Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Lot of Firsts SeXStoRY

My encounter at the Seattle ABS frightened me so much that is was three or four months before I would go into another one and I had transferred to San Diego in the meantime. I had been thinking about that blowjob and decided that since I had enjoyed it so much I was curious to try some more and what better place to try to find more than another ABS. There were a few of them some distance from the base so it seemed safe. This was back before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell so the services were still homophobic. I was engaged at the time but my fiancĂ© was not located in San Diego. I went into this particular ABS and to my disappointment the doors to the video booths were just opposite the magazine racks so much to open for anything to happen so I browsed around the store for a while before I realized that there was another row of video booths in a passage behind the first and there were guys going in and of there. I casually went into the passageway and saw that there were about four or five booths along the one wall. There were a few guys walking around and most of the booth doors were shut. I saw one door partly open and there was a guy in there wanking so I walked passed to the end of the passage. Another guy walked up to the partly open door, paused for a second and then went in and shut the door, my first lesson in ABS etiquette. So after another booth was vacated I went into it and put some money into the machine and selected a video to watch. I had shut the door when I went in so I opened is slightly and stood a little to the side so that I could watch both the video and see if anyone was looking into the booth. So I took out my cock and started to have a play. It wasn’t long till I saw a face peek into the booth, he gave me a nod which I returned and he came into the booth. He got down onto his knees and started sucking me. Since I was fairly excited about this actually coming off as planned I didn’t last very long so I blew my load and left. I became a regular at this ABS going back a few times a week and it was generally the same. Much better than wanking my own cock but that was all until one time. It all started the same as usual, I was in the booth having a wank when this guy about my age came in. He got down on his knees and started sucking me but instead of the usual sucking like the guy was starving and needed to swallow a load in a hurry this guy was sucking my cock slow and sensually. He also started running his hands over my abs and chest. This gave me such a thrill. This was so much more than just a BJ. He finished me off and left. I started to consider myself as bi-curious rather than straight. I still preferred women but why can’t you have both. I continued to be a regular at the ABS and after that another time stuck in my mind. I was in the booth with the door just open when this guy came into the booth. He started kissing me, my first time kissing another man and he said that he had a van out in the parking lot and would I like to go there. I figured what the hell and followed him out to the van. We climbed in and stripped off. It was now my first time naked with another man in a sexual situation. We started kissing and stroking each others cocks. We moved around into the 69 position and started sucking each other (the next first time, sucking another guy). We continued sucking each other till he blew in my mouth and I swallowed, another first. He then asked me to fuck his ass and since I was so horny by this point I was happy to. He got onto all fours and I slipped my hard cock into his ass. He must have had plenty of experience cause I ploughed straight into him without any hesitation, yet another first. I started pounding his ass for about the next fifteen minutes with him struggling. I was a lot stronger than he was and I had complete control of the situation. I got him on his stomach and I laid prone on his back and pinned him to the blanket covering the floor of the van. He did not like the situation I got him into and tried to struggle up on his fours again. I just pushed him back flat and told him to quit struggling. When he tired and surrendered, I took over and fucked him good. I planted my seed deep inside him and told him that he was now my pregnant little slut. He whimpered but took it pretty good, since I gave him no choice. I sucked him off again happily swallowing another load. I then got out of his van and went back to base.

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