Thursday, July 18, 2013

you dont know unless you try SeXStoRY

I hope that someone reads this and in someway understands its a true story the reason i tell it is to hopefully find like minded people . I grew up in east london with 6 aunts and one uncle . I must have been about 8 years old when it all began . i came in from school early this day went upstairs as i always did i heard music playing on a radio in my nans kitchen i looked through crack in the door and saw my aunt getting ready for work instead of walking away i kept watching she was w****d in a towel just doing her usual thing i started to get aroused for the first time . i watched as she dropped er towel revealing all up to this point i had never seen a real naked women before and although it was my aunt it diddent matter that day changed me forever. Going forwad a few years on my 16th birthday i was at a f****y party there was a girl there that i fancied during the night we went for a walk to the off licence we stopped in a park to have a kiss n stuff it got properly hot and steamy so we laid on the grass i actually handled my first tit it was great diddent take long before my hand was up her skirt and playing with her pussy at that point all i wanted was to fuck her so down went my trousers and i got on top started to do the buisness even though she was gorgeous young and sexy it just wasent wat i thought it would be hoped it would be . so i was so dissapointed that i told my best mate who was even more conffused than me at how i felt .so we talked bout it all that night trying to understand this . The following weekend i wen to stay at my uncles house help him with few jobs he introduced me to his new girlfriend she was 26 at the time wasent really much of a looker either but that night we all sat down to watch a film during the film i leaned over to get a drink from the table i turned to ask her for a cup as she passed it to me she leaned forwad and just slightly parted her legs the feeling i got was pure lust instant hard on what i was expecting to ee when i had sex for the first time wasent her looks that did it it was because i wasent supposed to be looking that feeling has never left me . from that day on all i thought about was what it would be like to fuck her so i made a plan my uncle would often go on golf weekend s so next one he goes on ill go round and sit with her in the hope something might happen . So this weekend i waited outside his house until he went then i went knocked o the door went in i was already arroused like you wouldent beleive i just watched her every move got to the point i wanted just to see what would happen if i just told her what would she do whats the worst thing that could happen . i so nearly went for it that day unless you have done the same kind of thing you cant imagine the buzz that you get . This went on every time i saw her so bout a year later we were all down the pub and she asked me to dance so i did . as we danced i i could feel the heat from her body my cock went harder than it has ever been b4 i thought she must be able to feel that but we just carried on i put my hands on her hips i wanted her to feel it so i pulled her in tighter she must feel that i thought . so i gently started to rub her back she looked at me and just smiled the feeling you get just before you do the unthinkable is something i think every person male or female should try in there life not just think it but really do it words cannot describe the feeling i lowered my hand un till i had her buttocks firmly in my hands pulling her towards me thinking i was gonna get a slap she just turned and kissed me to say i was gobsmacked was a total understatment she grabbed my hand told my uncle and f****y we were gonna walk home diddent get 50 yards up the road found a quiet corner and had the best sex i ever had all i imagined sex to be as i put my cock inside her i told her ive wanted to fuck her for years she said she knew that After that sex has never been the same for me unless its taboo sex the more taboo the better the hunt and the sex is fantastic If after reading this anyone understands where iam comming from we need to talk even talking can be a pleasure if its doe rite . an dont think thats its sad or i dont get any ive never had problem with women even now i have a choice and got more to tell if you wanna here

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