Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Helping Hand SeXStoRY

Warning - contains fisting references do not proceed if that offends you! If not, then enjoy! For Jeni - hopefully by way of inspiration! The solution, when you thought about it, seemed obvious. It had been two months since your introduction to the Rose Garden, and you had been back three times since then.The first time had been similar to your original visit, then on the second time, a couple of girls had spent some time with you showing how to relax your ass, and open it using your fingers. Although extremely arousing, and enjoyable, you were still some way from being able to produce a rosebud of your own. On the third visit you had even been invited into the circle - which created an almost out-of-body experience for you, yet left the girl behind you with nothing to play with - a fact she tried to overcome enthusiastically with some deep tonguing and fingering. The following day you plucked up the courage to call Tori. After catching up on some gossip, you explained your predicament. "I really don't want what to go in the Rose Garden again without being able to prolapse myself, so I wondered if I might kill two birds with one stone. I've always wanted to try ass fisting, and I'm sure it will help me open up for the Garden as well." Tori agreed, and even came up with some suggestions. "I know some girls who get off on that big time" she explained, "And they'd just love to have someone as pretty as you as a novice. The're really good at helping out first-timers, and will look after you all the way". It turned out that the girls met regularly not too far away from the Garden, and Tori shared their contact details, explaining that an introduction from her would more than unlock the door. That evening you went to bed happy but nervous. As you imagined what might be happening in a couple of weeks time, you felt your pussy start to moisten, and your hand slid slowly down. With your left hand carressing your breasts, your right hand tickled gently around your smooth pussy, starting with the tops of your inner thighs. Being relaxed and warm they were hyper-sensitive, and you felt a succession of exquisite tingles inside you. Your nipples hardened, and you squeezed them hard, plucking them, and imagining them being nibbled by Tori. As you worked your way closer to your pussy, the heat rose within you and you moaned. Wetting your right fingers with your mouth, you started to circle your clit. Round and round, up and down, round and round. Your felt your pussy juices start to flow, and mingled with with your spit to lubricate the whole area. Dipping a finger inside you, a thought suddenly occurred to you. It had been a while since you had last pussy fisted yourself, so what better way to prepare for the events of the week to come? Although you were by now dripping wet and breathing hard, you remembered the old fisting adage "Too much lube is almost enough", and leant over and pulled a large bottle from your bedside table. This had had far too little use lately, you thought to yourself. It was one of your favourites, with a subtle floral/musky aroma, that you and your girldfriends enjoyed. Covering your hand and wrist, you resumed your attention on your pussy. The first - middle - finger slid in easily, closely followed by index finger. You paused for a moment, working.them in and out, feeling yourself get even wetter. Arching your back, you pushed them in hard, then added the third - ring - finger. This was starting to feel more like it, although three fingers was always the hardest stage. The shape of the hand and the fact that the little finger was still outside prevented deep penetration, so after a couple of thrusts, you cupped yourfingers slightly, and allowed the little finger to join in the fun. That was better! Although satisfyingling tight, it allowed the hand to enter you more deeply and easily. You moaned again, and tried to relax your abdomen. The twin feelings - of compression on your fingers, and of the soft, wet firmness of the inside of your pussy - was dominating your brain; you were panting slightly, and you felt a bead of perspiration form on yourforehead. Several minutes of pleasure ensued, with your left hand continuing their assult on your breasts, while your right hand explored your inner depths. As you felt your pussy relax and the early indications of an orgasm starting to build you felt the time had come to use the whole fist. Re-lubing your hand, you tucked your thumb across your fingers, cupped your hand slightly, and started to slide it inside you. As your knuckles approached the entrance, you felt a short stab of pain as your pussy opened wider than it had so far. But the pain was more than offset by the feeling of having the extra width inside you, and you worked your hand in and out, round and round, slowly getting a little more inside on each push. Oh God that was good! Finally, when you knew that only a small amount of extra effort would see your entire hand swallowed within you, you paused for a moment. With your pussy wide open and your orgasm