Monday, July 8, 2013

wife's fun SeXStoRY

My wife has been cuckolding me all of our marrage. Ten years ago she bought a CB2000 chastity cage to lock my cock up when she is out for the evening. This was fine with me because all I did while she was out is surf porn and jack off. She would come home after in most cases two hours of hard fucking and have me eat her while she discribed the evening to me. Then she would unlock my cock and have me try and fuck her myself. She was always very wet and loose , my cock measures just under four inches at full hardon. She would laugh and tell me how worthless my little cock was . Last month she made me a doctors appointment to get a scrip for Viagra. Now on special nights she'll have me take a Viagra and then lock me up in my cage. she will get dressed in front of me for her date. This never fails to get me hard. She knows I'll still be hard when she gets home. My cock is small enough I can get a full hardon in the CB2000 without any pain. But by time she gets home to unlock me I am dripping precum like a rabid dog. Viagra has become a new toy for her pleasure. One night we where invited out to eat with a co-worker of mine and his wife. It was a nice place we where going to so I wore dress slacks and a button up shirt. My wife had me take a pill before she got dressed. I watched as she pulled her black stockings up her legs and fastened them to the garters. Then she put on a black half cup pushup bra. This made her tits into perfect round globes. And she finished dressing by pulling up a thin strapped black dress that came to mid thigh. I said you forgot your panties. She said no I won't be needing them to get in the way. I asked of what? she said she was going to fuck my co-working tonight while we where out. I asked what about his wife? She said thats your job..keep her away from us till I let you know I have been fucked. OK, but how will I know I asked? She said you'll know. Well dinner was great and we went dancing afterward. My wife asked my buddy to dance and I was told to keep his wife company while they where gone. She was a pretty lady and I didn't really know what to say to her. My wife and her husband where gone for three songs in a row. She was starting to act like she was worried. Just then my wife walked up with my buddy and said we are back. I said well we where starting to worry. My wife said well it took longer than I thought it would. I looked at my friend and he quickly turned his face to look at his wife. I knew what she ment but his wife didn't catch it. I asked my wife if she wanted to set down? she said she had better not and that we needed to be going pretty soon. Oh well Ok we all got up and started toward the door, my wife took hold of my arm and held me so they could walk in front of us. She leaned in and asked if there was any cum running down her legs? I stepped back and looked. No I don't see any . Well she whispered he came a damn gallon. She said she felt a big glob fall out as soon as he pulled his cock out of her. I said look at your shoe. She did and saw traces of it on the toe of her black high hill. No one else saw it and the ride home was kind of quiet. My wife and I sat in the back seat of their car and when the road was dark enough I ran my hand up her leg toward her naked pussy. She opened her legs enough for me to get two fingers up her soaking wet snatch. I dipped them deep and pulled them to her mouth, she pushed my hand toward my own mouth and said quietly suck it clean. I did and I could smell the sent of her and him mixed together. When we got home we thanked them and said we'll have to do this again sometime. My buddie's wife said yeah ,and next time you can fuck me while your wife keeps my husband company. I didn't say anything I just smiled and closed the car door. On the way in the house my wife said everyone knew he was going to fuck me, I said really? then way did I have to stay behind? She said his wife wanted to suck your cock under the table but I had told her I had your cock locked up she said oh well. That was fun but it went to quickly..I did get to fuck my wife that night and for some reason she enjoyed it.

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