Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dogging gayTastes so good SeXStoRY

I was bored yesterday feeling horny so I drove to a local spot where cars park up. I was the only car there so moved my seat back pulled my trousers down and got my cock out. I was enjoying wanking when another car pulled in. I saw that there was a couple in it. They got ot the car both middle aged. AS they walked past my car they glanced at me and continued walking. I recognised the lady as she lives in the same village as me and works in the local shop. After a while I saw them walking back to their car. When they got in they flashed their light so I did the same. I went to their car the lady (jackie) was holding the mans cock and he had his hand up her skirt, said he was her husband and was they were game for anything. I took my cock out and started to stroke it whist watching them. the man opened the car door so i move in closer. Jackie was now on her knees sucking his cock, she reached up and took hold of mine and then lesaned forward and gave it a suck. AS she sat back the man reached up and took hold of my cock and started to wank me. Jackie was at with her legs open fingering her cunt. She the got out the car came round to my side and started stroking and squeezing my balls as he continued wanking me. I nopw had hold of the mans cock , he had laid his seat down. I was ready to cum when jackie slipped between my legs and got my cock in her mouth. As she sucked on me I leant right into the car and took the mans cock in my mouth and satrted to suck him off. Jackie sucked me until I did cum but she kept me in her mouth swallowing my cum. She then just stroke me and squeezed my balls whilsyt I continued sucking. He started to tremble so I eased back a bit and was just sucking the head and wanking him at the sametime when he exploded I took all his cum into my mouth savouring the the taste. Later that day I went to the shop and Jackie was serving she asked me what I wanted and I said "you" she laugh and said "ok pick me up tromorrow but its just the two of us its my turn Bill (that was her husband) is at work"

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