Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daddy,The Newspaper, and The Rocking Chair SeXStoRY

Daddy doesn't like it when I bother him in the mornings when he has his paper. It's not like the night times or the two weeks during summer vacation when mommy goes to Ohio to visit Aunty Deenee. Even with my cute socks on that he likes the best he doesn't look up at me from the stupid paper and I think it's stupid that he spends all the time looking at it and I wish he'd look at me instead. Daddy sits in the big chair (it's HIS chair) and makes a cigarette go without looking. I think that means he's done with the paper and I get excited cause it's Saturday which is a NO SCHOOL DAY, but it's not Sunday which is A FOOTBALL DAY and is just about as much fun as daddy's newspaper. But he doesnt put it down,. he crosses his legs and smokes and reads instead and I'm so bored I could DIE, so I decide to sit down too. I have my own chair it's just like my Dad's but it fits little k**s like me, only mom says I'm getting too big for it. Mom's always saying I'll grow out of everything before I turn ten but I haven't gone up a shoe size since my last birthday and I'll be 8 next month so I think she's wrong, but I'd like some new shoes anyway, some of the boys from school make fun of mine because they say Barbie on them. But they don't just say Barbie, there's a picture of Barbie's face on the side too and I think she looks pretty and I still like them anyway. My rocking chair is just like Daddy's only smaller and it's "fully functioning," just like he says, so I can rock it back and forth just like his does. I am a little big for it now though, cause my feet reach flat on the ground when i sit on it, and when i go forward on it my bottom slides a little , which is sorta fun. Daddy's doesn't put down his news to tell me to stop horseplaying and so I just kept sliding forward on my chair and then sliding back: rock back, slide back, rock forward, slide forward, and it kinda feels good like a Daddy bath, not a Mommy bath, and that's when i notice he's finished the paper and is watching me instead. I think he's gonna get mad now cause his eyes are all squinty like and so I freeze, knowing SATURDAY SPANKINGS hurt just as bad as SUNDAY SPANKINGS, but he says "it's all right darlin, you can keep going if you like it. It feels kinda good to rub on your chair like that, doesn't it?" I smile at Daddy but it's only halfway cause the feeling between my legs is making my face change weird and it's making me feel hot and kind of sticky all over. Bath time with Daddy is too wet to feel sticky like this but my pjs sliding against my rocking chair feels goood like Daddy's washcloth circles under the water. i think it feels even better actually, like Daddy's washcloth with an itch times ten on top of it that I wanted to rub forever. In the bath Daddy does it for me but now as I grind my down there against the little hill of the wood on the seat I think I can hear him telling me that I can do it all by myself if I want to now, "But just because you know how now doesn't mean you're all grown up and fully functioning. Don't forget you still need your medicine from Daddy, gross or no." just real fast like the thought of Daddy's icky tasting medicine stick popped in my head and then I felt a big squeeze well up inside that felt like my private part just let loose the biggest best sneeze ever. something wet like snot made my pj's stick to me between my legs and spreading over the whole area was a dark, warm, wet spot I tried to hide from Daddy with my hands. His look said you better not so they went flat palms down against my belly. Better not what? "now I know they don't teach this in school, but Daddy's need medicine just like little girls some times. Yours used to go to waste in the bath water but now your grown up enough to do it all on your own, and it's time Daddy gets a good dose from his baby girl, to keep him strong and healthy so he can go to work and make money so he can buy you all the things you want, like the little mermaid VHS." The little Mermaid is mu favorite movie ever. Grandpa took me to see it at the drive in but I wanted to buy it real baad, I wanted it almost as much as I loved Daddy and wanted him to stay un-sick. I smiled thinking about Ariel's funny fish frienhd flounder as daddy slid me down and laod me out flat on the carpet. He peeled off my bottoms and opened my legs like a snow angel in spread position. "Big girls keep their legs spread even of it ticklles or feels weird. And don't squirm for Daddy or ill have to have your b*****r keep you still. You understand?" MORE TO COME ;)

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