Thursday, July 11, 2013

The poor Postman... SeXStoRY

My sexy Wife and I are both 40 years old, she's VERY shy but here's a TRUE story of how sexy she really is... My first day off work in ages and my gorgeous wife Em had been teasing me all morning – Em is middle aged and pleasantly plump, not a super model catwalk stick insect but voluptuous and sexy, the way a real woman should look. She’d been wearing a, very short, towelling robe since her morning shower and I’d finally gotten this off her, when there was a knock at the door… “Leave it” I said, “no, it’ll be the Postman at this time of the morning and it’s lashing outside” said my wife reaching for the towelling robe. “Are you going to tease him as well?” I joked, “I might”, my wife said cheekily and with a wink, she was gone… You can see our hall through the railings on our landing, without being seen from below. So I watched my scantily clad wife open the door and she was right, it was absolutely teeming down and the Postman stood there, parcel in hand, like a drowned rat, the poor critter… The parcel needed a signature, so Em asked him to come in out of the rain, while she signed for it and as the Postman closed the front door, he turned to see the back of my wife leaning over our hall table to sign his electronic gizmo… I saw the Postman’s eyes LIGHT up as Em bent over revealing all of her sexy bare legs and judging by the big dopey grin that split his face, there must have been MORE than a hint of her peachy bare cheeks into the bargain… WOW, she really is teasing him I thought and felt my todger start to twitch of its own volition. Then, seemingly without enough time passing or with any meaningful words exchanged, I watched AWESTRUCK as my wife reached over, unzipped the Postman’s trousers and pulled out his rock hard, fully erect penis and started wanking him off… Everything suddenly took on clarity and an intensity that was overpowering and overwhelming but instead of feelings of anger and jealousy or betrayal, I only felt complete, pure, a****listic arousal. Without taking my eyes off the scene below me I reached for my own pina colada and found this to be also rock hard and literally throbbing and squirming in my hand… Almost immediately after that the Postman’s knees buckled, I heard him groan and watched my Wife zipping his aching knob back into his trousers, “That’s your reward Mr Postman for delivering to this house in all weathers” and he was gone, with the door closing behind him… In the silence that followed, I was too shocked and dazed to speak, as if emerging from a car crash and started thinking ‘did that REALLY just happen’ and then my earlier fears of how it all occurred so quickly and without any verbal exchange, ‘has this happened BEFORE’ I thought… I was about to start asking questions, when I saw Em turn her back to me and bend RIGHT over our hall table, revealing MUCH more than a hint of cheek, “I’ve been a VERY naughty Wife, Hubby and I deserve a spanking” Oh yes, I thought, my favourite and I was down the stairs three at a time… I fingered Em’s pussy from behind and it was SOAKING wet and as I played with her crack and spanked her big sexy bare bottom, Em recounted the morning’s events, as though I hadn’t witnessed them at first hand… I have to say the verbal recap was almost as sexy and arousing as the original event. Em must have felt the same, for soon she came and lay sprawled across the table gasping and panting and as I stared at my wife’s beautiful, bare, well spanked bottom I creamed all over the big red hand marks… Maybe it’s just my fancy but as a drop of water hitting a hot iron, was there a hiss sound and a puff of steam as my jizz made contact with my gorgeous, sexy, fantastic Wife’s red glowing orbs..?

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