received her usb stick back within two and a half minutes of speaking to the guy in the suit. After he lied about his name she didn’t pursue the matter to find his real point she thought, but she wanted to thank him in some way so she offered to buy him a drink, and when he said he would only except one if she had a drink with him to.......that was it, one drink, ten minutes, they clicked, the drinks kept coming then the laughing soon started when the fifty shades trilogy story broke out....that’s what was on the other file on her usb stick. He took advantage of knowing what the trilogy entailed, and quizzed her jokingly and openly if she had done anything the book describes, she just past it off as flirty banter and just replied "of course not". Sensing she was telling the truth, he then set himself another challenge. Because his wife to had just read the trilogy, when they spoke on the phone to him about it and how much she to enjoyed it, it gave him an idea and that’s why he had a present for her in his overnight bag that was sat in the tallest hotel. As the hubby accepted her offer to buy him a drink as thanks only if she joined him...after a split second delay, she said "ok then, I’ll have a screaming orgasm".... both smiling, he ordered his drink, her cocktail, and decided there and then, she would have a screaming orgasm! After several drinks he sat back and mostly just listened to her open up about all the things she had done and accomplished whilst he was being guilty of apodyopsis, and he wanted to find out if it was as good as he imagined. The hubby wanted to head off to the club now, and he wanted company to. The brunette. If he just asked her he knew she would say no. She would say "oh I’m not dressed for going out clubbing" or something like that. This is why he planned ahead! He said, as he finished the last of his drink, "what if I said to you that I can pick out any woman, anywhere, anyplace, and after half an hour of me looking and concentrating on her even, without her knowing or seeing me, I could make her orgasm"......she burst out laughing uncontrollably !! "What the fuck are you talking about!" she replied thinking for the first time, "is he having a laugh or what??” "I’m serious; I will prove it to you. Come to a club with me now, I will point out a woman and make her cum. If I don’t do it I will give you this!" he opened his wallet and pulled out one, of his three bank cards. "And the pin number! there is just over five grand in this you can have it all if you win the bet." he then went back into his wallet pulled out a mini bank statement, with the amount showing in the account. £5050.50. This is my fifty shades of grey trilogy, in numbers, and if you take the bet, and win, it’s yours!" Ok...what the fuck is this guy up to? The brunette thought, relatively tipsy now, enjoying the company, the chat, the banter.....then boom! Like that, within all changed. What the fuck was he up to she thought again!...but there was something deep down, the attraction first, sat there in front of her, tight fitted suit that clung to his chest, arms and the part she could not help notice every time she glanced down, the bulge in his crotch, and a lust she felt towards him. But this "bet!” he was going to make a woman orgasm by looking at her?? If he doesn’t, I win his bank card with his pin, and just over five grand! Is he serious? This sounds too good to be true!? What’s the catch?....but she knew from the three hours she got to know him, he seemed genuine, and probably was,.... plus he had called straight away after finding her usb stick and didn’t try to gain anything from it, but just to return it to its taking the last drink of her cocktail, she said as she stuck out her hand to shake on the bet “hay why not!!"... "I can’t loose!" she thought shaking his hand with a big smile on her face. Shaking hands with the brunette the hubby thought to himself! "Gotcha!" one of his small vices had just been played! For the first few seconds of the handshake the brunette was convinced she was going to win...but then doubt...why the doubt she thought...his eyes where the key....clear green bright eyes looking straight into her.....keeping hold of her hand, still shaking....then more doubt as to what she had just shaken on....."The bet", "fuck!! I don’t even know what happens if I lose!!” The blonde was the first to spot the three men, when she let the other two aware, they all agreed, they were a good lucking bunch, the blonde noticed as they came nearer, one stood out. She couldn’t take her eyes off him! He was the spitting image of Chris Hemsworth. After five minutes stood at the bar they looked up to the VIP area, spotted the three women standing behind the clear glass balcony, looking down over the crowd of people in the club, and at them. Let’s go have some fun lads, one of them said, they got out there VIP passes and headed up stairs. As soon as the brunette’s thoughts entered her head...he said....."And if you lose!?" he paused...."you let me give you a screaming orgasm, that’s it!"