Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thick, Long and Gentle SeXStoRY

He was gentle and it's a good thing. His cock was huge, bigger than any cock I'd ever met, and I'd met quite a few before his. I did my best to suck it but I could barely get his head in my mouth. I guess you'd call my work "licking and kissing" instead of sucking. But jesus I enjoyed it. I'd still be doing it if he'd let me. Long, thick and uncut. His skin was sweet and soft. He had so much wonderful precum that I could only imagine what a load would be like. I would have loved to have tasted his load. But he wanted my ass, so he had me stop and turned me over. So here I am, face down in the pillow, knees on the bed and my ass in the air. He lubed the shit out of my asshole and his cock and he was working into me slow and easy. It was taking a while, he'd been working at it for a good 5 minutes so far. He was still hard though. Viagra helped him and the whiskey helped me. I was as relaxed as I could be, I wanted that cock inside me. He pressed steady but gently, and when my ass began to feel like it was going to tear open I told him and he eased back a little. Such a gentle man for being so big and muscular. We did it over and over. Him pressing in until the pain came, easing back, waiting, me saying "OK" and him pressing again. Each time he went a little deeper before it hurt much. He was caressing my back and my ass, and in between tries he leaned onto me, kissed my neck and played with my nipples. Sexy. Finally he pressed in and my ass muscles were stretched enough to give way. In he slid, slow, gentle. I gasped, never so full. He slid deep, as deep as he could go, his damp thighs and stomach against my cheeks. He stopped, already throbbing deep within me. He was panting a little bit. "Rock me baby" I begged. He started slow, easing almost all the way out, and then back in ever so gently. He knew exactly what he was doing. He picked up the pace but always going in slow and gentle so he wouldn't hurt me, and bringing it out faster and faster. In, out, in, out, he had a rhythm. My head was spinning. My ass was so beautifully full. We rocked together. We moaned together. He pulled out and asked me to turn on my back. I did what he said. He took both pillows, lifted me with one hand and slid them below me with the other. I brought my legs up high and spread as far apart as I could. "Cmon baby, put it back in." He greased his cock and pressed it into me, and this time I took him with no hesitation. Deep. His eyes were closed, he was moaning, we rocked together. I wrapped my legs around him. I pinched his nipples. He opened his eyes and stared at mine. "I'm going to cum." he whispered. "Deep" I said, "cum deep". He did what I said, deep inside me, now rotating more than rocking. He came to me and we started to kiss as his cock and his back stiffened. He kissed harder as his cock began to throb and his load spewed into me. He relaxed, rocking slow as he pumped the last of his spew. He pulled out slow, collapsed on the bed beside me. I rolled to him, kissing his neck and cheeks and caressing what was left of his erection. "You need to cum again baby, this time I want to taste you." He smiled.

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