Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trick or Treat... SeXStoRY

It was Halloween, our school was sponsoring a trick or treat event. Some of the teachers would be in class rooms and as you entered and answered the quiz they would reward you with candy for the right answers. If you answered wrong you would be asked to pick an envelop and inside would be a treat or trick. I was doing pretty good when I heard that there were better prizes on an upper floor. I darted up the stairs and started for the very first class room, as I knocked at the covered door it open, the room was in total darkness. I called out 'trick or treat', a huge hand clamped across my face and pulled me into the room, the door slammed shut. I was held against the wall as I heard other students knock at the door and try the knob. I tried to struggle free, my captor was very strong and taller than I. He lifted me till my feet was no longer in contact with the floor. I heard the voice of Mr. Gabe, he's one of the schools four janitors, I thought that he would surely hear me and free me from who ever held me tight. I heard him tell the other students 'y'all know you ain't to be up here, go back down stairs and be safe. Then the voice, said in my ear 'trick or treat', my body trembled as I recognized the voice, it was the other janitor Mr. Bobby. He continued 'you're my trick now I'm gonna have my treat', I tried to break free. Mr. Bobby carried me across the room to the cloak room. He tossed me inside and bolted the door. As I turned to looked at him, I could see from the window that he was already removing his pants and underwear. H e looked at me and demanded 'get on your knees an start sucking my dick'. Trapped with no way out, except by Mr. Bobby, I sunk to my knees as he walked over to me. He took hold of my head and guided it to his semi erect cock saying 'open your mouth and give me my treat'. I stretched my lips as wide as possible and tried to accept his enormous penis glans into my mouth. Just as soon as his cock head entered my mouth, Mr. Bobby started to have intercourse with my mouth. I gagged as his huge cock filled my oral orifice and prevented me from breathing. After a few more strokes, Mr. Bobby pulled from my aching mouth and said turn your young ass around here'. I tried to scamper away, he reached out and snagged my foot and pulled me back. Mr. Bobby demanded, as he struggled with me, 'get your ass out of these damn jeans'. Frantic, I didn't want Mr. Bobby to enter my anus again, I tried to stall, hoping some one heard the noise and would come investigate. Mr. Bobby answered that for me, 'stop stalling, no one is to be up here today'. With swift dedicated moves Mr. Bobby had stripped me of my jeans and was pushing me to the floor as he tried to enter my unprotected bung hole. Clearing his throat and spitting into his hand he applied some to his cock head and the rest to my anal orifice. Mr. Bobby did not try to be gentile, as soon as his cock found my pucker anal opening, Mr. Bibby lunged sinking half his member deep into my rectum. I cried out in pain as Mr. Bobby pulled back and rammed the rest deep into my butt. Gasping and panting for breath, I tried to call for help. Mr. Bobby was lust craze and pounded deep into my butt like a mad man till he unloaded his load of sperm deep into my bowels. Mr. Bobby collapsed on my back and continued to grind in my butt as he emptied his spunk into my anal cavity. I laid there whimpering in shame...

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