Saturday, July 13, 2013

Confessions of Maria #1 SeXStoRY

Let us start with the most recent confession of Maria to Father Peter: M: I have tried hard to be a good girl in the last 24 hours. I went to church on Sunday morning and prayed on my knees for deliverance from sin. But on Sunday night I found myself trying on my school uniform and looking at the mirror. F: Did you remember how little you sinned when you last wore it? How much you´ve changed, my c***d! Today you were a good girl, Maria! At least you prayed in church today and took a break in sinning. M: It was my way of trying to get back my lost innocence, Father. I didn't really take a break from sinning in church. I was sitting next to a young man who looked rather nice and I was having fantasies about him. When I got down on my knees, I was conscious that my skirt was riding up my legs. I am sure he was looking at my legs, but pretending to have his eyes closed. I had the urge to pull up my skirt even more, just to test whether he was looking. F: From your earlier confessions, I remember you love the idea to be looked at. Well, perhaps you only fulfill the wish of our Lord. If the handsome guy wasn´t a regular yet to attend Holy Mass in our Parish, you have surely seduced him into becoming an avid believer in the will of God. We welcome you two back to church next Sunday, my c***d. And to our secrecy of confession. Whenever you wish, my dear Maria!

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