Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Their first foursome SeXStoRY

Their first foursome… The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks, as they all got to know each other and feel comfortable together. They had met at the bar of the hotel – two married couples out for a nice night, except whilst all four were married, not one of them was married to the other! Sophie and Al, Mark and Alisa - four married individuals all out to have some fun on the side. Nothing serious, all just to enjoy everything that their bodies could… after all, life’s short – have an affair – wasn’t that the catch phrase of the dating website they all originally met through! The deal was simple. Al and Sophie had already booked a room and were going to have fun anyway… if they both felt happy and comfortable with the other couple, and the feeling was mutual, then they would all head up to the room to have a special night together. At the agreed time (which they all felt came around far too quickly!) it was time to scribble a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the piece of paper Al provided and put it into the bag. A single ‘no’ vote would mean no going upstairs together as a foursome… With a flair for the dramatics, Al picked up the little bag with the votes and shook them up before slowly pulling them out one by one… First one out…. ‘Hell Yes!’… second one out ‘Yes please!’, third one out… Yes… with a love heart around it, and was that a stiff cock piercing it where the arrow should have been? (– nice touch Al! he thought with a smile), and then the final vote… ‘NO! pto!’then ‘just k**ding – of course YES!!!!’ (hmmm, that looked suspiciously like Sophie’s handwriting. Downing their last drinks whilst looking around at each other with a mix of lust, slight dis-belief and a little bit of nerves, they finished at the bar and made their way to the lifts. Arriving at the door to the room, Al paused, putting on his serious face as he slid the access card into the slot. Without looking up, he said ‘just remember that at any time anyone can just step back, either to just sit back and watch, take a short walk or walk away altogether... We are all here to have fun and there is absolutely no pressure at all to…’ He was silenced by a very passionate kiss from Alisa who also had her hand on Sophie’s ass. Sophie was already pressing hard up against Mark engaged in a similar passionate kiss! Piling through the door it was about as long as it took to find the light switch and set it to dim, as it was before they were already down to their underwear. Sophie grabbed Alisa pushing the boys back to the seats at the end of the bed and announced “a little show first for the boys eh Alisa!’ Alisa was quite short at just over 5 foot, but had a solid build with enormous breasts – when quizzed about her bra size, she just smiled with her superbly naughty and mischievous little grin and said ‘Big. Very, very big!’. That translated to a DD or even an E, but on her short frame they bulged out wonderfully on her chest. Sophie was taller than Alisa by a good few inches, but had a wonderfully full figure, big breasts, sexy round butt and toned legs. Sophie stood admiring Alisa for a moment before Alisa reached out to draw her close in a loving, soft passionate kiss. Their smooth faces caressed cheek to cheek, soft full lips gently kissing, then releasing before locking together once more. The boys sat back enjoying the sight of these two beautiful full bodied women kissing, gently touching one another, hands caressing faces, back, neck... Soft moans of passion escaped their lips as they squeezed their bodies together, tits and pussies beginning to grind in pleasure. Soft warm lips, hot tongues flickering lightly into each other’s mouth, moans, fingers caressing and pressing flesh… Alisa’s fingers reached the clasp of Sophie’s bra and released it. Not pulling back, Sophie undid Alisa’s bra, caressing the skin beneath the clasp as she slid it wider apart. Sophie then pulled back slightly from Alisa, mouths still locked together, and slid Alisa’s bra off her shoulders, bringing her fingers around the front to caress the sides of her huge tits. They felt amazing – so silky soft, a hint of firmness below the skin, she felt the sexy weight of them as they stepped apart allowing Alisa’s bra to finally fall to the ground, revealing enormous round pink areola with very pert nipples poking out. Holding both breasts in her hands Sophie kissed down Alisa’s lips, chin, neck and buried her face into the lovely soft mountain of cleavage before sucking and licking greedily on Alisa’s lovely hard nipples. Alisa’s light giggles complimented the moan of pleasure from Sophie as Alisa caressed Sophie’s breasts, now also freed from the burden of being contained by a bra. The girls continued kissing, caressing breasts, licking nipples and touching each other’s sexy bodies, ending up lying on the bed side by side as they each explored the smooth skinned beauty beside them. “Oh fuck! You are so wet!” exclaimed Alisa as she slid a finger under Sophie’s panties, parting her pussy lips and lightly caressing the entrance to Sophie’s cunt. Sophie responded by pressing her pussy hard against the fingers teasing her love tunnel, forcing one small finger deeper into her and loving the feeling of Alisa’s wrist rubbing her pubes and clit. Alisa finally pushed Sophie onto her back, fingers still working her wet pussy and kissing her face, tongue probing into Sophie’s open mouth. The show was having the desired effect on the boys, who had stripped and now had hard cocks in their hands, slowly rubbing themselves as they watched the two beautiful ladies on the bed. After a few minutes Al moved onto the bed, lying next to Sophie’s head, he replaced Alisa’s mouth with his erect cock as Alisa kissed her way down Sophie’s tits, tummy and thighs. Lifting up her butt at Alisa’s urging, Sophie helped ease off her panties as her hot mouth continued to suck Al’s hard cock. Al moaned at the wonderful, familiar sensation of Sophie’s hungry mouth as she sucked and licked him as well as at the wonderful sight of Alisa licking, slurping and fingering Sophie’s cunt. Mark had moved behind Alisa, pulling aside the little G-string before diving in to enjoy Alisa’s own very wet, hot and total bald pussy. Sophie’s tongue worked its wonderful magic on Al’s cock between increasing moans of