....relief came over her! "Phew!" she thought slightly d***k now, as she finished off the last of her drink. "Ok, let’s go!” The Callipygian Club! "Are you fuckin serious!" the hubby thought as he approached the club laughing! This guy must own this club, as well!, approaching the club door..."ladies first!" the hubby said, realising as the brunette walked through the door, that whoever came up with that saying, was a’s just a polite way of saying.....let me look as you arse while you walk in front of me., while she thinks you’re being a gentlemen. Walking in the club, layo and bushwacka, love story, playing in the strobe lights lighting up the club. At the bar ordering the same as the last five rounds they've had...turning around, drinks in hand... scanning for the brunette she was nowhere to be seen? He spotted her sat at a 2 seated table, with her back to a glass mirror, looking around the club and up to the VIP area. As he approached her with the drinks she looked up and smiled. Sitting down, he straight away realised she was the person who liked to people watch. Five minutes later after they had soaked up and settled into the club atmosphere, the hubby needed to find his blonde wife. Just as those thoughts came into his head he looked up above the brunettes head, into the mirror behind her, he could see the whole of the VIP area upstairs, the clubbers, the lights, and then the blonde. Fuck! He is hot she thought to herself as he took her glass away and insisted on buying her another! She could feel how wet her pussy was getting just stood by the balcony overlooking the club. "What should I do?!" she asked herself, then turned back to chat to one of her friend "Right"! Clapping his hands together after watching his wife for a short moment looking out over the VIP balcony, with a look on her face that said to him, something was on her mind? "Ok, the bet!" he said as he looked down to the brunette with a huge smile on his face. “I’m going to turn around and look for someone to pick to give an orgasm to, simple!" Laughing out loud the brunette said "ok magic man, I’ve never seen a miracle before! This will be interesting!" then took a long suck on her drink. As the hubby looked back up into the mirror he saw his subject he had already chosen, in conversation with her friend. Quickly standing up, pulling the chair around in one swift movement, he swung it around the table and sat down and within seconds he was sat right next to the brunette. He sat just looking out into the club, up close she could smell him better the mix of nice aftershave and just the pure smell of a man she found herself just looking at him as he scanned the crowd. She snapped out of it as he turned his head quickly, looking into her eyes while at the same time his arm reaching up pointing at someone, " the blonde on the balcony " as she turned away to follow the direction of his arm, she spotted the blonde no problem. Looking back into his eyes she said “deal!” Replacing his chair "keep your eyes on her, I’m going getting us another round for the show" with a big grin on his face as he left the brunette thought "what the fuck have I got myself into here?!" but deep down she knew she was having a good time and it was all just a joke in the end. then saying to herself "I’ll have this one more, have a laugh at exactly what he is trying to do, then I’m off!, with my winnings!" At the bar with the drinks ordered the hubby turned around, looked at the brunette, smiled as he followed her gaze up towards the blonde on the balcony. Slowly he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small black square object. Looking at it, he pushed down the first of the five small buttons as the little red light brightened in the corner. Within five minutes of coming back with the drinks, back chatting, flirting and more touching, the blonde started to feel a strange sensation that she couldn’t quite place, slowly come over her body. A low sensation was stimulating her whole pussy, a slow but certain buzz tingling away down on her shaved moist lips and mound. Then slowly she realized why! The present in the box, the red lace French knickers, the note. “Wear this tonight. If you don’t, I will know. Do not remove them, or take them off at any point. If you do I will know. There will be consequences if you do. X “she knew it was her hubby that must have sent them but he was working away/abroad? She just thought they were a nice present, with a playful message, not some new expensive vibrating French knickers. With the alcohol clouding her mind, the talk and thought of real cock all night. She had made her mind up! She wanted to fuck the guy in front of her. But in her intoxicated mind set she bypassed the thought of why her new French knickers where buzzing, right now! Drinks on the table, sitting back relaxing looking up into the mirror whilst the Smokey eyes of the brunette kept her focus on the blonde. Under the table reaching into his pants pocket, he hit the middle of the five buttons. A couple of seconds later, the Smokey eyes looked down and locked onto his. Fuck! What the fuck was that, her clit felt the sudden increase in power straight away! This was getting too much, what the hell was happening? With a quick jerk and a slight look of shock come across her face the guy sensed something was going on and instinctively he played into it. He moved in close, and slowly reached around her with one hand and place it just below her lower back, and with his middle finger started a small circular movement. As the minutes passed by her body began to move back and to with the club music. Everything intensified! The guy had now sat down on a high stool and she found herself slowly grinding herself onto his leg while he too was moving to the music. The brunette spotted the change straight away, the guy moving close to her, then sitting down, then the grinding started, they were just dancing with the club music but she sensed straight away the contact had intensified greatly within a matter of minutes. But how had, within ten minutes of them sitting down, looking at the women he had picked. Her whole body