slowly building, you, you wanted that moment to last as long as possible. Then, with a look of concentration on you face, you pushed gently, and suddenly the whole fist disappeared inside your swollen cunt. Oh FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! You were hit by two overwhelming sensations. Firstly, your inner lips relaxed slightly as they adjusted to the narrower wrist. And secondly, your pussy felt stretched to capacity, as your fingers unclenched and clenched slightly within you. With your orgasm approaching, you knew you had little time left, and thrust hard three or four times, jamming your fist upwards, until the waves of pleasure exploded over you. You were hit by ripple after ripple, your muscles tightened and your body flexed upwards, as the orgasm ripped through your pussy, your abdomen, your stomach, and onwards up into your brain. The contractions lasted for at least a minute, and with every muscle taut, you could feel the squeeze on your hand as never before. At last, the waters ebbed, you slid you tightly cleched fist out from within you, and, trembling slightly from effort and exhaustion, but with an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, you lay back. Within thirty seconds you were fast asl**p.. There was early winter chill in the air three days later as you made your way down to 12th St, but inside you were anything but cold. Anticipation of what was to come was keeping your heart racing, along with a slight degree of nervousness. Pussy fisting had taken a while to achieve, and you were not sure if ass fisting was not going to be the same. In fact Blue Angel, who Tori had recommended initiate you in the art, had warned it might well take a couple of sessions or even more to achieve full penetration. "Depends on just how tight that sweet little butt-hole of yours is, darling" she had said on the phone. As a girl who enjoyed anal activity in general, and who had a reasonable collection of (well-used) butt-plugs, you hoped that at least some of the ground work had already been done. But that didn't stop the butterflies in your tummy. Instead of a club, this time you were going to an apartment, one that Angel and some of the others used for private parties and other - more intimate - activity. You wished you could participate more in that lifestyle, but were aware that things needed to be taken one step at a time. Having identified yourself to the doorman, you took the lift up to the 7th floor, pressed the buzzer, and waited. If the atmosphere in the club had screamed "Sex!" from the minute you walked in, the apartment, when Angel opened the door, could not have been more different. It was in effect a regular apartment - kitchen/diner, sitting room and two bedrooms. And Angel appeared to be dressed in an outfit to match - white shirt, short business-type skirt, black stockings, and heels. She giggled at the expression on your face. "We have to keep up the appearance of being just a regular apartment" she explained, "So when we open the door we try to fit into the whole neighbourhood thing. But it ain't whats going on underneath!" Taking your hand, she guided it up her skirt, and you felt the top of the sheer stockings give way to smooth, silky thigh, and on up to a satin smooth pussy. You could feel her heat, and even a slight dampness on your fingertips. Your knees trembled. "I've been so looking forward to this!" murmered Angel as she led you into the kitchen, where she poured you a drink. "So, looking to join the ass-fisting club, huh?". You nodded. "I love things in my butt" you explained, "And I love it when my friends use toys or strap-ons, but I so want to take it up a level. I think it would be soooo cool to get my girlfriend's fist in there, you know, actually have part of her inside of me?" "It's just the best feeling in the world" Angel replied. "So intimate, balancing on the edge of pleasure and pain, and when you get relaxed enough to start taking a bit of pumping, there's just no way having a cock inside you is ever gonna feel the same again". "Haven't had one of those inside me for years anyway!" you said, "So I'm not going to be losing much. Give me girls any day of the week". "Amen to that!" Angel smiled, and, refilling your glass, led you into a bedroom. If the hallway had been normal, the bedroom was anything but. Against one wall, a huge super-king bed covered in satin cushions was positioned, while along a second a large shelf ran the full width of the room. The shelf was covered in the most extraordinary assortment of sex toys - strap-ons, balls, replica fists and an astonishing assortment of dildos and butt plugs - glass, rubber, all the shapes under the sun, some looking more suitable for use as traffic cones. You even noticed a couple of baseball bats along with bottles of various sizes, specula and some double-headed dildos approximately three feet long. And bottles of lube were positioned along the length of the shelf. On the third wall, a walk-in closet contained an array of fetish clothing - latex, leather, rubber - with bondage wear, ball gags and restraints hung over a