Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Love of Spikes SeXStoRY

I did't always wear high heeled stiletto shoes, but once I started wearing them, I craved more and more extreme heels, I think I must have an addictive personality, I found a market stall in Devizes, that had a selection of what could only be called lap dancers shoes. I know the risks, breaking my ankle, a bad back! Yes doctor but with my boobs a back ache is common place, I once gave a friend of mine a challenge, to wear one of my bras with two melons inside it for a day, so the skinny minny could experience what its like to walk around all day, with the extra weight. I have found the stiletto heel tends to counter balance me, not only making my legs look longer, but also tipping my pelvis forward, this improves the look of my big booty as well. So now where I would only wear them around the house I venture out, I adore the click clack of the heels on the pavement and especially, the toots from passing motorists. Then there is the bounce factor it seems that my boobs jiggle and wobble with every step I take, shopping Malls are always fun, as men tend to be intent on staring at me, as they get caught by there wives and girlfriends or walk into columns or litter bins and benches. I have worn them to work on a couple of occasions and one guest paid me a fifty pound tip,to cum over my feet. But they are quite deadly in bed, they will tear the sheets or you can accidently tread on yr lover! Ouch. You can keep yr flatties and flip flops, real hotties wear heels, do you not agree Gentlemen???

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