pleasure from Alisa’s cunt licking. Alisa’s own moans were now joining in as Mark lapped deeply at her smooth plump pussy. Standing behind Alisa, Mark rubbed his hard on against the velvety wetness of Alisa’s pussy and ass. Alisa’s hand shot between her legs and pulled Marks cock into her cunt, slamming back hard, as soon as the head found her hole… “Ohhhh! Fuck me hard, deep and fast!” she shouted before diving back between Sophie’s pussy lips, fingers pumping and mouth sucking harder on Sophie’s clit. Mark obliged with furious hard pounding accompanied by a chorus of his own grunts, the wonderful flesh on flesh slapping sound of his body against Alisa’s, and of course the wet sucking sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. Al was squeezing Sophie’s big tits, playing with her sexy nipples and loving the feeling of her wonderful mouth around his cock. Sophie’s body was moving with the same rhythm as Alisa and Mark as Alisa’s face mashed into her wet pussy. Suddenly Sophie pushed hard against Alisa’s face and tongue as she lifted her hips off the bed and groaned through a deep shuddering orgasm, flooding even more pussy juices over Alisa’s already drenched face. Alisa lifted free of Sophie’s cunt to find her face kissed and licked clean by both Al and Sophie. They both enjoyed the sweet taste and scents of Sophie’s love juice mixed with Alisa’s saliva, all the while Alisa was being rocked by a deep hard fucking from Mark. Alisa moaned deeply into their combined kisses, her own fingers now rubbing furiously at her own clit helping to release the huge orgasm that was so close to washing over her. As soon as Al and Sophie started sucking and nibbling on Alisa’s huge tits it threw her over the edge and she screamed out her orgasm, slamming hard against Mark and mashing both Sophie and Al’s faces hard into her ample breasts, shaking with the powerful orgasm. Mark slowed his thrusting holding hard against Alisa’s hips, riding the hard clamping of her cunt around his cock and not wanting to pull out of such a hot spasming pussy, but finally Alisa collapsed against the bed breathing deep gasps as she still occasionally shook with the remnants of her orgasm. Sophie immediately grasped Marks hot and very slippery cock, sliding it eagerly into her mouth, loving the taste of his precum missed with Alisa’s pussy juice. After a few minutes of sucking Mark whist Al caressed and kissed Alisa, Sophie stood and pushed Mark onto the bed before straddling him, smothering his face with her lovely boobs. Mark’s hand guided his cock into Sophie’s pussy as she began a slow sliding action. Marks cock slowly disappeared into her hot soaking wet pussy as she slid down, loving the feeling of her tits being squeezed and sucked, her pubes and clit rubbing hard against Marks stomach and cock hairs. After discarding her new soaking G-string, Alisa arranged herself in a 69 position on top of Al, and they began drinking each other down with hot searching tongues, soft caressing fingers and lovely soundings moans of pleasure. Sophie loved the sight of Al and Alisa licking and sucking on each other next to her and Mark and the sounds that their love making created. Her clit was tingling once more and she could feel Mark’s cock getting harder and thicker inside her as his groans became more and more insistent. She slowed her pace to conserve Mark’s load and lifted off him trailing her tits over his chest and face before covering his mouth with her pussy. She notice Alisa was now humping on top of Al just like she had been with Mark moments before, loving the sight of Alisa’s massive tits swinging freely from her body as she bounced up and down on Al’s stiff cock. After several minutes of hard out fucking, Al and Alisa untangled themselves and Al stepped to the end of the bed, taking Sophie’s hand to indicate she should follow him. He positioned her bent over the bed, legs spread and entered her immediately, his need to fuck her obvious! Alisa positioned Mark so his cock was available for Sophie’s mouth, and smiled as Sophie moaned in ecstasy as she enjoyed one cock pumping into her very wet tight cunt and another full hard and very hot cock sliding down her throat. Alisa placed her pussy over Mark’s face and bent down to share his cock and the occasional very passionate wet kiss with Sophie. It wasn’t long before all four were moaning with passion and grunting with pleasure at the amazing sight and incredible feelings generated from all four bodies engaged in hot fucking. Alisa began panting hard, moaning deeply, almost a growl of pleasure as Mark inserted a finger slowly into her ass and lashed her clit furiously. Mark slowly increased the tempo of his finger as her ass muscles relaxed and after just a few minutes of licking and ass finger fucking Alisa cried ‘Oh fuck yeah! Oh Christ, I’m going to cum!” Al was moaning with pleasure too and could feel his own orgasm ready to explode. He knew how hot Sophie was feeling as her cunt was almost constantly squeezing his cock, her wet cunt flooding with more and more love juices as she sucked on a cock and enjoyed the one thrusting deep into her. Groaning Sophie slammed hard back against Al encouraging him to flood into her as she sucked harder and more deeply on Mark. Alisa twitched and shuddered through her orgasm, squeezing her massive tits and then taking one hot hard nipple into her own mouth – this sight was just too much and threw Al over the edge… he uttered his own guttural passionate groan as his cock flooded hot cum deep into Sophie’s pussy. Mark couldn’t hold back either and with a deep thrust of his own and holding Sophie’s head with his free hand he spurted a massive load into her mouth… Spent, all four lay back on the bed panting, cuddling, caressing and kissing, the two girls in the centre alternating their kisses with each other and the guys. Mark stood up slowly, semi erect cock glistening between his legs, and fetched a bottle of bubbly from a bag he had brought in… “That calls for a celebration with bubbles!” he said. Al took a good gulp of the cool wine then shared it first with Sophie then Alisa in a very wet kiss. They each took turns doing this until the bottle was quickly emptied and the passion reignited for another session of foursome love making! It was going to be a long, pleasurable and very happy evening indeed…

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