number of hooks. You gasped, and felt a sudden rish of juices to your pussy. "My God" you mouthed "I feel like I've arrived in heaven". You felt Angel stand close behind you, and pull your back into her chest. Her soft mouth nuzzled your neck and ears, and you could smell the sweet cocktail on her breath. Her hands started to caress your breasts, gently at first, then with an increasing sense of urgency. As she continued to nibble at your neck, you felt your nipples grow hard under the insistent probing of her fingers, and your pussy, already wet, became more like a pool and your knees started to give way. Twisting your head, your mouth locked onto Angel's, and you felt her her tongue probe the inside of your mouth. Panting hard, and sensing your desire, Angel led you towards the bed. The next few minutes were a blur. Slipping out of her shirt and skirt, Angel, in stocking and heels, ravished your body with her mouth and tongue, removing your clothes as she went. Then, laying you on the bed, she ran her tongue slowly down the length of your body from the middle of your hairline - down your forehead, your nose, lips (the buzz!), over the middle of your chin, down the little soft hollow in your neck, then down through the middle of your breasts. As she approached your navel, you realised where she would be ending up in a few seconds, your pussy flooded again, and you felt you body clench in the thrall of a mini orgasm. Deliberately slowing down so as to heighten the anticipation, her eyes glinted as they caught yours. Down the soft curve of your belly, over the mound of your pudenda, onto your clit - AAAAAAAAARGH! and then the soft, hot, wet burrowing tongue pushed deep inside your cunt, lapping up the ocean of juice that had collected inside. Your body arched back as you grabbed Angel's head, forcing her face into your dripping groin. Squeezing her head between your thighs, you rocked from side to side in the throes of an overwhelming orgasm, until you felt her hands pulling your legs apart to allow her to surface and breath again. Sliding back up the bed towards you, your mouths locked again, and you tasted your own juice mingled with Angel's spit in your mouth.. Exhausted, you fell back. Angel smiled. "Well that should have gotten most of the tension out!" she murmered, "Let's get on with the main event!" She lay you down on your back, and collected a number of cushions to arrange under your lower back and butt. Gently lifting your legs over your head, she parted them either side of your head, so you could hold your calves with your arms. Your lower body was pointing slightly upwards, and a musky aroma from your wet pussy filled the air. You felt terribly exposed, and slightly vulnerable - after all, you'd only met this girl 40 minutes ago! But you so wanted what you knew was to come... Taking a bottle of lube from the shelf, Angel squeezed a large quantity between your butt cheeks, and caressed it gently all around your ass. Already gaping slightly, you felt one of her fingers probe just inside the entrance, then slide deep inside you. This was a familiar feeling from your activities at home, but it was the first time you had had another girl probing inside you. The nerves inside your ass were sending back waves of pleasure to your brain, and you felt momentarily a little dizzy. A second finger quickly joined the first, and you felt both slide in and out, in and out, turning slightly as Angel twisted her hand. Every fibre in your body was now in a state of heightened awareness, and your ass felt more sensitive than you had imagined possible. After a couple more minutes with her fingers, Angel selected a medium sized butt-plug from the shelf, and, covering it with lube, placed the point at the entrance you your ass, "Don't think you're a stranger to these!" she smiled, "Your ass is just perfect - soft and willing, but still tight enough to take a bit of work". With one hand teasing your clit, she started to push the plug gently inside you. You let out a long sigh of pleasure. Having someone else controlling the tempo heightened the arousal, as you were never sure what was going to happen next. For several minutes Angel worked the plug round and round, in and out, slowly increasing the width of you ass as she did so, but all the while working your clit and pussy with ther other hand. Small ripples of pleasure stated to build up again inside you, and you pulled on your legs, widening the gape as you did so. With a last push, Angel slipped the bulb of the plug inside you, and your ass closed down around it's neck. The plug was a little larger than anything you had tried at home, but despite the slight strain, the overall feeling was highly arousing. Having got it in, Angel did not stop there. For several minutes she worked the bulb in and out, your ass stretching slightly more each time until it felt entirely comfortable. When it bacame clear that your ass was completely relaxed, she withdrew it altogether, and, covering her hand with lube, slid three fingers inside you. The feeling of the fingers - compared to the smooth body of the plug - was an