Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cottage party weekend! SeXStoRY

It was a while ago and my wife had more guy friends than girls because she just got along with them better. They liked her too because she was easy going and like one of the guys. Best part was that she was sometimes naive and with her blond hair, tanned body and big DD natural boobs, she was a great friend to invite to a party. One weekend a few guys she knew were planning a weekend party at a cottage. She found out and they asked her if she wanted to come. Little did she know, she would be the only woman there. She jumped in a car with a few of her buddies and off they went to the cottage. Once they arrived she noticed another car that was there with a few more guys. 6 guys and her for a weekend party away from the city. What amazed her the most is how most of these guys had women back home yet she was with them like one of the boys. The night went well and like most parties, there was booze music and laughing. Throughout the night the guys were flirting and commenting on her looks. A few were shy because maybe only two of the 6 guys stood a chance with her on a normal day. The other 4 were average builds and looks, just good friends. So she was just laughing it off and kept drinking good. Finally a few guys crashed in spare room and one guy fell asl**p on couch beside her. She stood up and stumbled to the main room and announced that she was taking the big bed. Without any concern who was following or watching, she went to the bedroom and passed out with the door open. Sje said in a joking flirty manner, "what are you guys gonna do jerk off or come get laid?" Not even 20 minutes later one of the more bold guys went in the room and started feeling her big tits. Another guy could see from living room that he had went in. He kept grabbing her tits then lifted her shirt to grab them good in his hands. He sucked on them and she moved a little. Then he pulled her pants off and climbed ontop of her. He fucked her good and slow for a while till he came then left the room. She was horny amd noticed her pants were now off and the guy from the living room came in the room and put his cock by her face. She jerked him off half awake and opened her legs as another guy was there fucking her. They came on her and went to bed. As she slowly woke up now realizing what happened, she pretended that she was still too d***k to complain, then sucked a new visitor's cock while the other guy fucked her good and hard doggystyle. They passed out throughout the cottage and the next morning nothing was said but everyone agreed that this was a great cottage d***k fest!

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