Thursday, July 11, 2013

Come Out of the Closet SeXStoRY

Hello homofag... I think it's time for you to come out of the closet! The truth is, everyone probably thinks you are gay, so I'm sure it won't be much of a surprise to your friends and f****y but I'll still help you out yourself to them.  This is a step by step assignment that well require you to gather all kinds of incriminating evidence about your queer double life to ultimately seal your fate in exposing yourself to everyone for what you really are!  Once you complete these steps, there will be no turning back for you bitch and then everyone will know the truth that you're really a flaming faggot! So, first of all bitch you're going to need lots of evidence to prove to people that you are gay! I want you to take 5 of the most gay and humiliating pictures of yourself and put it in a folder on your desktop. One picture should be of you sucking a penis shaped object, another of you dressed in some sort of drag/sissy outfit and another of you performing sex acts on the penis shaped object. Stick it in your ass if you can and get a shot of that.  If you have a dildo, more points to you! Make sure you use it because that right there is the ultimate proof that you are gay.  Your faggot face should also be clearly visible in all the pictures so that people can see that it's really you! Next, go to your Facebook page or your email contacts list and pick out the 5 most important people in your life.  This would include any girlfriends/wives, bosses, co-workers, friends, crushes or even your biggest enemy!! These should all be 5 people who's opinion of you would be greatly changed if they found out you were gay. So, I'm sure you might need a bit of prodding to do this next step so I suggest you get nice and wasted first.  Get d***k enough to the point where you don't care anymore and open up your email inbox.  Enter the email addresses of the 5 people you chose and attach ALL of the gay incriminating pics to the email. Make the subject header or the e-mail "IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!"  and inside write "Just thought you should know that I'm really a faggot," and end it right there.  NOW HIT THE SEND BUTTON!!! Enjoy everyone's reaction to you finally coming out of the closet! Hopefully you won't lose your job bitch! Hahaha... you're welcome!

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