language had changed in such a short time. The hubby just sat there enjoying what was unfolding before his eyes, then took a nice long cold drink. The guy was rock hard now as the blonde gyrated upon his leg, she was in a world of her own. But he didn’t mind just watching and enjoying the whole thing. She was getting hornier by the minute and if he played his cards right he could be fucking the arse of her later, smiling to himself, he to then take a nice long cold drink of his own. As time passed by the hubby watched in the mirror as his wife grew hornier, he had seen it a thousand times, that look in her eyes, the way she acted, he then knew she was past the point of no return, no matter what, she needed to cum, no matter what, then reaching inside his pocket he contemplated on hitting number four but he wanted it to be over with so he could give the stunning woman in front of him another screaming orgasm. But not the drink, she would be swallowing something else later. He hit the last button. The brunette couldn’t believe what she was seeing! It must be luck! pure luck, he must of seen the way they looked at each other before hand and guessed if anyone in the club was going to get it on it was those two?! But what are the odds of that!? Then she saw the blonde buck one more time like she just received another shock. The third serge of power sent her over the edge, the blonde just couldn’t stop herself rubbing her swollen clit across the guy’s knee! With the intensity of the vibrations across her whole pussy, she could feel that she had soaked her knickers with her juices. If she carried on like this, she realised as the build-up became even stronger, his knee would be soaked when she came. That was all she could take, she pulled away quickly, pulling across the nearest stool, turn herself around while she place one hand in the middle of the seat and straddled the stool in one fast movement, looking out over the balcony to limit the people that could see her face. She closed her eyes and as her clit touched her hand in the middle of the seat, she rubbed intensely as her orgasm began to start, she started to cum! the pure pleasure flowing through her body was unbelievable, in the club in front of all these people, for those few long seconds she was in heaven, bring her other hand up fast to cup her mouth to muffle her load moan!... she came all over the stool. How the hell had he done that!! The brunette looked on in disbelief as she witness the blonde Cumming only metres away from her. Although as soon as it had all started, till now, every minute that passed, deep down, the inner voyeuristic part of her, that only she knew existed within, was so turned on by what she had just witnessed. Her own body could not hide it. She could feel even more now how wet she had become, she was turned on beyond belief, but she hid it all away. It had worked out even better than he could have ever imagined! His cock rock hard in his pants as he just witnessed his wife Cumming in the mirror above him. Smiling, he said "looks like I won the bet". 1 hour later.... Just another couple walked by the concierge as they entered the cities tallest hotel. Yet they were not a couple, just two people who met hours earlier, about to fuck. Entering the lift they could not get there clothes off fast enough! Kissing hard, pulling and ripping down each garment of clothing off, as they headed towards the bed. He pushed her backwards as she fell onto the bed as hands moved down in the same momentum taking down her knickers. Her pussy glistening with unbelievable wetness from the dim light that came through the big curtain less window. Both calming down for a moment. Both realising just what was about to happen. Touching low down upon her gleamingly wet pussy with his tongue. He slowly started licking upwards, inserting slightly as he ebbed upwards wanting to taste and lap up as much of her juices as he could. As he reached her swollen clit he swallowed all the juice upon on his tongue. It tasted so good! Perfectly pure pussy taste! Starting to flick his tongue on her clit now whilst his hands slowly reached up her body to her breasts, then he slowly started squeezing her hard nipples. She writhed with pure pleasure, she was so horny and wanted this cock so much to fuck her. With the alcohol flowing through her body, her brain buzzing from all the sex endorphins running through her mind then his face appears suddenly! Staring into her eyes for a split second, then the full length on his hard cock slammed straight into her pussy! With a look of pure utter pleasure across his face for a second, then changing to something else, he started to fuck her! Full, long, hard, fast strokes, relentlessly pounding away. Screaming with pure pleasure as the man she had only just met that day was on top of her. Sweat starting to form across his body as he continuously pummelled away upon her. Then she felt the deep feeling within her body slowly starting to grow, the orgasm building within! Hitting her g-spot with every stroke by his big long cock, she started to cum, slowly building in intensity with every stroke and second that passed by. Then loud long drawn out moan as her orgasm exploded within her body! A second later she felt the hot spray of cum fire across her chest. Laying back, Breathing hard, the brunette realised she had just released weeks of pent up sexual frustration all in one go. With the rush of pure endorphins flowing through her body now!...she instantly became turned on again. She wanted more!....

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