Thursday, July 11, 2013

A sexy shave down below SeXStoRY

I would love to shower with you feel your soft wet skin against mine rubbing your beautiful breasts and playing with your nipples making them hard and sensetive. I would kiss down your neck run my finger tips over the soft wet skin of your back and kiss down lower until I reach your sexy little ass and kneeling behind you I would part you legs showing me your beautiful pussy lips. you bend over, the water from the shower runs over you back and down your thighs and you can feel it on your pussy. I ask if I can shave your pussy and you are a little shocked at the question but also curious, and you say: "No I will do it for you". You turn around and sit on the edge of the bath tub adn spread your very sexy thighs you can feel the cool air of the bathroom on your wet pussy lips, I take the shaving cream and lather between your legs with palm of my hand, you breath in deeply savoring my touch. You take your razor and shave all the hair from your lips and leave a small strip at the top. I kneel in the bath infront of you and watch all of your careful movments taking in your beauty. When you have finished I lean over and we kiss deeply our tongues dance in each others mouths. We embrace in the shower once more and I I bend you over in the previous position and with the shower head I wash all the foam from between your thighs. just looking at the smoothness of your newly shaved pussy excites me and I run my hand down your back, over you butt and nderneath feeling how incredibly smooth, soft and wett your pussy now is. You push your sexy ass towards me and I take the que ask kiss up the inside of your thigh until my tounge is lick your pussy lips. I can taste your juice and you let out long moans. Part you pussy lips with my fingers and push my tongue as far in as possible. My tongue flicks over you clit right round and over you bum hole. You are in ecstacy, your eyes are closed as I am licking and enjoying the taste of your sweet juices. With my other hand I play and rub your breasts playing with your nipples, I run my hand over your chest and down to your newly shaved pussy. Having no hair makes the feeling of my touch more intense and your orgasm is building. I push a finger gently inside your pussy whislt still licking you from behind you are still bent over. I can feel the muscles of your tight pussy squeeze my finger and I rub your clit with my thumb. All this combined with my finger, probing tongue is too much for you and you moan loudly I feel you grip my finger with your pussy and you orgasm all over my tongue and hand, I take my finger from your swollen pussy and taste your sweet juice. "Wow rena showering with you is hot" "we should do this more often" I say. You turn to me floating on a cloud of orgasm and we kiss deeply again our wet bodies pushed against each other. Seeing you in total ecstacy and has made me also very excited and you can feel my hard dick pushing against your leg as we kiss in the steamy shower. You turn to get out of the shower and look me in the eyes with a look of total lust. "Rena where next, the bedroom?" I ask........

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