Thursday, July 18, 2013


As a brief résumé of my situation,my name is Shirley,i run a lesbian e****t agency and have a lovely clientele of gorgeous ladies,many of whom are married,yet crave the sexual attention of another woman. Yes,i was married to Paul for 3 years and our sex life was good while we were together and I loved sucking his big black 9 inch cock. I refer you to my early blogs where I describe my lovemaking with him. I may be a lesbian,i have discovered my true feelings,but please do not be surprised at my friendship with guys on this site,i know men so well after 3 years of marriage!!! Paul loved me to wear my lipstick nice and thick when I was sucking him and his foreskin was permanently red – so much that he would get teased at the rugby club in the showers – obvious jealousy!! I would regularly get through 2 sticks of my Estee Lauder “Classic Red” in just a week,i would keep one under my pillow and would frequently re-apply as my blow jobs proceeded,this drove him wild. But now I am strictly “girls only” and have been amazed at how several of my clients also have lipstick fetishes and so this is wonderful for me as it always has played a large part in my love life. These events took place late Wednesday evening (July 6) and into the early hours of Thursday morning (July 7). Rita (please see my “finger fuck story) had been booked with me for Wednesday but she had to cancel and so Diane agreed to change her appointment. She arrived just after 9.45 p.m. dressed so sexily in a very short,tight black cotton skirt,with a deep fuschia pink,half-buttoned severely cropped top. She is 52,tiny,about 5' with a small bust and shoulder length blonde hair. She was wearing very high black patent “fuck me” pumps and black Charnos fishnet tights which made her relatively short,yet shapely legs look so much longer. I have been fanatical about Estee Lauder lipsticks for the past 5 years,”Classic Red”,or more recently “Scarlet Siren” being my favourites. But Diane now has opened my eyes to her particular favourite – in the late 1980's while in her 20's she procured several boxes of Revlon “Love That Red” (it has the name and the number 24 on the base of the small black tube). She must still have many of these sticks in her drawers and wears the colour all the time. I do not know if the current “Love That Red” product from Revlon ( ) offers the same qualities that this older one does,it is so fragranced,tastes gorgeous and with her rather pale complexion,really looks sexy on her gorgeous,tiny mouth. Diane therefore accepted my request that we both adorn our lips with this classic,creamy delight and she brought several sticks with her. After spending some time passionately kissing and fingering with Diane in my annex with a lot of random and suggestive talk,the sexual tension was mounting and we both know we wouldn't be able to leave the serious stuff for long. Yes,i had re-coated my lips a few times and both our faces were copiously smeared with red lippy. I had borrowed Charlotte's thick 9 inch black strap-on and had placed it strategically under the bed in the room so that we could have the benefit of it later. As I said,we were in the annex and sharing the large super-king bed – by now Di's skirt and top lay on the floor where I had thrown them,she was still wearing her black bra but I had pulled it up to expose her breasts which I were now lavishing with my lips. She had been watching my thickly coated lips for the last hour and the anticipation of what was to come was incredibly enticing and her areolae had grown enormously and her swollen nipples were jutting out as if on stalks as her breathing quickened. She watched me spread my black nyloned legs out on the bed and take two of her “Love That Red” lipsticks and a bottle of personal strawberry flavoured lubricant and lay them down. She smiled because she knew this was going to be a session not easily forgotten. I picked up the first stick of lipstick and as she watched me take off the cap and twist the base,her arousement grew As I applied it to my lips inches from her face, her nipples were virtually at bursting point and her breathing getting heavier. It goes on my lips thick and warm,poppy red and creamy. She can't do anything except stare at my lips as a slow smile creeps across my face. I leaned forward to kiss her again,and oh,how Diane wanted to kiss me deep and long, to feel the sticky, creamy lipstick on her lips. But I now only kissed her gently and lightly. Just enough for her to feel the lipstick on her lips and take in the deep rich aroma. I didn't want to smear my lipstick again...not yet. She reached around and unclasped my black satin bra, letting my breasts fall into her delicate,tiny,hands,her long nails richly coated in a strong red lacquer. As she played with my boobs I leaned forward to start kissing her earlobes. She could feel the lipstick,wet and warm,on her ears and neck and her head fell back with pleasure,giving me access to her throat,and down her neck,leaving a trail of deep,red colour across her collarbones and down to her nipples. Her areolae were by now enormous and thickly smeared with the Revlon lippy and so were her swollen,jutting nipples,they were on the verge of bursting!!! Time was meaningless but a good hour must have elapsed as we pleasured each other,kissing,licking,stroking,rubbing – oh wow,we were eating each other in an orgy of sheer lust. Diane was running her fingers through my long blonde hair and I was licking and sucking her nipples as her breath caught in her throat. She looked down and could see my lipstick on her heaving breasts, and a new surge of excitement flowed through her. Her tights were fully open at the crotch,she was not wearing panties,and I slowly made my way down to her belly button swirling my tongue in and out, and she pulled at my hand,she wanted me to put my fingers in her soaking pussy and start rubbing her clit. But first I sat up and handed her the stick of scarlet and she knew what I wanted her to do. She twisted the base,exposing the lipstick,and applied it to her pussy lips,soft and creamy,thick and full,until she was satisfied with how it looked. It was now well after midnight,she watched me trace my open mouth past her her slender ankles,past her thighs