Thursday, July 11, 2013

mmf stranger meet SeXStoRY

For paul and his bug Paul was an old friend from work years ago, accidently we met in a country pub, both having a beer after work We chatted for a while, and one beer turned into a couple in no time at all. We chatted about allsorts, his wife, me recently divorced etc etc after an hour or so his phone rings, telling me he wont be a minute its hi wife. He takes the call outside, I think nothing of it. Coming back in he offers me back to his for a meal, saying his wife would love to catch up to, and since Im alone this evening she insisted i came over. We finsih our drinks and I follow him in his car. Nice house i think as we arrive on his drive He turns the key and invites me in My head spins as I see his wife stood there, a red basque, matching knickers and a blindfold Paul puts his finger to his mouth, telling em to remain quiet. Nodding in agreement i watch as paul undresses and feeds his wife his already hard cock im stood thinking, a little confused as i see paul notion to me to undress. Silently i do and he beckons me over, withdrawing his cock from his wifes mouth, he winks and nods to allow me to replace it fuck me i think as she sucks me off, my whole lentgh deep in her throat she moans with delight as paul pushes his cock into her mouth next to mine 'happy birthday' he says to her she takes off the blindfold and says hi, giggling and apologising for tricking me into their fantasy no need i reply, the pleasure is all mine we spend the next half an hour so chatting and teasing about their fantasy and wow they know what they want needless to say that the night progressed, all three of us enjopying each other having never sucked a cock before i needed some persuading but my god with her encouragment i found it turned me on massively we ended up double fucking her, our cocks pushing side by side in her soaking pussy both cumming at once, our cocks bulging together sent her over the edge and she came the hardest she had all night without thinking i got down between her legs and lapped up all our cum mine, pauls and his gorgeous wifes thank you both - so damn horny!

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