Saturday, July 13, 2013

fun with a granny SeXStoRY

Hi my name is Micky im a 14 year old black k** this is my story like most k**s i was all ways short of money so i started to cut lawns around where i live theres quite a lot of old people around here so plenty of work for me .One hot sunny day i was out cutting lawns when this old women came walking down the road "excuse me " she said "have you got time to cut my grass for me "sure mame i said "where do you live "just up the road at number 68 she said .I should be about 1 hour just got 2 more lawms to cut i said ok she said see you then .Anyway i got the lawns done rode up to her house on my bike and trailer with my lawn mower in the trailer .I knocked on the door and the old women opened it "hi "she said if you could just cut the front and back lawns i would be so gratefull "no problem "i said took me about 45 mins to cut them .I knocked on the door to get paid "come on in "she said just find my purse i just waited in the hallway "im Vera "she said as she cams back "im Micky "i said nice to meet you Micky come in and have a drink you look hot Vera said "dont mind if i do its hot work cutting grass "i said as i went in to there living room .An old guy was sitting in an armchair "this is my husband Harry "Vera said nice to meet you sir i said as Vera gave me a ice cold coke .Vera started talking about when she was young all the boyfriends she had i was not really taking much notice of her just let her talk .When she asked me if i had a girl friend i just blushed and said no ?Vera giggled i"i think we have enbaressed Micky "she said to Harry dont be shy Vera said to me .Ok i said im only 14 wow Vera said 14 and never been kissed she giggled .When you get to my age Vera said you just love to have fun its been years since ive been fucked Harry carnt get hard now .This was making Micky feel uneasy he was not used to talking about sex like this .Micky Vera said bet you have a lovely cock dont know i stammerd can i have a look at it ?Vera asked .Your husband is sitting next to you i said dont worry about him he likes to see me enjoy myself she said .Vera giggled i see all this talk of cocks is getting you hard Micky as she looked at my jeans .I was blushing so much now if a black k** could blush .Well Micky you going to let me see your cock Vera asked ok i mumbled as i put my coke down onto the floor and started to unsnap my jeans no no no Vera shouted let me as she got on her knees in front of me she unsnaped my jeans pulled the zipper down "lift up"she said she pulled my jeans off me now your boxers she giggled she pulled them off my my my what a beautyfull cock look Harry she said hes got a lovely cock "he sure has "Harry said as Vera put her hand round my cock .Dont be shy Micky "ive never had anyone touch me there before "i mumbled wow Vera said your a virgin yes i replied .This is a lovely cock can i suck it Vera asked its been years since ive sucked a cock poor old Harry carnt get hard now not much fun sucking a soft cock and ive allways wanted to suck a black cock .All this time my cock was rock hard leaking precum as Vera was talking to me she was slowly wanking me her hand was going up and down my cock .It seemed weird with her husband sitting next to us as she wanked me .Well Micky you going to let me suck you ?it felt amazing as she wanked me what would it feel like if she sucked me .Ok i said thank you Micky Vera said as she held my cock up and licked my balls then put one of them in her mouth and rolled it around her mouth god i thought this is fucking amazing next she licked the underside of my cock my cock was thobbing then she kissed the tip of it and put the head in her mouth fucking hell i thought im going to ezploed she sucked me deep into her throat her nose was right up against my crinkly hair i was balls deep down her throat .I could not hold back any longer think Vera must have known i was going to cum as she pulled it out and wanked me so hard i just blew it all over her face sorry sorry i said dont say that Micky Vera said that was just so nice god Harry look at how much cum he unloaded on my face .Good boy Harry said she loves the taste of cum been quite a few years since she has tasted cum so thank you Micky .Must say that was just brilliant the feeling in my balls as i came over her face was amazing .After Vera had washed her face she asked me if i wanted to fuck her love to i said i was rock hard again in a few mins i will help you Micky ok Vera said Vera laid on the floor and opened her legs Micky had never seen a pussy before it was lovely he thought now lay down on top of me Micky lift your hips up Vera got hold of my cock and put it against her pussy lips now push and i did it felt like heaven i was fucking my first pussy i pounded her pussy for ages Veras legs were wrapped round me i was so deep inside her .All this time Harry was watching his wife getting her brains fucked out of her.Wo boy slow down Vera said nice and slow now Micky OK as i slid in and out of her pussy sha grabbed my back god your making me cum she shouted as i felt her pussy grab my cock she was milking my cock with her pussy i just blew my load in her pussy .That was amazing Micky thanks that was the best fuck ive had in years not bad for a 71 year old granny she giggled as i pulled out of her pussy my cum was dribbling out of it .You got friends Vera asked you will have to bring them round some time .more of that in part 2 hope you enjoy

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