and lower my deep,red,soft lips to her gyrating crotch. It felt so good as I kissed and licked and sucked on her clitty hood and gave her serious rubbing attention down there. She looked down and could see deep crimson lipstick rings all over her tummy and crotch, and she moaned with pleasure as my nails ran gently across her. As I slid my lips up and down her I could feel the familiar signs,the building of pleasure, and I was bringing her closer and closer until she was on the verge of cumming. Then I pulled back, letting her recover,i wanted her to really enjoy this for a good while. As her breathing returned to normal, I straddled her,picked up the lipstick and reapplied. Then I kissed her full on her open,inviting tiny mouth,i could feel our lips sliding on each other,smell and taste the lipstick as my tongue pushed inside,deep,so deep,round and round,right to the back of her throat so I was tickling her tonsils! My fingers worked their way up her gaping pussy,i was stroking her clit now with my thumb and index finger,her body was heaving and our mouths were as one – Diane is one hot lady,yes,52,married for 25 years yet her business tycoon of a husband doesn't satisfy her. So she cums to me,pays really well,she is loaded – stays the night and hopefully gets what she wants. By now she was well on the way,her mouth was fully open as mine pressed on to it,her legs were spread wide and I had made the hole in the crotch of her fishnet tights a little bigger so I could get my hand in easily – her back was arching,i looked down and could see her heels flexing,i could imagine her toes clenching crazily inside those sexy 6 inch black pumps. Crying loudly for me to fuck her with my fingers she hit the “no going back” point,this was it,she was in “the zone”,i felt her lips go really ice cold on my mouth,always a sure sign,and her body went into overdrive as her massive,shuddering climax shook the whole bed..and she hit 2 more in a blubbering sequence of intense cums!!! We lay quiet for a few minutes,just gazing into each other's eyes,then Diane pulled off my glistening wet thong and flipped me onto my hands and knees. By this time,i was so turned on I thought i was going to burst. She reached under the bed,pulled out the strap-on,poured a liberal amount of lube all over it and tightened the straps around her slender waist. As she knelt behind me,she pushed the big black shiny monster into my bum and I shuddered,and then she felt around me with her fingers as she began to roll my engorged clit. I was bucking and bouncing in sheer lustful ecstasy. This was FUCKING HORNY!!! I was wet and hot and my gash was so loose with her fingers and she grabbed my hips and started thrusting in and out,and as she looked down she was moaning with pleasure again as her left fingers rubbed her own throbbing clit in a mad frenzy. She appeared mesmerised as she watched the long strap-on moving in and out. You would have heard me softly moan and you would know how much I liked what she was doing. She started pumping hard and deep and I could feel myself building toward a climax,then she stopped because she intuitively knew what the second stick of lipstick was for. She reached down and picked it up,wondering if she could survive the torture of the next few minutes without cumming again! We were now past 2 in the morning,she opened the wrapper and could see the perfect red, twisted it up and inhaled the aroma. She found it hard to breathe as she started rimming my ass with the lipstick,thick and red,and I was dying as she worked her way around to my pussy. She slid her thumb around and around my bum,occasionally putting pressure in the middle. She knew she was doing it right because I started to moan louder and she slowly and gently pushed her finger in,just to the first knuckle. Then she pulled out and started rimming again. She repeated this,sliding her finger further in each time, until it was all the way in, “ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” I was crying out and she started screwing my ass with her finger. She repeated the process, this time adding a second finger. In and out,in and out,oh,how I love that. I was in utter bliss,my face was buried in my pillow leaving more creamy lipstick all over it. When she felt my bum cheeks relax,she knew I was ready for the strap-on to be rammed in my oozing pussy. Then she turned me over and pulled my black stockinged legs over her shoulders,keeping clear of my spikey 7 inch heels,poured a good amount of strawberry lube on the black shiny head of the device and pushed slowly and steadily until it must have been up in my womb – I was crying out with so many expletives and was clutching at her hair and pulling at her swollen nipples. It felt so good and tight, and she started sliding in and out,and I was breathing hard and moaning, and my climax was building,i was dizzy with excitement,and i looked down and could see her applying more lipstick on my pussy lips as she pulled the strap-on out with an enormous splooshing and gurgling sound. This continued for I don't know how long,each time I thought I was cumming she slowed down,she is so expert at this,my hips were gyrating like a spinning top,my back arching so high and my legs wrapped tight around her neck. Eventually,i couldn't take any more,and with a loud yell and so many moaning expletives I felt the wonderful release I had been waiting for,and I was in heaven. I bucked and bounced and oozed so much juice that it spilled out on to the bed where she was kneeling and the fluids squelched loudly under her knees as she pressed forward .My orgasm went on and on and on and......i nearly passed out and then my body relaxed,i smiled,looked up at Diane and her face was smeared with lipstick and we kissed and kissed again,sucking our tongues and probing and tasting. Another 45 minutes of this and we were shattered,it was nearly 4 in the morning and we collapsed into each others arms in a very sticky,lipstick coated mess – much laundry would need to be done in the morning. Well,i hope you enjoyed this story – if you have not sampled my others please do so when you have time,and do please comment and vote accordingly. Thank you. Love. Shirl. xxxxxxxx.

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