Wednesday, July 17, 2013

World War T(rans) chapter 1 - the change SeXStoRY

*Authors note* This is a fantasy story that I came up with, not sure where it should be categorized so I stuck it in the 'shemale' section. Sorry if this is wrong spot. This is my first attempt at a story so sorry if it sucks. ** Chapter 1 - The change It was all over the news. Across the seas a huge epidemic was spreading, and spreading quick. Nobody new where it came from but people were dropping like flies and going into some kind of coma. It only started a couple of days ago but half of Europe had fallen and it was spreading quickly in Asia. Most of Africa had fallen from this disease already. Both the USA and Canada had closed their borders but it didn't help. The news was covered by nervous newscasters describing the first cases in both countries. I was married in a small town... worked in forestry as a logger. It was a simple life. I was worried, but hoped that this epidemic would stick to the cities. I sat and watched the news as the newscaster droned on 'And the epidemic has hit New York hard, three quarters of the city has collapsed into a coma. This coma seems to be part of an over all change in the victims physiology. Experts still don't know how it is spread, but it is spreading quickly'. 'DEAR!, GET ME A BEER', I screamed at my wife... well if this was the end of the world, well I might as well enjoy myself by relaxing with a nice cold beer. My wife quickly and submissively brought me a beer... I laughed when she brought me one and said 'I could use a blow job as well' then leered at her. She rolled her eyes at me, but I was sure she wouldn't say no tonite. knock knock knock... at the door. I yelled 'dear get the damn door'. My wife quickly ran to the door and answered it. In walked my buddy Frank. I've known Frank for years. We went to school together. 'Hey man', I said, 'you don't look so well'. 'I don't feel so well', responded Frank. 'Hope I don't have this epidemic I've been hearing about. We sat around watching TV for awhile, drinking beer and watching baseball. After a couple hours Frank tried to get up off the couch but collapsed on the floor. "DEAR!" I screamed, but no answer, I looked over and saw my wife collapsed on the floor. I quickly tried to get up and all I remember was the floor approaching me very quickly as I fell to the ground. I woke up on the floor feeling very dizzy. Above me stood my wife. Or was it my wife? I blinked several times to see what was wrong with my vision. My wife grinned at me and said in a deep voice, 'Well its about time you came to.' I blinked several times more but nothing changed. Normally my wife was around 5'4" but now she looked at least 6 feet. Her shoulders were much wider and her hips were narrower. I swore to myself she must have a mans body. I looked at her face and realized that her face had changed too... I wasn't sure exactly how, but it had a harder edge to it. I then noticed that she was wearing a pair of my jeans and one of my shirts, and it fit her perfectly. My wife said 'Frank left before I came to, his truck is gone'. She still had a deep voice... I sat up feeling all strange, like something was missing but was too dizzy to figure it out. 'What the..', I stopped myself mid sentence. My voice was at least an octave higher. I looked down and I felt like I was in clothes that were at least 10 sizes too big, yet they were one of my favorite outfits. I ran my hands across my hips and realized that they were wider... and my ass...oh crap it was sticking out. Then I looked down at my chest and noticed the obvious. "Nice tits babe", my wife burst out in laughter... I looked over at her and then noticed another obvious thing. Hers were gone. I quickly reached down between my legs and reached around my groin in shock... 'Yup', she said stoically, "that's gone too. Want to see where it went to?" I put my hand down my pants and felt where my dick used to be. I found a soft slit and slipped a finger in as I gasped out in shock. "Playing with yourself already?", she said My wife grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto my feet. I couldn't have been more than 5'2 now. "Nice", she said as she ran her hands down the curves of my body. "Follow me", she ordered and led me to our bedroom. She led me to the bedroom and pulled off my shirt. My new boobs were standing firmly at attention. She grabbed one of them roughly and squeezed it. "Hmmm around a C cup I would say" I gasped out, damn these things are sensitive. Before I could do anything, she grabbed the front of my pants and pulled them down. They were so loose that they almost fell by themselves. I stood there almost naked as she pushed me on my back, onto the bed. She unzipped her pants and out came a huge cock. I gasped in shock as she smiled at me. "I have the cock now, now I make the rules" She got on top of me and her cock quickly hardened. She put it up against my new vagina and roughly pushed it in. God it must be around 8 inches I thought to myself. I screamed in shock and pain as I instinctively seemed to rap my legs around her. "Stop being such a whiny bitch and take it", she said annoyingly. I laid there in shock as she kept pushing each inch in. Deeper and deeper and then she started pushing in and out of me. Crying out she grabbed me and pinned my shoulders down. "Now you are mine to fuck", she said with an evil smile on her face. I started moaning now with each thrust, first in shock, then in pain, then with a growing pleasure. Grasping on to her holding for dear life as she penetrated me. She pumped faster and faster and after a few minutes she quickly pulled out. I gasped in shock as she exited my new vagina and moved herself up to my face. She stroked herself a couple times before she exploded a huge load across my face and in my mouth. I layed there in shock as my face was covered in cum and it dripped down my mouth and slowly dripped on my tongue. I realized quickly that my new life had arrived, and now I was the one who must serve the one with the cock.

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