Saturday, July 6, 2013


I was celebrating my 18th birthday and decided to go to a nearby party in a field. There were two tents; one for the beer and the other for live bands and such. I was alone to begin with but as always randomly bumped into people I knew. I spent the night walking around between the two tents drinking and making random conversations. In between drinks I even managed to snog or fool around with random d***ken women, but it never went any further than that... That is until the end of the night. It was about 2am and the place was closing down, all the bands were packing up and the bar was closing; everyone was leaving through the big gate. Some, however, were staying behind to talk to friends or just hang around drinking. I was standing next to the band tent when my old school pal walked over, we shook hands and within seconds were laughing about good old times, that is until he saw an old friend/lover. He walked over to her and I followed, seeing that she was with another woman. The alcohol had taken over my senses as I saw this woman standing there in a tight denim skirt and a loosely fitting t-shirt which still showed off her big firm breasts, she had short blonde hair which was in a mess from the busy night. I instantly wrapped my arm round her and introduced myself, she didn't move away and smiled telling me her name. My friend had the same idea as I saw him put his arm around the girl's shoulder who was slightly taller than the woman I was talking to. Throwing caution to the wind, I leaned in and kissed the blonde girl on the lips. She kissed back and my hand went from her waist down and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer, feeling her big breasts rubbing against my chest. I squeezed her ass more and she moved closer. After a few minutes I said goodbye to my friend, he didn't know where we were heading; he probably knew what was going to happen, but had no idea where. I walked the girl out of the field and round to a secondary gate, to a different field where people had been allowed to park their cars and set up tents. I looked around, seeing everyone standing around outside their tents, still drinking and dancing and talking, music blasting from different cars. I found the tent I was looking for. (Yes, I basically decided to hijack my friends tent for a few hours.) I opened it up and let the girl go in first, watching the view of her ass disappear into the tent with the dim light of headlights. I got in after her and quickly shut the tent, and almost immediately our lips were locked yet again, our d***ken bodies lying down as I pulled her full body on top. As our tongues danced, my hands made their way under her t-shirt and found their way to her bra clasp quickly undoing it and then almost as quickly removing her top and bra in one swift pull. It was a bit dark but as she leaned down I could feel her bare breasts against my body and could tell her nipples were hard as one hand worked its way up and began to pinch and squeeze her big breasts as I listened to her groan with pleasure, I knew she could feel my throbbing hard cock against her by now as she began to grind back and forth against it, even through my jeans and her leggings I could feel the warmth of her waiting pussy lips. I spun us around and slid her skirt off her body slowly, and then her leggings soon followed, my hand rubbed up her thighs as my lips wrapped around one of her breasts. The sounds of her moans were somehow blocking out the sound of music, people and shouting outside, as my fingers slid under her knickers and instantly slid between her soaking wet pussy lips, I slid 2 fingers all the way into her causing a loud throaty groan to escape her lips. She reached down and slid her knickers down exposing her tight wet shaven pussy to my fingers as I thrusted them in and out getting her even more wet. Before I got onto my knees in front of her, she instantly sat up and undid my jeans almost in the blink of an eye, yanking them down and exposing my thick hard cock, her hand wrapped around it and began slowly wanking up and down. I could not wait anymore, I spread her legs and lay her down, and with one deep thrust was buried balls deep into her young tight wet pussy, loving the feeling of her hot wet hole around my thick shaft. We both moaned together as I leaned down and began to kiss her, rubbing my pussy juice covered fingers all over her firm breasts, running my fingers against her hard little nipples. Starting slow thrusts at first taking it all the way out then thrusting deeper and harder into her as our tongues danced together once more, as my thrusts became faster and faster as I felt her hips pushing up sending my dick deeper and deeper into her as she groaned and moaned into my mouth. Soon we were both thrusting and moaning in unison, feeling our climaxes coming closer and closer, her hand slid between us and I could feel her finger nails and tips rubbing against my cock as she rubbed her clit almost furiously, sending her over the edge as her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vice. I continued my thrusts a few more time until I rammed as hard and deep into her as I could kissing her hard on the lips and sucking her tongue as I felt her cum squirting over my cock as I shot load after hot load deep into her. As we lay there waiting for our climaxes to settle, I rested my head on her breasts, as my cock was still in her covered in her cum. After getting dressed we climbed out of the tent closing it back up and walking away hand in hand. As we reached the gate I cheekily grabbed her ass and kissed her goodbye, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch before going our separate ways.

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