additional stimulus. Angel twisted her hand and probed inside you, then, tucking her little finger inside the other three, she pushed her fist in further, past the knuckle, until only the tnumb was left outside. This was wider than the plug hand been, and you felt a short stab of pain, but this quickly disappeared as you relaxed, and you felt you ass stretch a little wider. "I think we might manage this in one go!" Angel said, "You're no stranger to butt games, are you?" Although you had not been able to manage particularly large insertions, you were fascinated by them and had certainly played with your butt more than normal, and felt a pang of nervous anticipation and excitement ripple through you at the thought of being able to take a fist that same day. Rubbing your clit, you felt your pussy wetten further, and noticing this, Angel bent over and licked slowly up your swollen pussy lips towards your clit, drinking up the running juices. The feeling of her tongue on your clit combined with the fingers in your ass produced a huge wave of pleasure, and you felt the familiar feelings of another orgasm starting to build. Sliding her hand in and out, Angel twisted it round and round, each time working on increasing the opening a little further. Despite being wider than it had ever been before, your ass was loving the sensation, no doubt helped by the feelings from your clit and pussy. Finally, Angel cupped her hand slightly, and tucked the thumb inside, and started to work the entire fist gently into your ass. You gasped. This was the moment you had long dreamt of! You focussed on keeping your body relaxed, at the same time as feeling the contractions inside you building slowly. At first, the fist was some way from entering fully, but with Angel's continued gentle efforts, and your vigorous stimulation of your clit, you felt your ass grow wider than you had ever imagined possible. Angel paused for a moment, giving your body a chance to relax. You were panting, and barely able to contain your excitement. "In! I want it inside me! you urged, heedless of the final stretch that still lay ahead. Angel smiled. "Ok honey, just a bit more to go" she replied, and started work again. Trembling with excitement, you pulled your legs even further back, widening the gape of your ass even further. The extra effort was clearly what was required, for with little further ado, Angel was able to twist, slide and push the whole of her fist into your ass. As the anus contracted around her wrist, you felt a final short stab, quickly overcome by the overwhelming sensation of the - what felt like enormous - fist buried deep inside your butt, and you let out a loud moan of pleasure. Angel smiled, and bending over again, buried her head in your pussiy and sucked hard on your clit. Your heart was pounding like a jackhammer as your body came to terms with it's new intruder. After a few seconds to allow you to relax again, Angel moved her fingers slightly inside you , and you felt her fingertips tickle against the inside of your ass wall. Oh my God! The sensation was overwhelming, a direct electric current straight to the brain. Your body screamed in pleasure, and you pulled your legs even further back and apart. This must be a similar sensation to having your rosebud licked, albeit with the rose still inside, but all of a sudden you could see why so many girls were starting to get off on prolapsing. With your bl**d pounding in your ears, you concentrated hard as Angel flexed her hand over and over again, then started to slide the fist gently in and out, only small movements to start, but creating the most incredible sensations in your butt and anus. Beyond speaking, you could hear yourself giving small grunts as your orgasm started to erupt. Normally this involved a lot of full body contractions,, but because the fist in your ass prevented you from thrashing around, this was more like an orgasm under some form of bondage, and all the feeling became concentrated in your ass and pussy. As Angel continued to twist and slide her fist, you felt a final lick in your cunt before the dam burst. You heard yourself scream, but were completely unable to do anything about it. You ass tightened around the warm fist, the sensation of the knuckles against your ass wall proving extra stimulation. Your pussy - already drenched - gushed even further - and you felt drops of moisture running down onto Angel's wrist. Your nipples felt like they might explode, and sweat beaded your forehead. The waves continued for a couple of minutes, before you slumped back, completely exhausted. You felt almost nothing as your ass opened one last time to expel the fist, and felt Angel's fingers stroking round the entrance. She leant over to kiss you, gently nuzzling your neck and face before licking round your lips with her tongue. You tasted your own juices, and quivered. "Welcome to the club, hun" she murmered. "It just keeps getting better and better from here on in!" And with that happy thought playing in your mind you drifted off into a deep sl**p. The End.

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