Thursday, July 18, 2013

Confessions of an Exhibitionist SeXStoRY

They met at the railway station as planned. The reporter, with her list of questions, camera and recorder, and the girl with nothing to hide. After ordering a couple of drinks, they took a table in a dark back corner of the bar and started talking, without actually getting into the interview. Once the reporter's gear was all ready, she asked the girl if she still wanted to go through with this. With a big smile, she nodded "yes".Reporter: "This is Lauren O'Riordan with..." Girl: "Molly..." Lauren: "...with Molly. It's just gone 6 pm on a lovely Wednesday evening, and we're in the cozy little bar at the train station. I'm talking with Molly because I'm absolutely fascinated with her hobby." Molly: "It's just something I love to do. It excites me, not to mention the smiles I get from the other people." Lauren: "I take it you do this often, then..." Molly: "Oh, yeah! Every chance I get! This is so exciting. I love doing this, sitting in a crowd of people like this. If any actually took the time to see, they'd see all I'm wearing is this overcoat. My breasts are exposed just enough that, if walking by quickly, one would have to turn and take a second look to be sure. Sitting just right in this chair and it's obvious that all I'm wearing are these shoes and this coat. Mum says I look like a spy from the 60's in it. I don't think she knows what I do when I go out wearing this old mac, but it gets me all excited just the same." Lauren: "Sitting in a busy train station, people passing by left and right, and all that's keeping them from seeing the real you is this old overcoat." Molly: "My hard nipples and wet fanny are begging to be seen. I'd love for some one to stop and look me straight in the eye. Sadly, no one ever does. They just keep on walking, off to whatever they must go do." Lauren: "How long have you been doing this, Molly?" Molly: "A few years now. A girlfriend dared me once and that was all it took. She's the one who bought me this coat at an old second hand shop. We'd walk through the park or along a busy street, holding hands, knowing and loving that we were completely starkers under our coats." Lauren: "Whatever happened to that girlfriend?" Molly: "We grew apart. I got more and more attracted to her, and more and more into my flashing. She didn't enjoy it as much after a while, I guess. I wouldn't change a thing, though." Lauren: "Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation that frightened you?" Molly: "Thankfully, no. I try to keep mind of where I am. For me, the more public the better." Lauren: "Ever had a run-in with the law?" Molly: "There was once when a police woman followed me for a bit. I caught her in a shop window reflection one afternoon. I kept me coat tied, even though not a single button was done up. After a few more blocks, I approached her and asked her what I'd done to deserve a police e****t. When she saw the belt was done up on me coat, she smiled and begged off with some excuse she had the wrong girl. (laugh)" Lauren: "How daring do you get?" Molly: "I took a stroll through the tube station not long ago. The breeze from a passing train flew my coat wide open for all to see. Except, the train was travelling quite fast and there weren't any passengers on the waiting platform. It was so thrilling, even though, disappointingly, nobody saw." Lauren: "So you do wish to be seen." Molly: "Well, yeah." Lauren: "Have you ever completely disrobed in public?" Molly: "Once, I was visiting friends in Amsterdam. One of the women knew I enjoyed a little flash now and again, but the other knew absolutely nothing about it. But I hadn't brought my coat. All three of us got starkers in one of the bars. It was stellar! By the end of the evening, I'd completely forgot I was naked... in the sense that I was supposed to not be naked, y'know? We were just three women out having fun!" Lauren: "Did you have sex with any one?" Molly: "You mean at the bar? No. That's not what I go out for. Mind you, at the end of the evening, when the three of us got back to my friend's flat, we just fell in together and had great, sexy fun with each other the rest of the night." Lauren: "That does sound like you enjoyed yourself. Is every flashing episode a sexual turn on for you?" Molly: "Yeah, that's why I do it. I don't have to flash to be sexually excited. I've had tons of sex that had nothing to do with flashing, or being in public at all. But, I'm so turned on right now it's unbelievable. And I haven't even opened my coat." Lauren: "Would you like to?" Molly: "All this talk about getting naked, I'm half tempted to just take it off." Lauren: "If that's what you wish to do, I certainly won't stop you. To be honest, I'm a bit turned on by all this myself." Molly: (smiling) "Mmmm... I like that..." Lauren: "Wait! Before you take it off, let me get the camera ready. Unless you don't want..." Molly: "Ooo! Yes, please!" Lauren: "Your nipples are hard, aren't they?" Molly: "(laugh) It feels so good! I'm so excited, I could touch myself right here..." Lauren: "You don't want to go too far..." Molly: "Don't you see? No one's paying shite worth of attention! I'll wager your clothes that I can walk over to the bar, just as I am, order us another drink each and come back without hassle or trouble." Lauren: "If you get into trouble, I can't post bail for you... I can't afford it." Molly: "Don't worry on that, Love, that wouldn't be a problem. So, is it a wager, then?" Lauren: "You're on!" Molly stood from her seat in the back booth of the bar, completely starkers, and walked confidently to the bar. After a brief conversation with the female bartender, another round of drinks appeared on the bar. Molly picked them up, one in each hand, smiled at the bartender, and returned to the booth and an astonished Lauren. Molly: "The sad part about all this isn't that I wasn't noticed, though it would be nice. It's that when most of these fools get home, they'll fire up their p/c's, or laptops, or whatever, and go straight to a porn site, have a wank, and go to bed. (laugh) Don't get me wrong, I love looking at and reading good porn sites. But I'm right here right now." Lauren: "So, you want them to pull their willies out and have a wank here? (laugh)" Molly: "(laugh) No... (laugh) no... I'm just pointing out the irony. They search for it on the web but don't give a second look in real life, that's all." Lauren: "Well, I suppose I need to pay on my wager, then..." Molly: "I'd love to see that. But, seriously, not if you're not comfortable. I know you're a bit curious and excited by the idea. I can tell, though, that you're not completely sure. Don't f***e it. If you want to, do it. If not, I won't feel slighted. I just wanted an excuse to get us another drink (laugh)."

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