Saturday, July 20, 2013

my first gay experience a public toilet SeXStoRY

ok so i was in my teens and id always wanked about sucking a cock or being fucked by a man ....usually on the way back from college i would stop in the public toilets by the bus station and read the gay graffiti on the walls and have a wank ,this particular day i had a pair of earphones on busily minding my own business in the cubicle when a whistle caught my attention ...i turned round to see an old man maybe 65 leaning over the cubicle gesturing me to come over ,mycock was so hard and the bl**d rushed to my head i didnt know what to do i whispered back in a broken shaky voice come round here?? and waited ...seconds later there was a tap at the door so i opened it and he shuffled past wearing a mid length green jacket and grey trowsers quite rough looking not dirty but a smoker drinker toilet wanking type ;)...i locked the door and turned round and showed my proud circumsized cock dripping with pre cum instantly he pulled down his trousers and pants and showed me his hard uncircumsized cock protruding out a bush of black hair he moved towards me and held my cock as he moved his face towards me i opened my mouth and went towards him he kissed me pushing his tongue at mine then he licked round my lips ....i felt like a dirty slut! still with my open mouth i went straight for the full french kiss my cock was thumping as we came out of the kiss i started towards his swollen bell end sniffing deeply as i got near.. i saw the head of the cock sticking out from his foreskin and licked at the hole ,opening wide i took the whole knob into my mouth and gently went back and forth about 10 times before i hit my throat getting brave.. he was whispering all the time about his turn so i came up for air, before i knew it he had half my cock in his mouth the precum was dripping off my cock like id cum already so hed slurped it up and was going for the rest after about a minute of holding back and threatening to cum ifinally couldnt hold back anymore and came into his mouth he greedily swallowed as much as possible but it dripped onto the toilet floor, he stood back up close to me and i licked a little cum off his face as we kissed mmm i wanted mine! i started to wank him back off and asked him to wank on my ass while i fingered he agreed so i wet my ass with spit and started being a slut in a public toilet for him ;P as he got closer i started rocking on his cock it popped in a couple of times so i moaned to say more he slid his cock in me for a few minutes before here went really hard as he was pulling out he came into my ass i turned round and cought some cum on my cheek i wiped it to my mouth as i sucked him dry pulling my now hard again cock back into my boxers i headed out of the cubicle ready for another wank! ..

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