Friday, July 19, 2013

Time to play.... SeXStoRY

how strange that my wife used to play on her own in bed when she thought i was sl**ping, if i moved she stopped, i was so horny cause i had not cum in wks, if i said i need to empty my balls, she not in the mood, and she said she not touching her self, lol, i could feel the bed moving about 4am, i would be woken up by her wanking her clit, her legs wide, she moving up and down almost off, if i moved she stopped, if i said anything she moan i woke her up lol. many times i was so in need to cum, hearing her doing it made me more horny to cum, i would slowly try and have a slow wank at the same time, but i don't like wasting my load in my pants, over her tits and pussy i wont to shot it, she never liked that. a few times i said look at my hard shaved cock and balls, what's made you hard like that, you playing, i was almost crying, i used to say, WANK ME OFF. no.... then after another few nights of not unloading i had to cum, i used to say you watch me cum....get a full we have a cuddle then...not with you having full balls, go and empty them in the loo, i pretend to go and unload, she used to check my balls n say they still full.... i remember once i was that horny to cum, i went to bed early could not get rid of that wanting to cum feeling, when she came to bed, i asked her for a cuddle, as i got on top of her she said leave your pants on, she had no knix on under her night dress and it rode up as i got on top of her seeing her shaved pussy, my cock worked it's way out the top of my pants, only after a few mins she wanted me to get off her, i said if i move i will cum all over you my cocks come out my pants, she was going mad shouting, i was crying saying please don't move or i will cum over you, she was pushing me off her, it was to late, i had the biggest cum. i spunked off all over her, my body shaking as my load pumped out, it was every where no joke, she had to have a bath, no more cuddles after that

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