Thursday, July 18, 2013

A surprise welcome home part 3 SeXStoRY

As Barbara cooked dinner for her son and daughter her mind was filled with all kinds of kinky thoughts. The intense orgasm she had experienced as she listened to her son Johnny fuck his mystery girl the night before. The surprise and shock she felt when she realised she had been listening to her son and daughter fuck. Most of all she was thinking about the sweet smell in her daughter Sarah's knickers that she found in Johnnys bed that afternoon. Barbara had always been fairly conservative sexually but since she had joined X hamster things had started to change. She had been enjoying all kinds of sexy chats with horny young men and women. Masturbating as she chatted, texted and swapped pics. With less than an hour till Johnny and Sarah arrived Barbara checked her X hamster messages. She spoke to a horny young man and told him all about her experience that day and the night before. The young man suggested Barbara wear Sarah's dirty knickers to dinner that night. Dinner was slightly tense to start of with. Johnny and Sarah realising how easily they could have been caught and what mum would say about her k**s fucking in her house. After a couple of drinks everyone relaxed and Barbara forgot she was wearing Sarahs worn panties. As Barbara lifted her skirt in the bathroom she noticed the knickers. As she sat down to pee she started feeling the strongest sexual urges. She looked at herself in the mirror with her daughters panties at her ankles. She once again felt like a highly sexual woman. As the night went on Barbara felt herself getting really d***k. She wasn't a big drinker and felt very tired. Johnny and Sarah had noticed their mother fall asl**p on the couch. Barbara was gently snoring and clearly in a deep sl**p. Johnny leaned over and kissed Sarah's lips and moved to her neck. Sarah pulled away at first, scared of her mother waking up. As her b*****r moved his hand up her thigh she felt a strong sensation in her pussy. They decided to go up to Johnnys room. As Johnny made sure his mum was asl**p she moved slightly, just enough so her skirt rises up her thighs and her legs opened slightly. Johnny could see his mums knickers. Not the kind she usually wore, usually big white comfort panties. These knickers were very sexy........ In fact just like the ones Sarah was wearing last night. Johnny went up to his room to find Sarah searching in his bed and around his room, looking for the panties she had left the night before. As Johnny told Sarah about the sexy knickers mum was wearing Sarah had a thought.........Surely not though. Was Barbara wearing Sarah's knickers? The 2 of them went downstairs and Barbaras skirt had ridden up further. Sarah moved her head between her mothers thighs for a closer look. Sure enough Sarah's mother was wearing the knickers. As Sarah turned to Johnny she was greeted by the site of him stroking a massive erection. The sight of Sarah with her head between mums legs was too much for him and he was stroking his fat, long cock over this taboo sight. Sarah had always had sexual urges towards her b*****r and had on occasion fingered herself at the thought of being caught by mum. Sarah was extremely bi sexual and had experimented with girls as much as boys growing up. A lot of the porn she watched recently was very taboo. Mum/son, dad/daughter, mum/daughter...... This was like a scene from a porn film. Sarah moved towards Johnny and dropped to her knees. She took Johnnys cock in her hand and took the head into her mouth. She sucked hard as her hand pumped on his shaft. Johnny couldn't take his eyes of his mother as Sarah took his cock deep into her mouth, sucking hard and gently squeezing his balls. Her hands were on Sarah's head now and he was fucking her mouth hard. Sarah looked up at Johnny "cum in my mouth you dirty fucker" she sucked hard on the head of his cock, wanking his shaft hard. His s****rs expert blowjob technique and his sight of his mother wearing Sarah's dirty panties pushed him over the edge. He shot a massive load deep into Sarah's throat. As usual Sarah had swallowed every drop. Sarah lifted her skirt to show Johnny she was wearing no knickers "hope you have plenty left for my pussy" she said and smiled. They kissed and Johnnys hand moved to her pussy, she was literally dripping wet. As the 2 headed up stairs together for a long hard fuck Barbara opened her eyes......... "It worked" she said to herself. Barbara had once again soaked her daughters knickers. As she started rubbing her pussy hard through the panties she heard Sarah moaning loudly. "He must be returning the favour". Barbara rubbed her pussy hard and fast, the sound of her daughters moaning and the thought of Johnny giving his s****r oral pleasures pushed her over the edge. A powerful orgasm rushed through her body like never before. It had been a long time since she had cum twice in 1 day and she wanted more....................

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